Chapter 35 ─ Forest
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How are you my dear readers!

I'm sorry I haven't uploaded anything this week.

I warned you, I told you that now I could play games that I couldn't even dream of playing before.

I stayed up all this week, it was worth it. (XD)

Back to the chapter, we pick up where we left off.

As a spoiler, we are now entering the final phase of the volume.

Remember, the novel is for relaxation after reading my other novels which are heavy.

I don't want whiners or complainers.

I leave fanservice of Nadine since she seems to have more development than anyone else for now:

It had been a few hours since we went into the forest.

It was already midday.

The forest on the outskirts of the capital is vast like a sea.

In the game this place was known to be a massive source of experience for leveling up.

At every corner we would come across some monster or treasure.

I told Rei to look around if there was any chance of hidden treasure, sadly there was none.

I feel very disappointed in part.

I was hoping for even a small one.

Everyone was chatting as we walked on this long trail.


The person who was guiding them was Isaac as he received a map from his father.

On that map was located was marked the villages under attack.

Next to him was Oliver who was asking him a lot of questions.

"In those places is that where the attacks happened?"

"That's right. The funny thing is that the pattern is strange."

"Why do you say that?"

Oliver asked intrigued.

Isaac answered as he brushed some branches away from his face.

"The attacks seem to have been done randomly."

"Like they had no set course, you know?"


"You make it sound like it was pure luck that happened."

Isaac chuckled a little at what Oliver said.

"It's as you say, but that's why I say it's strange."

"Whether it's bandits or the principality, the pattern is very strange."

"Kind of, like it was made by a beginner."

Oliver nodded, opened his eyes and commented to Isaac about the past.

"Hey, speaking of beginners, remember last year when we entered the tournament?"

"...Ah, yeah. I remember, what about it?"

Oliver pointed his finger at his nose.

"I remember how your snot was running out of your nerves. We all laughed about it. Said the teachers that only unprepared beginners get that."

"Since you mentioned beginners it brought back memories."

"I-Idiot! This is no time for nonsense."

"Besides, I wasn't snotty. It was mental preparation."

"I was mentally preparing myself that my nasal fluids ran out on their own and it wasn't fear like they said."

"Huh~, you say that when your legs were shaking and don't mention that you were the first to lose out of those in your specialty."

"Shut up, I lost because I was out of practice and overconfident!"

"This year was different and look. I passed!"

"You got lucky, that's all it was, hahaha."

"You... undercooked broccoli head!"

"Uwaah! I was kidding!"


Behind them were Sig and Alfred who were watching them fight.

"At a serious time like this. These guys get into a fight. Are they idiots?"

Alfred replied as he rubbed his hands together from the cold.

"I understand your concern, but in these places where the ground is dry and tree branches are almost nonexistent, finding enemies and even more so hidden is impossible."

Alfred pointed to the surroundings.

The ground was deep, it was impossible that someone was setting a trap for them.

Besides that, Alfred was using wind magic to form a circle around everyone in case of protection.

If someone launched a poisoned arrow or dart, it would be difficult for the assassins to get away with it because of the wind that surrounded the place in the form of a phantom sphere.

He could even direct the poisoned arrow or dart back to its owner.

After explaining that to him, Sig continued in distress.

"Are you this irritable because Eli-chan is here?"

Sig replied very loudly.

"Of course I am!"

"My little sister came on a whim to a dangerous place. It's one thing if she came because Rei asked me for help, but Eli has nothing to do with it."

"What... What would I do if something like that happened again Al?"

"What do you think would happen if I again let Eli get kidnapped?"

"She's my only sister. I grew up with her, she's almost like a part of me."

"I don't want anything to happen to her."

Alfred commented as he gave the crown prince a very disappointed look.

"You really are a siscon."


Sig couldn't believe what his childhood friend was saying, Alfred decided to tell him pure truths about him.

"First of all. Eli is perfectly aware of what she says and does, at no time is she joking."

"Secondly. She said she wanted to come because she can't leave Rose alone, her escorts came too so she has plenty of protection."

"Thirdly, the bathroom thing was unnecessary. Your mother told me that until you were ten years old you bathed together, then she had to separate you since you were so clingy with her, she even commented to me that there was a possibility of sending you away to see if you would get rid of that complex."

"It's scary to be focused on Eli all day. What's more, I could treat it as family harassment."


Sig broke down.

"No way... my way of looking at Eli is pure... it's nothing like you say, Al traitor."

