Prologue (Part 1)
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*Heavy breathing. "Huff! Huff..."

"Already tired? It was just warm up." An old man, probably in his forties, sneered at the kid.

"I can still go on. Yaaaaaah!..." I swung my wooden sword at him with all my strength but he instantly knocked it off my hand and kicked me in the stomach. "Urghh." I was sent flying and broke out of the wooden shack. It was a small shack beside the pathway in the middle of a forest.

"Hah, you sleep outside in this rain now." The old man jeered.

"Oi, you fools, make preparations, crow sent us a new assignment."

"Yes, boss!" All the men present in the room shouted in response.

They hastily packed their weapons and got out of the shack.

"Ummm, boss?"

"What rodol? Don't waste my time." The boss gave the old man a condescending look.

"Uh.... That brat... He isn't here." Rodol replied fidgetingly.

"What?" Boss looked at him furiously as if to blow him up with his eyes.

"That brat," he responded tentatively, "I was sparring with him a while ago and he collapsed outside, and now he is not here."

The boss' flipped out "You old fool, you can't even handle a 10 year old brat? Did your brain started aging backwards?" After calming a little he said, "Go look for him in the vicinity, he must be near if he's planning to come back to the shack."

Rodol ran around shack to check any traces of the kid and came back with an apologetic look. Boss, no one's there. He must have run into the forest."

"Huh!" He said sneeringly, "Leave him be. He won't survive in the Guila forest. The wild beasts here are enough to kill him. And if he encounters a magical beast, not even his soul will be found. Let's go.

"Uh...Yes boss." Rodol seemed like he wanted to say something but he abandoned the thought and followed behind his boss.