Chapter 1 ─ The Protagonist and the Villain
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If you are interested in what the stone looks like, it is the same as the stone Yuno from Black Clover has.

The location of this game world is centered in the Brune Kingdom, a small third-rate country according to the neighboring kingdoms.

There is no electricity nor adventurers, to get similar benefits use magic stones which you get in mines or from monsters.

Magic stones come in different shapes and sizes, but craftsmen in magic stone factories are in charge of modifying and polishing them to be used in different places.

As for example lanterns, instead of using candles and matches, they use magic stones to achieve the same goal.

You just put the magic stone in a small box and the magic does the rest.

The coastal fishing sector is less developed.

They are implementing magic stones to the boats to try to turn them into steamboats, but the effect is negative.

The farming sector is going through a crisis due to bandits stealing from farmers, plagues sent by envious merchants and poisoning of the land.

The Brune Kingdom abounds with approximately one million people, the smallest population in the world for a country.

In that country, there is a certain territory, to which... our protagonist is heading.

"Don't fuck with me!"

"I don't want to be a fucking magic stone! I'm the protagonist of this world!"

"Give me back my dreams, you fucking gooooooooooooooooooooood!"

The knights returned to the territory's stable.

But first they passed through the main street which was made of stone debris and mud, different from other streets which are made of finer stone for a better ride.

Arriving at the stable, a young servant received their horses.

"Good job today."

"Thanks, Pitt."

"Is everybody ready yet?"

"For a while now, there's only been a slight delay in the kitchen."

"Is he angry?"

"What do you think?"


"Come on, let's finish this quickly."

The two knights left the stable to head to the mansion.

It was such a large mansion, you could mistake it for a small castle if someone had never seen one.

The garden was so beautiful, you could see the care of the gardeners in every flower.

The color of the mansion was red, like the family crest flag that rested in the center of the house, on it a sword pointed downward.

That was the family crest of this noble house.

They knocked on the door and a butler opened the door for them.

"You really were delayed."

"Hey, hey, we're knights, not messengers. Our job is to go patrolling the territory and not in going looking for gifts."

"It was an order from the lord of these lands, you can't disobey them."

"I know, but─"

"Hey, stop wasting time and come in, we're wasting valuable rest time."

Today was special, all the vassals in the house would be working half a day, but the rest of the day would be used to celebrate a birthday for a certain person.

The vassals entered and followed the butler, after a while they arrived at a sliding door, which inside had a huge party room.

All the servants of the mansion were gathered.

Although they were smiling, they did not enjoy being here.

It was all due to the people in the center, who were standing in front of a huge mountain of gifts.

"Happy birthday, Rei-chan!"

"Happy fifth birthday, my heir!"

The lord of this land as his wife, were congratulating a boy, who was dressed in his best clothes.

He had a mountain of gifts and a feast of sweets just for him, but─

"How boring this is~."

The boy stood up and started kicking the presents.

"But what is this junk? As soon as I touch it, it breaks!"

"Useless junk, take it, take it."

The black-haired boy started kicking all the presents and then grabbed a sword and chopped them with glee.

"Hahaha, this is more fun, it really is."

The servants murmur at this despicable act for a five-year-old.

"Despite being so small, it's so disgusting."

"I can't believe that little maniac is the future lord of these lands."

"I want to resign, but my family can't live anywhere else but here, we don't pay taxes and so we can live well."

After a while, the boy finished smashing everything, then he turned around and everyone could see his charming smile.

"That was heartwarming, it was a great gift."

"Although I don't approve of you destroying what I bought, I'm glad you enjoyed them in a way."

"Rei-chan is a good boy, but he doesn't know how to express that creativity and energy he has."

"Bored. I'm hungry, give me something to eat."

Said the boy as he kicked the floor.

The cooks started handing out the cake and food.


"Come on, neigh!"


"Hahahaha, how funny."

The boy was riding the back of a servant, he was an old man, despite having problems with his back.

The boy didn't mind, he even kicked his ribs as if he was a horse.

"Rei-chan, don't be hard on him."

"I think a horse would have been better than a person, but it's your birthday, enjoy it."

The parents thought the servant was laughing, which was not the case.


"Fuaah~ it was a good day today!"

Night fell, the boy ate dinner and without brushing his teeth came to bed.

He threw his shoes against a newly built bookcase.

The room was a pigsty, despite cleaning it every day, he always ended up smashing everything again.

"Let's see what I can play with before bedtime."

