30 – Phenomenon (1)
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Unbeknownst to Aziel, his simple action has caused great turmoil, instantly shifting not just the landscape but serving as the catalyst to events that would go beyond his wildest imaginations...

He may not be aware of it himself, but his past decision to seclude himself for 'some' time to focus on himself and the understanding of the new type of energy, the spiritual resource that is in place of Nova's all-available [Mana], the [Aether] would propel him far into the future, to a time where everything would be stranger than what even the most recluse dwarfs hiding in some faraway hills could have come up with.

Their stone monuments and technocratic empires were nothing compared to the structures and metal jungles of what awaited the unsuspecting reincarnee. (AN: Is this really a word? Kind of hard to accept, not gonna lie!)

The massive explosion caused massive upheaval and a quickly rising state of panic in the neighboring populace.

Researchers, scientists, and various experts were fumbling, trying to make sense of the seemingly unexpected 'natural' phenomenon.

The event that had just shocked, not just the country, not even just the landmass called 'Europe', but soon, the entire world was inexplicable.

No, that wouldn't even begin to cover it. The truth was, causing everyone in the know to scratch their heads was that what happened was just simply impossible.

The hill that 'somehow' erupted... or more precisely, woke up wasn't at all a volcano. It was, by all means, and processes examined and learned- a mountain.

For one, there was no vent, to funnel towards the inner core of the planet. No access to magma. It was the result of the movement of tectonic plates eras past.

Yet, it still exploded. A dark cloud of dust formed a giant mushroom of smoke, shrouding the surrounding regions in darkness and thick fog.

Not even an hour passed, and almost all news outlets and media channels were laser-focused on covering the incredible news. A sensation of another level had rocked the world... One reporter went as far as unleashing his inner kid and compared the mountain's explosion to the "sound of an ancient beast waking up from his millennial slumber"...

He would probably be shocked to learn how right he was!


*Several hours before the Event, on the same day...*

It was a clear, sunny morning. The orange rays peeked through the uncovered window, creating a beautiful pillar of light, illuminating the small but messy room of the peacefully sleeping teenager.

As the dark, depressing void continued its futile battle with the morning's luster, groaning, the sounds of the youth waking up could be heard. Following the weak morning roar, shuffling noises, the first expression of movement came.

An arm shot out from under the cover, aimlessly tapping against the desk next to the bed, desperately searching for something. Anxiously slapping the wooden frame, the hand continued to search to the left and to the right, until, after a few seconds its fingers finally touched, sensed a device with a distinctly familiar shape. Happiness shot through the nerves, and instantly, the still semi-unconscious body sent out the order, clasping the dark frame of the device and pulling it back with a lightning-quick motion.

Shortly after, from under the cover, a white light surged forth, as the screen on the device was activated.

Still groggy, the sleepy figure looked at the text on the screen.

[6:38 AM, June 6th, Sunday, 2021]

"What the fuck?! Why am I awake at this ungodly hour?!" He grumbled, voicing his dissatisfaction at the cruel fate that had befallen him.

"Eh, whatever, at least I have an extra hour to prepare for the trip." He sighed in defeat. He knew that once he woke up there's no chance for his body to allow him even a wink of sleep, at least for the next several hours. That was just how he functioned. He could only grumble and curse his own luck.

He rolled to the side and begrudgingly sat up. As he leaned forward he squinted his eyes as he clashed against the sun's cheeky morning rays. He quickly raised his hand, shielding his azure, deep blue eyes, and frowned at the bright star high up in the sky.

Following that, the urge to release the tiredness boiled up inside him, reaching the critical, turning point. Instinctively, he opened his mouth and let out a loud yawn while raising his arms into the air and stretching his thin body.

With some of his mental strength returning, he slowly stood up, leaving the comfort of his bed, and trudged towards the white, painted wooden door. Slithering forward, looking like the typical undead that marched aimlessly in the movies, he eventually reached towards the door's handle and pushed his body weight against it.

Giving one, last, menacing stare against the window's glass, he pushed on the door and left his musky-smelling, no, MANLY den, entering a small hallway. Following up his first roar with another, albeit weaker yawn, he sleepily shuffled towards the far end of the hall, aiming for another white door, completely oblivious of the muffled trickling sound of water that was coming from the other side.

Going on by pure, natural instinct, he pushed on the door without much thought, and with his third yawn so far in this early morning, he entered the bathroom. He groggily slithered towards the toilet, and revealing his eager, bulging snake, he steered towards relief, emptying his pent-up bladder.

His trance-like state, however, was rudely crushed to tiny pieces when a loud shriek suddenly jolted him awake from his lingering morning stupor. Looking towards the direction of the sound, his shock quickly turned into a frown, as he saw a familiar, feminine silhouette desperately trying to cover her delicate parts with the semi-transparent, yellowish bathroom curtain that served as cover and separator for the shower. Behind it, a reddened and angered female head popped out. Her long black hair swayed against the air like the snakes atop the Medusa's head, as she hysterically shrieked at the invader.

"What the f*ck Jake?! HOW CAN YOU JUST BARGE IN WHEN I'M TAKING MY SHOWER! GET THE FUCK OUT RIGHT THIS INSTANT AND WAIT FOR YOUR TURN OUTSIDE!" Giving more oomph to her words, an empty plastic box of bath soap flew out, rocketing towards the assailant youth's head.

Although he knew he was in the wrong, and that it was only a mistake made by his morning grogginess, he would not leave without his 'work' finished. He shrugged his shoulders to all that cursing and…