23 – First Hunt
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'Ugh'va? What in gods' name is…' He mumbled suddenly recalling the memories of the absorbed. He frowned slightly upon realizing the derogatory underlying meaning… not too excited to be called something that vaguely meant 'Monster'.

Sticking close together, nervously crouching through the forest shrubbery, the prehistoric hunting group was heading towards their hunting grounds.

Well… apart from Aziel, who unlike them, was walking with nonchalance behind the group. Yet, despite his casual outlook, each of his steps was silent, his scent much less obvious compared to this pigsty of foul-smelling humanoids.

Unlike the others, Aziel did not receive any weapon, even though he was offered one, he refused to carry it. After all, it wouldn't serve him any purpose at all, and would instead be a hindrance if anything.

The leader couldn't help but shake his head, thinking about how idiotic it was to go out to hunt without any tool to rely on.

He was constantly confused by Aziel's actions. The longer he was around him, the more perplexing, more strange each and everything he seemed. However, shaking his head, he decided to focus on the hunt for the time being, as it was more important.

Reaching the hunting grounds which was a clearing located north of the tribe, Aziel signaled the group to stay low and follow after his lead.

Finding it amusing, Aziel decided to join in on the fun and crouched down, following the "Wizened Leader's" orders, mimicking the rest of the group.

As they got closer to the clearing, the leader raised his hand, signaling the group to cease their movement. The reason for this was that he spotted out in the clearing they have grown used to, a lonesome deer, similar to those oversized, giant ones that Aziel killed and brought back.

He signaled the group to move to their specific locations. A few scurrying to the left side of the deer, another some taking its right, whilst the leader took to the back and motioned Aziel to take to the front, blocking the path of the beast's escape if necessary.

As for the only female in the group, that besides looking hateful and hurt did nothing along the journey was ordered to stay put and simply follow the leader. For today she should learn and gather experience for the next day. Also, for today mainly because of the female, the two would be the distraction.

The few that weren't assigned to any of the roles then formed a larger circle around them, acting as scouts and guards in case another predator would decide to join. Their role was the worst, effectively serving as baits to die so that the rest could escape and survive…

Once everyone took to their positions, the leader signaled the group to commence the attack. He, followed after by the female jumped out from the cover of the bushed and began to loudly howl, and sneer at the beast. Their weapon raised, he quickly hurled his spear towards the beast.

Following their leader's initiating attack, the two groups on the side both jumped out from their covers, throwing their respective sticks as well. At the same time, two figures from each side charged ahead, ready to impale the creature and hope to put a swift end to their surprise ambush.

Before the shocked animal could react, the charging cavemen from the left managed to hit it and pierce its side, albeit not too deeply. This caused to deer to finally react, and enter into a state of frenzied panic, deciding the best course of action and directly turning to charge at the still approaching man from the right.

His head lowered his antlers were like much more fearsome spears of their own. The charging man, expecting the beast to charge towards Aziel, was caught off guard. He couldn't evade the creature's sudden charge and was thrown back into a tree on impact, putting him out of the fight instantly.

Within only moments into the battle, one of their group's members was already badly injured from just the creature's first response.

This blunder, this shameful display wasn't missed by the leader standing at the back. Growing angered, he suddenly reached for the spear in the female's hand standing beside him and aimed at the deer's side. Since the beast decide to turn to the side, whilst it also put out one of theirs from the fight, it also created an opening to be abused as well.

Taking a moment to make sure his target was on point, he threw the weapon towards the creature. Not wanting to give any breathing room to the deer, the left side joined in, throwing their last spear as well.

Both spears hit the target, the leader's plunging deep into the creature's flesh, whilst the other one proceeded the hit the animal's front leg.


The creature shrieked in pain from the loss of blood filling its lungs and slowly drowning it from the inside. It became frantic, and once again abruptly turned sideways, this time charging in the leader and female's direction.

Being much more experienced and surviving several similar hunts, the leader didn't freeze, unlike the woman, and jumped to the side to avoid being impaled by the creature's charge.

However, as soon as he landed in the shrubbery he realized he made a fatal mistake. He remembered that the female was still standing, most likely frozen on the spot due to the overwhelming fear.

Looking back, he saw that indeed just like he thought, the woman hasn't made any move and that the deer was rapidly closing the distance between them. His antlers were armed and raised ready to pierce through her flesh. He immediately tried to run back and push her out of the way, knowing that she wasn't familiar with this kind of situation.

Unfortunately, he also realized that there was absolutely no chance of him making it in time and saving her. The woman could only raise her arms in defense, protecting herself through pure instinct.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the field Aziel, who was somehow put to the sidelines watched as everything unfolded before him. Though he found their barbaric, primitive approach rather amusing, he decided to intervene and hope that by this, he would finally gain the full acceptance of them.

Using his immense speed, Aziel flickered from his previous location, his body blurring as it suddenly vanished from leaning against the tree he had used.

The woman, who had her arms raised was frozen. Her eyes tightly shut, she was already expecting the inevitable moment as the almighty Nature would take her to its embrace.

Yet, as the instant passed, with another full second following after it, she felt no pain, her mind remained clear. The leader who meanwhile arrived at the spot was left standing with his mouth agape.

What they saw was Aziel, he was holding the antlers of the deer and forcing it to remain in place. Behind the beast, the rest of the hunters have soon arrived, all looking bewildered at the miraculous scene in front of them. The same attack that threw one of them against a tree with a force that knocked the air out and caused it to fall to the ground, was stopped in its tracks.

Looking over his shoulder, Aziel checked if the shivering woman didn't suffer any physical trauma. Seeing that both the female and the leader were unharmed, he switched his gaze back to the deer that was still struggling, desperately trying to free itself from Aziel's grip.

'Hmm… What should I do with you…'

Aziel leaned back and swung the deer into the air before slamming back violently onto the floor. This single attack incapacitated the animal, rendering it unconscious and bleeding internally. His inevitable death wasn't too far away.

The group of neanderthals was all left with the jaws hanging, their eyes wide open… This scene that they were just witnesses to, was simply beyond their comprehension. They couldn't understand what this creature, Aziel was…

The only thing they knew… was that he was now their tool!