Chap 1. A Murderer
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"I hate this." A guard murmured, his navy blue uniform crinkled as he squatted. 

"Who don't?" Another guard said, between his two fingers is a cheap cigarette. 

Elonora blankly watched the two grumbling guards as she quietly sat in the big cage. Her black eyes wandered around. The little girl's hands cuffed with sturdy iron itched to do something. 

Thoughts about how to steal the dangling key presented right before her eyes and how to silence the two men passed through the little girl's mind. The young girl baptized with blood began to think cold-bloodily. 

"I heard that Triton Prison is the most guarded prison here in Ethan. Senior, are the inmates there really that crazy?" The squatting guard asked the more experienced guard, who was smoking around. The restless girl behind them stilled as she listened with rapt attention. 

"Yeah. Ever heard the rumor going around Espan?" 

"The one about how a madman blew up the Empire's treasury just because he thought the layout of the place was ugly?" 

"Yeah. It's true. I was there when the arrest happened. That madman was muttering nonsense like 'how my expectation is ruined.' or something like that. He was a genius architect and also a perfectionist. The reason he blew up the treasury is because of how misaligned some places are and how the furniture doesn't fit his taste." The senior guard clicked his tongue in distaste.

"Wait, how did he even come close to the Empire's treasury?" The newbie guard asked in surprise at the sudden realization. 

"He was there for the treasury's renovation. The reason he was sent to the Triton Prison here in Ethan is that three national treasures were blown up along with the treasury. The Emperor was outraged and because of the Architect's nonsense, He directly sent him here to be imprisoned for a lifetime." 

"And I'm telling you, in the Triton prison, his crime can be considered as normal among the others. Got a grasp how crazy their inmates there now?" The senior guard snickered seeing how the newbie's face pale from fright.

"Then, why are we sending a child there?" The newbie guard pointed at the silent girl in the cage. Her black eyes blankly watching them was scarily eerie. 

The senior guard gave the girl a side glance and sighed.

"This girl murdered 13 people. Including her father." 


"Just how many months are you serving as a guard now?"

"This-this is just my second month."

"Ah, that's why." The senior guard puffed out a cloud of smoke. Knowing that this clueless guard was standing vigil for others, the senior guard decided to tell the new guy the profile of the young criminal.

"If she murdered them, then, why is she being sent in Triton? Isn't Helen1Minor's Prison: Anyone below the 17 years of age that commits a crime will be sent here to be reformed. Prison more appropriate?" 

"Shut up, I'm going to tell you the reason now. And it's not 'If', newbie. She murdered them. This girl was originally imprisoned at Sonia's Jail for children at Coren but she escaped. Luckily, there were cameras all around so she was easily caught again. She was transferred to Nila Prison in Gordon but she killed seven people, including three guards and four staff members.

She got transferred to Helen Prison but along the first month, tried to escape and killed five people, including the Head of Reform Teaching. This girl is dangerously clever and she used it for murder. She can't be reasoned with and no one can make her say a word, the Chief of Security personally tried to talk to her at her jail cell back at Helen and after he departed from there, ordered people to send her here to Triton." 

"Just what happened back there that made the Chief send her here?" The newbie guard gulped.

"Who knows? One thing is certain for sure though, never treat this criminal as a child, because she will use it against you." 

The newbie guard turned his stiff neck to look at the big cage again, only to find the silent girl looking at him with chilling blank eyes. The new guard turned his head away and heard his senior chuckle.

"Chilling isn't it? Her eyes." The new guard nodded.

"It always looks like she was planning to kill us and how to escape here." The senior joked, not knowing that it is Elonora's intent all along.