The boy brought the gifts that were not destroyed to his room.

As he went through each one, he found an odd one, a leather bag.

"This is the only one without a wrapper... it doesn't smell like excrement, but if it's a joke, I'll have the family of the one who gave this to me executed."

He opened the bag, and various precious stones lay inside.


"This is ugly."

"It looks like a fungus."

All the stones he categorized as hideous but one.

"Huh? This one here doesn't look bad at all."

He pulled out a shiny, beautiful blue stone, its shape and size identical to a chicken egg.

"It's very pretty, tomorrow I'll throw it into the river of the neighboring territory to see how much it bounces back."

At that moment, it was where what he never expected, happened.

"Don't you dare throw me, you little shit!"

The boy rubbed his eyes with his sleeve.

"I must be so tired I'm starting to hear things."

"Hearing? You mean you can hear me right?"

"I must stop eating sweets, no doubt."

"Hey, you can hear me!"

The boy's face gradually towards a panicked expression and that happened.


Quick footsteps approached and a maid opened the door.

"Is there a problem young master Reidel?"

"Huh?! Did you say Reidel?!"

"You heard it, it said my name!"


"I'm sorry, but the only voice I heard was yours, are you all right? Should I call the doctor?"

"... She can't hear me?"

"There it is again! The rock is talking to me!"

The maid looked for a moment with a face of displeasure at the child, who was trembling with fear.

"I think eating too much candy makes you see things, a little water and a nap will fix it."

"You think so?"

"Yes, I'll get you right away."

The maid went to get water, the boy was left alone.

Or so he thought.

"Hey, if you can hear me, can't you?"

"You're not real, you're just hallucination!"

Said the boy as he hid behind his desk, the magic stone was on the floor.

When it "spoke" a slight glow emitted.

"... What's your name?"

"You're not real!"

"In that case let me guess... you're Rei, aren't you?"


(I guessed it.)

Kurono Ichiru's soul lying inside this magic stone understood his situation.

(There's no doubt, I'm definitely in that game.)

(After all, there is no character that has his same characteristics.)

In front of Kurono, he saw a hidden boy, his clothes were elegant but his appearance was not.

His black hair was messy, which made it look like its red ends were tomato sauce that fell on him.

His body was plump for such a small boy.

His face had a bad expression, which was overshadowed by his bright red eyes like volcanic rock.

This boy was Rei─ Reidel Redblade, the only son and heir of Duke Redblade of the Brune Kingdom, besides that... he was the grotesque villain who tormented the members of the protagonist's harem.

(I was in doubt at first, but after hearing everything he did and seeing him react to that name. No doubt about it, he's Reidel!)

(But how did I end up with him?)

... (Moment... if I remember correctly, in the presentation of his character, he had a ribbon tie which integrated a─)

"A fucking blue stoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

"Aah, it spoke again!"

Despite the fact that he couldn't move, Kurono was screaming so much that he made his "body" shine like a flashlight.

"Don't fuck with me again god scum!"

"You made me wake up in the attachment of a future trash lord!"

"Mom! Dad! The rock is talking to me!"

"Ah, you shut up too!"


With that shout, Reidel─ Rei froze in a corner.

"Let me think what I can do in this situation."

Kurono tried to understand how he ended up like this.

"Certainly that failed god made me end up here, but we're talking about me being the accessory used by the tutorial's villain."

Reidel in the game was a background character almost the entire first year of the academy in the game.

His day to day life was to annoy, harass and even try to rape the members of the harem of the protagonist, but at the end of the first school year, he was defeated.

"I could verify that it was you, that means that the prince and the cult are also real."

"The cult?"

Rei asked still scared.

"Yeah, well, I'll explain later. Listen carefully, I'll only tell you once."

"I am... god! The game god, Kurono Ichiru!"

"Huh! God exists!"

"Of course it exists you idiot! Do you think the world was created by a galactic gas by any chance? Everything is the work of a god, it doesn't make sense that there wasn't one! It's a very horrible script hole that there is no god!"

"... I-I don't understand anything you're saying."

"It doesn't matter. Come."

Rei walked towards the blue stone.

"Listen, I know your future. And it's a horrible future where you will be killed in the most painful and cruel way possible."


"Yes. That's why I came to help you and that's why only you can hear me."

(Actually I don't think it was for that reason that I woke up in here. But it's true that I need it, I don't know if anyone else can hear my voice, but I can't miss this chance to get allies.)

