21 – Unexpected Revelation
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Looking at their gazes full of confusion and even a mixture of the still not completely settled anger. Aziel chuckled, waving his hand away.

'Nevermind... I guess... I'll serve myself...' He thought, stepping over the pile of corpses and reaching over with his hand.

In the next moment, adding further to the shock, confusion, and even the fear to these primitives, the dead bodies of their brethren have begun to wobble unnaturally, only to liquify a couple of moments later.

From the three separate deceased neanderthals, a single dark, viscous fluid could be seen floating slightly above the ground. Taking the easiest shape it could, it formed itself into the form of a ball as it did so.

In the next moment, the little ball of vital fluid slowly levitated towards Aziel's body fusing and merging with him as it made contact.

'Argh... I hate this part...' Aziel's eyes snapped wide open, the memories of three individuals assaulted his mind, showing their short-lived adventures in the form of quick, flashing images and visions one after another.

Like the lonesome hunter, they too lived a rather basic lifestyle, Aziel couldn't help but frown with growing displeasure and disappointment visible in his face.

'It might have been too early for me to try making contact. I'm bored but not to this point... It would be easier to teach those big wild felines to do some tricks than to be able to live with these... well, whatever they are.' He sighed inwardly, feeling himself less and less motivated to continue with his initial plan.

At the same time, some minuscule changes were starting to form inside his body after the fourth consecutive assimilation of these species. Whilst they did not have any visibly dominant traits, their mind, their logical thinking was a step above the beasts.

Deep inside, at the center of his very soul, where alongside his unique trait, the driving factor to his eternal existence the [Essence Restitute] was residing in the form of a bright colorless orb floating in an endless dark void, -now with another, a smaller orb with a faint golden hue joining it-, small changes were taking place.

Surrounding the two small twin starlets, several smaller orbs were orbiting them. Closing his eyes Aziel sighed, ignoring the perplexed looking primate crowd; not that they could truly hurt him with their little sharpened sticks.

Feeling the tingling sensation rising deep inside him, he closed his eyes and with a heaved sigh he slowly descended into his own subconscious.

A moment later, somewhere in the core of his existence, where the once spark-like sharding fused with this world's primordial energy, Aziel could sense a new grand change forming from the seemingly empty void.

A white tear sliced across the darkness, growing, increasing both in height and width in every passing instant. From within the rift, a strange mixture of ethereal essence flowed in, to Aziel's surprise, multi-colored with half of it golden and the other being the same milky-white like the rift itself.

'How in the world?!' Aziel muttered, utterly shocked by the revelation, continuing to silently spectate the events.

Soon, after its grand entrance, the mixture of essences have begun to part away. The golden essence, just like Aziel had suspected departed from its host of white, traversing across the empty void, and fusing into the golden starlet at the very center.

At the same time, the white essence, after losing half of its substance slowly reformed into the shape of a tiny seed, soon joining the fray and orbiting around the twin stars driving everything at the center.

'I don't understand...' Aziel muttered, not sure what to make of the revelation.

'The Aether in these primitive creatures are so vast. Could that be the reason for their evolution?' He pondered for a bit before sighing and shaking his head. 'If this is the case then...' At the exceptionally cruel, vicious idea, Aziel shook his head. 'No, that wouldn't achieve anything... I need to watch them grow, monitoring their progress as continue to evolve.'

He muttered, turning his head towards the central golden star, radiating an immense heat in the coldness of space. 'Just what is this energy... it's so different... so much more powerful...' He muttered, vanishing from his inner world in the next instant and returning to reality in the next second.

His attention returning to the outside world, he was met with the shocked, terrified gazes of these primitives. Their figures shaking, they were all slowly backing away, all looking utterly aghast. The cold, frozen expression of utter terror, they all looked as if they saw something they just couldn't comprehend, couldn't understand.

'What?' Aziel looked bewildered, confused at what could have happened. In the next moment, however, as he took a look at himself he understood.

Since his attention wasn't here, he couldn't control the changes in his body after the new assimilation. The white essence being the newest form were slowly fused into his current mass, altering his appearance ever so slightly.

His body shifting, fusing with the now quartet of absorbed cavemen, has begun to slowly alternate itself visually as well. His towering height slowly decreased, his compact form was somewhere around 6 feet, maybe just a bit above. (AN: Around 185 centimeters). Five distinct fingers on both of his hands and feet, with a small nail-like hardened skin tissue emerging at its top.

His claws, whilst still present, would no longer tear through the tip of his fingers, but instead would seamlessly grow out from these nail-like skin cells. Short, messy, and disheveled-looking hair appeared at the top of his head, looking somewhat similar to the primitive apes, just much shorter, and less dirt-stained.

Luckily, however, the disgusting thin, sparse fur-like hair that covered their bodies, -mostly their upper torso, shoulder, and most of their backs-, did not appear.

He no longer looked like a giant, bipedal lizardman, but as if he was the unholy offspring of his old self and one of these creatures.

Aziel couldn't help but frown as he inspected himself.

'I need to work on this... This looks utterly disgusting.' He frowned, turning his attention back to the group of these men, only to see that their initial encirclement was now much wider, with each of them once again tightly holding onto their weapons.

Their gazes were filled with disgust and fear, as they looked at Aziel. Utter disdain, and contempt visible in their eyes, Aziel had to swallow several mouthfuls to calm himself down.

Sighing for the umpteenth time since their interaction, he looked at the front-standing hunter.

He looked at him with a questioning gaze, before asking...