Prologue (A)
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"Hurry up!"

"They're coming!"

"Leave no side free!"

In a barren land, a great war was being waged.

The sound of clashing swords, screams of soldiers falling dead, and the scorching sun manage to paint a very warlike picture.

A brown-haired man with a Mohican was sitting down and very irritated.

"Nothing yet to answer the squadron sent?"

The man was asking his subordinate who was trembling.

"I'm very sorry General Lurden! But the gold pine squadron has not returned yet. In fact, no message has reached us confirming that they arrived at their destination."

"What did you say”"

The conversation was interrupted by a huge explosion at the front.

Remains of soldiers were falling to the ground. Their intestines were scattered everywhere.

"Damn it is here!"

The general picked up his case and his battle mace.

"Prepare for battle!"

All the soldiers took their weapons and followed the orders of the general who shouted.

"Left flank and right flank must not leave any holes! Everyone must have their weapon ready!"

Whatever caused the explosion was getting closer and closer.

The general grabbed his weapon and pointed to the front.

"I’m General Rod Lurden of the Norden Kingdom! You will perish here!"

The explosion ended and someone was sitting behind in a large cloud of smoke.

"Hah, who the fuck is that?!"

The cloud of smoke gradually disappeared and the general began to sweat.

A figure” a man was sitting on a small mountain.

No, it was not a mountain of dirt, it was a mountain of corpses.

His sword was tapping his shoulder out of boredom.

"These guys were supposed to be strong, but it seems to me that they are mostly wimps, hey, are you listening to me? Hey."

"Who are you speaking to?"

The general asked, but he didn't give it any more thought and stood in front of the enemy.

"You finally arrived” smiling demon!"

The man gave the general a sidelong glance after being called that, stood up and”

"I hate being called that, it's a very ugly nickname."

He smiled in the scariest possible way.

"But it's true that I enjoy seeing their faces regretting seeing me, so it's a flattering one."

The man jumped off the mountain of corpses and in less than a second...

"I am Rei, the strongest Cheat Lord!"

He cut off the general's head.

"Come on all of you idiot, I'll kill you one by one single handedly to make it exciting!"

"Gosh, you really are very barbaric, Rei."

Said a mysterious voice coming from the same direction as him, but there was no one there.

The reason for having two prologues is because one is to capture your interest and the other is to tell the story. I hope you like this beginning.