"Rei, there are some really bad, bad guys out there. They call themselves the Cult of the Goddess of Death."

"Or also known as the Entourage of Ereshkigal."

"Sounds like a really weird name."

"It is, but it doesn't matter. This world is in danger, those lunatics want to create a world of pain and death, and only we can stop them. That's why I came to this world!"

"To save them! To help you Rei! I'll make you become the most famous hero and living legend in the whole world!"


Rei's eyes were shining brighter than the talking blue stone.

"That's right! Since you will fulfill my dream─ every hero's dream! You're going to be very rich, famous and above all─!"

Even without having a mouth, Kurono's soul looked happy as he said the following.

"You'll have the best harem in the world! Lots and lots of beautiful women at your disposal! Aren't you happy!!!!!"

"Huh? What do I want women for? Will I have a lot of dirty laundry by any chance?"

"You asshole! You'll thank me when you have hair down there and every morning your flag goes up!!!!"

"... How disgusting that sounds."

"You idiot boy! I'll make you the biggest cheat hero of them all!"

"That's why we're going on a diet tomorrow! You're going to slim down that pork belly of yours! Women don't want men who look like orcs, and it's not because I've been through something like that!"

And with that, the experience of Rei and Kurono, the protagonist and the villain, began.


"Hey, what did you say?"

"As I said, the young master wants a plate of greens and vegetables."

The next morning, Rei told a servant that his breakfast be a nutritious one, so he would only eat vegetables and greens instead of meats and pasta.

The head cook had a bad expression.

"What does that brat want vegetables for? The last time I serve him that he used them to throw at the knights."

"I don't know, he just said that."

After clicking his tongue, the cook said.

"We live in a crisis as the crop fields are suffering losses and that idiot kid just wants to play."

After a while, the cook brought him a plate of steamed vegetables and vegetable soup.

Rei was in the dining room, sitting at a long table as if hundreds of guests were present.

The cook with his forced smile handed him his breakfast.

Rei commented something that left him puzzled.

"Will this really make me strong?"

"Of course it will, vegetables and greens have lots of vitamins and nutrients, so stop complaining fat belly and eat, you won't be able to get a body of the gods if you don't lose weight."

"... Muuh."

With that sound just like a cow, Rei took the fork and then a broccoli, put it in his mouth and started chewing it.

"It tastes horrible, I don't want it!"

"Stop complaining or you won't be able to get my cheating skills!"

"... It tastes horrible."

With tears streaming down his face, Rei started chewing the vegetables.

The cook watched him and only wondered one thing.

(Who is he talking to?)


"Haah... haah..."

Around noon, a butler was cleaning the windows.

After finishing polishing all the windows on the fourth floor, he saw something strange.


"Haah... haah..."

Rei was walking.

No. Correct would be to say he was jogging.

He had tied several wooden boards to a rope and proceeded to run around the courtyard of the mansion.

The butler who had a bead of sweat on his forehead did not understand what he was seeing, a maid passing by saw him and asked.

"What do you observe?"

The butler answered what he sees.

"Hey, is that real?"

"What thing? ... Ah, that."

"Since yesterday he's gotten weird. He doesn't ask for any food other than vegetables or greens anymore, sweets are going to be eaten by insects at this rate.

"Hey, has he been eating healthy lately?"

"Yes. And now he's exercising, has he caught any diseases?"

"Who knows."

The maid went on her way, but the butler thought.

(Did something happen yesterday to make him run now?)


"I can't take it anymore..."

Rei finished tired, it's only been two days since he started his weight loss training.

"I don't want to exercise anymore! I don't want to!"

Since yesterday, the blue stone rests on his tie in the shape of a ribbon. It was the only way to keep close to Kurono.

Who tells him that he is a god.

But that's a lie, it was the first thing he said to make him believe in him.

"Stop complaining, tomorrow we'll get up earlier to run as soon as the sun rises. As I can't sleep I'll wake you up! If you don't listen to me, I'll curse you!"

"You are a very cruel god!"

"I'm the most super god of all gods! Don't underestimate my abilities, brat! Now go to sleep."

With those words, Rei went to sleep, but Kurono couldn't do it since he didn't have a body.

"I have ten years to make you the best puppet in the world. I don't care about your future, I'll leave you when someone manages to hear my voice. After all, you are the tutorial villain.


Details you didn't need to know but I'm telling you anyway!
Kurono is Clovis 2.0 and Reidel is Rudel 3.0 but their relationship is a comic version of Rudel and Ixion.