Chapter 1 (Part 1)
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“A long time has passed, hasn’t it?” I said with a nostalgic smile while looking at the walls of the room. Memories of my past life had almost faded away.

I’ve had a number of flashbacks of my past life but it’s still unclear as to how and why I died. The God really did a loose job on cleansing my soul.  The cycle of reincarnation began even before my memories had been completely wiped away.

Anyway, I was ready with my equipment on.

I activated the magic circle on the floor and began chanting. The inscriptions inscribed in the circle were for teleportation.

It was finally time to descend to the land. There was not much point in staying here in this facility for the rest of my life.

There was nothing more I could learn here. To live longer, I need to become stronger.

I had packed whatever I might need on the upcoming journey in the storage ring. The locked room had quite the treasure in it. I believe atleast some of it must’ve belonged to that old man who was living here prior to me.

I guess he didn’t really need anything when Carisma had everything in it.

And now, I was ready to step onto the land below.