Chapter 2 ─ Cheating Skills (1)
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The first part to the introduction of the cheat skills, still continue this in the next chapter, after that we will meet the first waifu!

It has been half a year since Rei and Kurono met.

Someone was hanging around the mansion.

"Haah! Haah!"

From very early in the morning, before the sun rose, Rei was running.

His body slimmed down and was now slim, his legs for a child's were getting stronger.

At first he couldn't even run a lap without fainting, but now he could run 800 laps and still keep running.

He had several buckets of water in different areas so that when he felt tired, he could drink it.

When he reached the 1000th lap. The workout was over.

"Fuaah~ that sure was a lot of exercise!"

He took a towel which he laid down on a board, then lay down on the grass to rest, Kurono spoke to him as Rei enjoyed this moment.

"It certainly was. In just half a year you have exceeded my expectations, well done Rei."

"That's par for the course, I'm a Duke's son."

(Although if I'm not mistaken, in the game the protagonist was the adopted son of a family of counts. But in my situation it would have been better if I had been human and thus adopted by a ducal family.)

It was already ten o'clock in the morning, it was time for the fencing class.

In the Brune Kingdom it is normal for the sons of nobles to know how to use both magic and the sword, it was a requirement if they wanted to be heirs someday, after all, they will be called by the king when there is a crisis and show their worth as vassals.

A maid came to indicate that the fencing instructor had arrived.

Rei stood up, and despite still being tired, he did not give in to it and continued with his practical studies.



Rei swung his sword against the instructor, who is he chief knight of the territory.

He was just swinging his sword so that Rei could block his attacks or Rei would try to give him a fatal blow.

Of course, the swords were made of wood.

Rei was only five years old, his strength compared to that of an adult was ridiculous in comparison.

But that didn't discourage him, since...

He had a "god" on his side.

For half a year now, Rei has been feeling that he is someone chosen, that's because of the story of Brune's founding hero.

He believed that he was special as the founder, that's why he didn't care about the suffering he felt, in the end it would be an existence praised by everyone.


The servants who were there to assist or prepare food for Rei laughed at his pathetic attempt to want to defeat the chief knight.

"It's very funny how for such a little boy he tries so hard."

"A child will never defeat an adult."

"It's nice to see that he's lost weight and doesn't look like a little pig anymore."

Despite those words they shouldn't say, it was true that their unpleasant opinions of him were going down.

With the exception of the chief knight.

(This brat sure is annoying.)

(Normally it should be a former knight from the capital who would come to give him fencing instruction, but he insisted it should be someone from the territory.)

(The worst part is that I have to be here every other day for at least four hours. What a pain in the ass this is.)

The sword training ended at two o'clock in the afternoon.


It was three o'clock in the afternoon. The teacher who came from the royal capital to teach him history and other subjects was ready.

After lunch, Rei came to study.

It was an office set up just for him.

The blackboard had a map of the Kingdom's territory and neighboring territories.

Various objects for teaching a child from a noble family, were on a table, classes were daily, so it was normal to stay late.

Normally it was in the mornings that this was done, but Rei wanted to at this time since I had to train.

The teacher greeted him and then the class began.

"Good afternoon, young master Reidel."


Rei's tone had worsened, before it was unimportant towards others, but now it was arrogant.

Kurono who had been witnessing everything, had many questions he wanted the teacher to explain.

He had not done so before as he was bored.

(Rei, ask him this.)

"Professor, a few questions I have."

"Is that so? Go ahead, say it."

"First is about our country, the Brune Kingdom. Who are our neighbors and where is it located?"

The professor was a bit taken aback at such a basic question that every child from a noble family should know, but it was his duty to teach him even if he was an idiot.

"Well, it doesn't matter if it's two times or a hundred times I have to say it. Look at this map."

The professor pointed to the map.

"There are several continents, but we are located on the smallest of them all which is this one."

The size of the continent was equal to America.

"In the east which is occupied by a single country, is where the Alfoster Republic lies, a country that has a governmental system totally different from the rest called democracy."

"Then there is the west which is totally occupied by them, Agastia Holy Empire, they are constantly expanding, it seems that something happened between the current emperor and the former acting president of the republic and now there is hostility."

"That is bad for us for this reason."

The professor pointed to a small circle in the middle of everything.

"This country is our country, the Brune Kingdom, if war between two military powers breaks out, it would be bad for us."

Kurono listened carefully to everything, despite having no ears.

(It's just like in the game, Agastia, Alfoster, that means now be─)

"Then there is our northern neighbors, due to the fact that we have to cross mountains, only two countries lie close to us. The Norden Kingdom and Frazier Principality."

(I knew it! If you talk about the principality, it's all the same.)

"Rei, ask him who is the current king and the crown prince."

Rei asked the professor and he answered...

"Our current king is His Majesty Liam. And his son the crown prince is His Highness Prince Sigurd."

(No doubt about it! I'm definitely in the game, but that's even worse since I have no body to act in.)

(I can't create a body out of nothing, it seems to be impossible.)

"Now the south, that whole area is forest, nests of monsters and the elven kingdom."

"A long time ago our country invaded the nearby beastmen kingdom, we took their lands and expelled the inhabitants as peacefully as possible. That's why we can enjoy a wide variety of crops."

(Leaving that aside, I'm more interested in the internal conflict in the kingdom according to the game. But that would be too suspicious, I'll leave that for another day.)