"... You held her hand until recently and wouldn't let her go if it wasn't for the fact that she was complaining."


"Umm? What's wrong with him?"

Eli and the others looked at Sig slumped over.

Rose commented.

"Is His Highness feeling sick by any chance?"

"Not at all, onii-sama is in perfect condition. If he were ill, it would be something stronger than a bit of a cold."

"Eli, I think anyway the cold can give him a cold as you say."

Rose showed a complicated expression as she answered Eli.

But that to Eli seemed odd.

On the other hand, Nadine sighed and Emma was curious about that carefree attitude of hers.

"What's wrong with you? You don't usually act like this."

"... It's not that I have a problem. It's just that after that day where I accepted that I can be by the princess's side with no problem."

"My energy is gone. I feel empty, like my reasons for living have been taken away."

Emma analyzed Nadine's situation.

(She was always upbeat and was trying harder so far than anyone else.)

(Based on the way she acted, breathed and walked, I can deduce the following.)

"Nadine. You just need another target."


Nadine shook her head to the side wondering what she was talking about.

Emma simply explained the reason for her sighs.

"You're like this because you lost your life goal."

"Goals move people, my mother says."

"For example, a baby in the distance sees something he likes, he wants to grab it."

"The only way to do that is to walk. The baby will use all his strength and soul in it to achieve it."

"He made it in the end, the baby grabbed that object and accomplished his goal. but what happens next?"

"A new goal is born."

"You need a new goal to feel alive."

Nadine's eyes sparkled at those words that never crossed her mind.

"A new goal. Yes. That I will do, at the end of this trip I will look for a new goal to reach, thank you Emma."

Her companion's smile was a little hurtful to Emma.

(Even if I was the one who said it, I have no real goal to accomplish.)


Standing in the background. Rei, Fionn and Bret heard what Emma said.

For Fionn who went into depression, those words echoed in his head.

His lifelong goal so far was to qualify to be a royal knight.

He missed the chance, but that didn't mean it was the end of his life.

For a moment, a flame began to grow within him.

While Rei was left pensive by that word.

Quite the opposite, to Bret who thought the following.

(Ugh, how boring this is.)

(I remember trips to the forest were always fun when my dad took me to train or when I go with the guys.)

(I want a nice warm beer to counteract this cold.)


Isaac's voice spoke to them in a loud tone.

"We'll camp here."

"For what reason?"

Alfred asked.

"You see, there's no use walking when you're in the forest, you must regain energy, it's still quite a while before we get close to the right place."

"There's a lake nearby if you want to wash up."

"Oliver we'll set up camp for now."


They all set about different activities for now.

Rose said to Rei.

"Master, let's go to the lake, Isaac said that lake has no bacteria since it's from a deep hot spring that always flows."


The two headed to the lake.


"Rose, what do you want to go to the lake for?"

"If you want to bathe or drink clean water I can bring it."

Rose held Rei's hand tightly.

"You still don't realize?"

She turned around and hugged him.

"I just wanted to spend a little time alone, nothing more."

Rei hugged her back.

"Sorry, I didn't realize."

"You never notice anything, hehehe."


Rose and Rei held hands as they approached the lake.

"A new skill?"

Rose asked in surprise.

"It's not a skill yet. It's something like an attempt."

Rei was telling her how he developed the basis for a new skill thanks to his fight with Sieghart.

"I see. It sounds interesting and fascinating."

"It is. But I can't materialize it yet."

"I'm sure you will."

Rose smiled heartily at him.

She loved him, hence, she trusted him blindly.

Rei wanted to live up to those expectations, but thanks to the fear instilled in him by Azoth, the current Rei is just a scared puppy.

After arriving at the lake, they were surprised by how vast it was.

"Wow, it's really huge, is it really a lake?"

Rose kicked off her boots and stepped into the water.

"It's freezing cold. But it's very cool."

"Master, let's go─"

She turned around to tell Rei to go in with her.

Her bright smile faded the moment she saw something that horrified her.

"What's wrong?"

Rei didn't notice, but behind him, a sand golem had manifested.

The golem was twice as tall as he was.

Upon noticing the shadow, it was too late.

He tried to activate one skill, but was instantly knocked out by the golem.

Men were approaching.

Their armor was the same.

They were men of the principality.

And they were led by...

"Wow, this was unexpected."

Howard who was smiling victoriously.

"I never thought of running into people so soon and besides one of them is an elf, that's quite a feat for me."

The principality had already entered Brune territory and they didn't know it.