Prologue (Part 3)
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"Urghh!" My head was spinning spinning like crazy as I woke up.

I sat up regaining my mind. I checked for my shortsword in the ragged cloak I was wearing over my clothes. I sighed in relief as I found the sword and held it firmly.

The sword was the final keepsake from my parents. They gifted me this when I turned 7. And ever since I ran away, I had never let go of this sword once.

Nevertheless, I stood up using the sword as support. My body was paining as if it caught up all the fatigue till date.

I looked around and it was a beautiful garden for as far as I could see. "Huh? Where am I?"

"Ohh!" I remembered that old man and that bright light. Where the hell did that old man send me? How the hell did he cast a teleportation circle that easily?

I ignored the little dizziness as I walked towards the end of the garden to which I could see sunlight breaking in.

Astonished by the scenery, I was standing at the end of a supposed garden.

"It's in the middle of the sky...." Looking towards the bottom, I could see endless blues which was supposedly a part of a vast ocean.

The island was covered in a high-grade magic barrier and surrounded by clouds all over.

As I walked around I saw several rooms, one for lodging, a cooking facility, a study, a closed room and a bathroom.

Bath?! I abandoned all my thoughts and stood under the shower. The dirt and sweat that had accumulated for two months and the mud from the forest were coming off now. I washed my hair till my bright white hair appeared and then dived into the bath.

"Aaaah..! Finally." I breathed a long sigh of relief.

After the bath, I thoroughly washed my clothes and left them to dry in the garden.

I then went to the bedroom to check for some clothes. Luckily, I found some old clothes, though not my size, they were big enough to cover my naked body.

I then went to the library to look for some information on this facility. I grabbed some books from a shelf and went to the small desk in the middle of the room.

There was already a book lying there. Locking my eyes on the book I went around the table, grabbed the chair, and sat on it. I put the other books aside and opened the one already lying there.

It was more or less a logbook. Hmmm, so this island is a relic.

After reading through the log, I found out that that old man used to live here in isolation. He discovered this island a long time ago and when his time finally came near, he went down to look for someone to inherit it.

Well, here's lot of useless information here. I sighed as I read through the pages. It was the observational record of his life in here.

I put the diary aside and started with another book.

Hmmm, so the name of this facility is carisma....


I'm hungry. It had been quite a while since I sat down in this room.

I closed the book I was reading and headed out the room. I looked up in the sky, the sun had almost set.

I plucked a fruit from the garden and decided to head to the kitchen.

The kitchen was fairly wide. I started looking for ingredients and cooking utensils here and there. Apparently, the reason this island was named gluttony was because of its unlimited food supply.

I wonder where this unlimited food they speak of come from.


Ohh! There's some meat... and here's the spices. In a moment I readied all the ingredients utensils I needed to make food.

"I used to make food for myself in my previous life, I am sure I can manage at least this much. Now, what should I make."