Classes continued into the evening.


Rei was lying in his room, it was time to sleep, but Kurono avoided that resting time because of an important announcement.

"Rei, tomorrow is the day you won't learn the cheating skills."


"Yes. Since, I finally figured it out, how to make you can use my power, tomorrow you will cancel your morning training, we will go out after breakfast."

"Yes! God's cheating skills!"

(Tomorrow is where you will start to stop being the villain and start being my puppet.)


"Burrr. How cold it is."

Rei left the mansion after breakfast, the weather was still freezing even though it was summer.

He bundled up warmly and went out to the farthest part of the mansion which was a huge forest.

After being far enough away, Kurono explained.

"You see Rei, the cheating skills are gifts from god, namely me. But before we dig into their specialties, answer this. what is a cheating skill?"

Rei put his finger to his mouth for several minutes.


"... You're making fun of me aren't you, you are, aren't you?"


"Listen carefully. A cheating skill is a unique type of magic or something that exists, but it is far superior to the others."

"How many types of magic do we have in this world?"

"That's easy, there are six."

"Water, fire, wind, earth, holy light and darkness, then there is the colorless element which is for those who are not part of the six elements."

"Right. And, how do you find out what ability you have?"

"Umm, I heard that the court magicians come when your parents request that they find out what attribute you have preference or which ones you are better with."

"That's right, in this world you can use all attributes, that's the good thing. Unlike the original game, where you could only use one, even if you never used it... you can use any attribute."

"But Rei, the developers─ I mean me! Gave you the best colorless item of all. transmutation!"

"Transmutation? Is it pooping standing up?"

"... You really have the brain of a child, otherwise I would have been very angry."

"Transmutation was your magic with no element, you were the only one in the game who could use it since it would be boring if you were easy to defeat, that's why the developers were cheating with you in the eroge and gave you this ability."

"You can create anything or replicate anything, and thanks to me, you'll be able to materialize things that don't exist in this world. the age of the industrial revolution came several centuries early!"

"Ah... ah?"

"It doesn't matter if you don't understand."

"Well, let's start with the beginning of this."

The blue stone began to glow faintly at first, then intensely increased in brightness.

"Cheat Skill: Administrator's Consent."

Rei felt a slight thump in her body, followed by a small tingling.

"Something itches."

"It's the usual, just hold it for a bit."

(I just granted you the power to make all cheat skills come true, of course it works only when I, the Administrator in this case, grants your permission. Without me you wouldn't be able to use them.)

After scratching for a while, Rei finished it.

"I don't feel anything anymore."

"That's perfect, now try saying this..."

Rei repeated what Kurono said.

"Cheat Skill..."

He extended his hand towards a tree and a seven-pointed blue magic circle appeared on his palm.

"Black Bullet."

A shot of darkness magic was fired at the tree, it was so powerful that it destroyed a small part, which if used on an adult would have wiped out half of its body.

Rei and Kurono were astonished and then in unison they both shouted.


"That was amazing, god!"

"O-Of course it was!"

(I can't believe how powerful he is for just a little bullet of dark magic. It's amazing the power of cheat abilities).

"Okay, let's go to the next one Rei. Now say─"

Rei pointed his hand, his finger against a bigger tree and said.

"Cheat Skill: Ice Tempanum."

(Ice magic is a skill that can only be obtained if someone who uses water magic manages to develop alchemical magic, it's something very normal but hard to get, there's a reason why court mages aren't just any guys who are given the title.)

An ice tempane the size of a soccer formed in Rei's hand, which shot straight into the tree where after piercing it, it became embedded in another.

"No doubt the cheat skills are the best!"

"That's not all Rei! There's more! Plenty more where those came from!"


"Cheat skills are the strongest because there's no one to compare to them! We're going to create more!"


Lights and explosions of different colors began to appear in that small part.


The next day.

"Well, Rei. Today we will learn one of the best, most clichéd magic’s of all. We're going to fly through the skies."

"No, that's impossible that's too ridiculous, humans don't fly."


"Humans don't fly, it's absurd to see a human flying."

(This kid is calling me an idiot. He's making fun of the cheating skills...)

"If we' re going to learn how to fly, we're going to fly, damn it!"

"Put your hands on the ground!"


After putting his hands on the ground, a magic circle appeared.

The size was to cover nine people in it.

"Cheat Skill: Levitation."

At first, nothing happened... but after a few seconds.


Rei began to float.

"Ooh, I'm flying, I'm really flying, hahaha!"

More and more he was rising.

"Hahahaha it's funny... huh..."

Rei soared so high, he had already surpassed the top of the trees, he was heading straight for the sky.

"Ahh, I'll be ejected to the stars! Help me god!"

"Aah idiot! Remove the spell quickly!"

"I'm scared!"

The altitude at which he was praising himself was already the same altitude at which he was about to touch the clouds, a little more and he would start to feel the density of oxygen and not be able to breathe.

"C-Cheat Skill: Increased Weight."

By a stroke of gravity, Rei got lower and lower until he was close to the ground where he grabbed onto a tree.

After a few minutes, the effect wore off.

"That was... very dangerous..."

"Looks like the cheating skills are more serious than I thought."

(I wonder which ones have life-threatening danger to the user?)

"Rei, let's practice something simpler, we'll save the flying for another day."

And so, Rei was learning how to use his cheating skills.