Chapter 1 (Part 2)
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I closed my eyes and within moments bright lights engulfed me and I was teleported to the foot of the Jered Mountain Range, the coordinated place. I had carefully marked this place on the map countering all kinds of quandary I might run into.

The reason why I had come here was because here lies a dungeon high up in these mountains. And I believe it’s still undisclosed.

I started walking towards the foot of the mountain. It was unbelievably cold here. Perhaps that’s why no one has ever found out about the existence of the supposed dungeon.

The journey from here on will be dangerous, so I better prepare myself.

The mountains were inclining gradually in the first half and were covered with woods. There was snow all over which made it extremely hard to walk on.

It had taken me 10hours to tread just 10kilometers.

“Huff! Huff! This is gonna be a hell of a long trip.”

The sun had already set. It was time to set up a camp.

“An adventurer would absolutely have sleeping arrangement for outdoors.” I said while pouring in mana to the interspatial ring.

“Ah!” I exclaimed with joy, “Here it is!”

It was a small tent in which no more than one person could fit in.

I set up the tent swiftly. I didn’t need to worry about the cold but being attacked in the middle of the night was a problem. Though I didn’t see any beast on my way up here, it was fairly possible to get attacked mid night.

Now the hard part begins!

Since I didn’t have any barrier skill, I needed to draw magic circle around the tent and place a lot of magic stones to power it up. The inscriptions I wrote were for barrier and an alarm. It took quite a lot of time to inscribe them.

Inscribing itself doesn’t take too much time. That is, if you understand the inscriptions. Writing the characters on snow to get exact words for its effect is a tedious job. The characters they consider runes in this world, are from a language I learned in my past life. So, understanding them is no problem. I can even modify the standard inscriptions for stronger effects.

I gazed upon the moon for one last time and went inside the tent, dining before sleep.

For inscriptions to show effect, one needs to input mana. But because I was asleep, I used magic stones as substitute, that I had already placed at centre of the magic circle. Since I only had low grade magic stones, I had to use several magic stones and place at an even distance from one another so they could power the circle altogether while lasting long enough.