Chapter 0
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My mother cried, she wanted her ex-husband back. 

"Duke, Duke!"

She repeated so much that it made me feel sick, I wanted to console her, but I am only 1 year old. I have a kind of affection for her, after all she gave me life, although it may be a miserable life full of suffering for being the son of the bad one, but she just didn't want the person she loves so much to be taken away from her. They think she just wants power, but a person who just wants power wouldn't cry so much for a person, 1 year with 6 months she has been repeating her title. 

My stomach growled, I was hungry. Mom didn't react at all, her eyes were dead full of tears. I started to cry, she didn't react, louder, louder. She looked at me warmly with a little broken smile, she pulled down her breast latch and brought me close to her nipple, I bit it and started sucking hard, it seemed to hurt mom a little, but I didn't take any notice. The liquid did not take long to come out, it was warm and not to my liking.

The night was cold, and the bed was not comfortable at all, mom was covered with a big rag, it was dirty. Her dress was a big purple canopy dress, but it was very dirty, and smelled bad. I had a rag for a diaper and was in mother's arms. My mind was confused, sleep came strongly to me. I closed my eyes slowly and slept.