Mid Sun Rise Event (3)
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the boy is looking at the sky with his eyes closed 

he has an strange aura around that makes people afraid to look directly 

the trio look at the kid 

Ye Mei looks at the boy with suprise because of the words he said paints him as the organizator of this stall

the black haired one looks at the aura around the boy with a strange and scarred face 

Sister Liu looks at the boy with a fake surprised expression as she has alredy sensed something long ago

then Ye Mei asks the boy 

"why shouldnt we enter your sect"

she asks with some curiosity 

the boy continues to "look" st the sun and responded almost imediately

"you guys dont have the qualification to survive in the sect"

the black haired girl frowed and was a little displeased but the sligth fear prevented her from retoring

Ye Mei face became black 

Sister Liu looked at the boy with curiosity and eyes that apeared to be smiling but not smiling 

the surrounding people got outraged by this statement but just looks at the situation with hate for the boy but nobody did anything as its not their problem and entering may make their image on goddes heart bad 

as nobody likes being called trash even if the worlds of the kid were not calling them trash but you can understand this way 

Ye Mei that was looking at the boy with anger said with a bit of venon on her voice

"and what does it take to be qualified"

the boy responded without looking at the trio 

"affinity with forbiden knowledge"

as soon as this sounded everyone became confused 

what forbiden knowledge 

together with the name of the sect and this statement many people conected the dots and decided that this sect was a demon way sect

upon hearing this Ye Mei became enraged and she moved her spiritual power around her body and condensed it together with spiritual energy tainted by flame afinity forming 5 small floting short swords around her body that seam to be burning


she launced the short swords at the boys direction 

as soon as she shouted the boy stoped looking at the sun and looked at the direction of Ye Mei 

the shorts swords were launched with incredible speed that the normal eye cant catch and on some miliseconds the swords stoped one milimeter from the boy's body as he opened his eyes 

the world became quiet 

every sound stoped for a moment even the heartbeat stoped the moment the boy's opened

the eyes of the boy have slits that of a cat the eyes are blood red that seam to emited infinit polution 

every one that looked at his eyes from the croud fell down at this moment with foam on the corner of their mouth