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K-day + 155 |12th Military region, 3rd jungle brigade,1st Hunter gang | Manaus city, Amazon |

Up on an old ruined and overgrown building overlooking a boulevard through a window I made my nest. The mold-darkened concrete walls were moist thanks to the recent rains.
The skies were grey due to the coming rains; down there the streets were filled with litter, abandoned cars and ruined colourful buildings. They were not like this one, this one was abandoned way before any of this mess happened. The nonsensical graffiti and odd smell reminded me of that constantly.

I was alone in this mission, my partner Noh-heh died long ago, he was an old high-elf from the Sunguard itself. He fought the undead way before I was born and he was good at it. I was the best in the sniper-gang so I had the honor of learning from him.

The burden of his legacy rested on my shoulders now and thanks to that the Region’s command itself gave me orders to kill lord Hahykim, the Necromancer who was leading another invasion of the North. He had earned the sobriquet of ‘Stubborn’ thanks to his many tries in conquering the Norte, we lost too much and suffered too much thanks to that unliving bastard. I had the mission of making sure he would never try again.

A single enchanted shot to his cold cranium, a true test of all my skills, the Lord was never alone and was never vulnerable. He could sense danger miles away fortunately I had some tricks up my sleeve on how to deal with that.

The loud cry of a turboprop engine followed by the thunderclap of a guided bomb’s impact signalled the enemy was on the move towards my position.
The beautiful turboprop aircraft moved like a blur on the greyish skies, like a modern day stuka the Super-tucanos were our best friends here. The dragons often kept away from the metropolitan areas and we made the enemy remember that fact every chance we had.

The enemy was approaching this avenue, it was their main way of getting into downtown and the Amazon river Bridge. We've been hunting the bastard for days and now he’s playing in our hands.

I had to prepare myself for the moment, first of all, undead lords could sense murderous intent, when the Sunguard revealed this to us we were astonished but the most surprising was the fact all humans had this same skill.
MACVSOG operators in Vietnam learned to never look directly into the NVA troops they were about to kill before an ambush, otherwise the prey would feel they were being observed and go into alert, this latent skill never became more than a small footnote into esoteric research.

To combat this Undead talent Noh-heh taught me to meditate before battle and suppress all murderous intent only freeing them when the time came and to never look directly into the prey before attacking.This ,however, was not enough for such a high-level target i would need more.

I moved my hand to my bag that was leaning against a decrepit wall nearby. From inside I took a bottle filled with a crimson liquid and a pristine white cloth, the bottle was filled with the blood of a lamb, the innocent animal and it’s blood had magical effects that created an aura of innocence, perfect for this situation. I opened the bottle and began praying while submerging the cloth in the crimson innocence, i recite a prayer while doing it so i could meditate

Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.”
The once white cloth is now a dark shade of red, I twisted it so the excess of blood would be eliminated.

He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer”
I tied the now red cloth on my forehead like a bandana.

I moved back to the window in slow methodical steps still reciting my prayers and cleaning my mind.
My rifle was waiting for me.
A wooden stock AGLC Imbel rifle the newest successor of the lineage of Mauser rifles from the Itajuba factory, made to equip the caçadores in infantry regiments, it was my first gun it fought with me ever since day one, it’s rugged wooden stock couldn’t be called pristine anymore signs of rough use were present all over the rifle i also carved a cross on it and had it blessed by priests, Noh-hen told me that was imperative for a undead hunter, i didn’t ask why now i regret not learning more from him.

A small sun emblem made entirely in shining gold is his last gift to me, he said to tie it to my gun when ‘a dangerous trial awaited for me’ i think this is it, i used some small colored rope parts to tie it to the stock close to the barrel, it’s shining gold visage was out of place along the gunmetal and the wood but i had faith in Noh-hen’s words.

I opened my rifle’s bolt, slowly, to make sure the sound wouldn’t be heard. No reason for stealth as no one would hear it anyway but it was drilled into me over the years and I had no plans to change it.

The ammo had to be special for such a target, 7,62x51 150gr boat tail with a silver jacket, guaranteed to crack a Undead lord at 500 meters. I drowned the bullet tip into the lamb's blood with no reason behind it, simply a fad.

“Deliver me from evil lord almighty, guide my hand for war, deliver my people from evil Amen.”
I slid the bullet into the chamber and closed the bolt.

Then came the enormous procession of horrors and monsters, vile mockeries of the human form followed by oversized bipedal rats with a few green orcs covered in human skin in the middle of that enormous horde was Lord Hahykim, his mere presence exuded a malignant aura.

My mind was clear, peaceful thoughts filled it, I moved my rifle and connected the scope’s crosshair into Hahykim’s face, peaceful thoughts of tropical birds and endless blue skies filled me, at this point he was still far away i had to keep my eyes away from while maintaining my rifle aimed at him, the cold blood of the lamb in the bandana reminded me of the rules i had to follow to win this hunt.

He was a blur in my scope for now, his bald pale face appeared in the corner of my eyes, that was him for sure the same bald head from the photos they showed us when the Northern campaign started, the same bald head the Sunguard alerted us about.
Approaching still the horde made their way down the street no order whatsoever in their march, they looked more akin to a street gang than a military force, birds and skies birds and skies such beautiful landscapes, such beautiful sounds the click of my rifle’s safety being disengaged acted as a calling to reality.

Hahykim was within distance now, my heart accelerated, I had to take the shot, the crosshair was still aimed at him.

there were no more birds in the north they all flew away, there were no more blue skies in the north they were stolen by vile creatures, there was only hate and the holy peleja.
I looked at Hahykim, hate and murderous intent flowed through me, a smile appeared in my face, his eyes were black orbs, his skin was completely pale with blue lines, his robes were purple and he was looking directly at me, i pulled the trigger and his face became a crimson blur. Seems he wasn’t too stubborn to die.