Chapter 40 ─ To infinity and…
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Dear readers, the day has finally arrived.

With this chapter we reach the end of the chapters of the volume.

Undoubtedly this chapter is one of the best of the novel, and even more so because I put an antagonist impossible to defeat.

I really enjoyed doing this, so much that it hurt my head XD.

At the end of the volume you will see the reference to why Kurono is a stone as well as a very important event for my universal lore, you won't understand it or know its meaning, but believe me.

It will give you a slap in the face when I reveal its meaning.

Evidently the name of the chapter is from where everyone believes, I didn't even have to finish it to get a laugh out of the reference.

Calvin's final fanservice, we'll never see you again. By the way, spoiler: his original version with a villain-worthy personality exists in Razel, I just didn't want it to be as stressful as Razel's here.

Calvin had been resurrected.

Although he's undead so the word may be wrong, I don't care.

What's worse, Rei's strongest attack was defeated.

If we can't destroy him, we can't beat him.

What should we do in this situation?

There is no time to think.

"Rei, here he comes!"


Rei was still in shock at how his best attack failed, but it's no time to get depressed again.



I called out to him to react, he woke up from his trance and crossed his arms.

"I-I know."

"I'm going to use what I told Rose earlier."

In Rei's hands, two types of magical power began to form.

In the right hand a red colored aura formed and in the left hand a golden aura formed.

The auras began to form swords.

"This is what I have developed resentment! Mana swords."

"I can cut through anything in my path since the magic power is spinning at high speed."

"With this I will definitely win!"

Rei went straight to fight Calvin a sword duel.

I thought it was crazy, but if it's magic power, it can surely hurt him.

Calvin raised his sword which was twice as wide as a person.

The blow between the two weapons was brutal.

A small shockwave was released.

Rei moved his swords at great speed as he used a twenty times increased agility skill.

Despite the fact that Rei was faster and Calvin moved very slow.

It was of no use.


I understood Rei's frustration.

Even if he slashed his enemy, he immediately regenerated.


Calvin said suddenly.

Rei was leaning his body forward to try to break through his defense.

He raised his hands and a black mist formed.

"This is taking too long, let's hurry up."

"Let me show you the greatest display of love and happiness that death can offer you."

That wasn't the only place it was coming from, a black cloud was also coming out of his mouth.

He told Rei to take cover.

"Activate a shield."

"I will, but I'll also add this, it's for caution."


A shield to repel attacks with a protective cloak covered Rei.

Calvin said the words I could never believe were possible.

"Instant... death."

At that moment, a black cloud spread around us rapidly.

"What is that?"

Rei asked curiously.

While I looked at the trees that came in contact with the cloud.

Barely was the tip of the smallest leaf touched.

The tree dried up.

The green leaves withered to the point of turning to dust.

The stem of the tree like its branches fell to pieces.

The fertile soil of the ground cracked and turned gray.

I understood it there.

It's exactly as you would expect from the undead novels I used to read.

The most ridiculous special ability of all cheating abilities.

Instant death!

"Rei, strengthen the barrier now!"

I shouted it to him past a few seconds after seeing that, but it seems it wasn't necessary.

Rei amplified the barrier by placing more shields and increasing its protection.

When the black cloud touched the shield, we heard a sound equal to a short circuit.

Then the first layer was broken.

"What the hell!"

"It broke!"

We both shouted when we saw that.

The cloud began to surround us getting the shields to break faster and faster.

Even if Rei manifested a new shield, it would shatter immediately.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!"

Rei exclaimed due to the situation.

I told him to use a direct escape.

"Rei, teleport out of here!"


He didn't seem to remember that, he looked relieved.


We immediately teleported to another location.

* Gasp*

Rei was panting after being sent to a place much farther away.

We seem to be near some mountains.

I can't say I know the place.

"Rei. How are you feeling?"

"... What the fuck is that, Kuro."

"What the hell is that thing!"

Rei burst out in panic, his distressed face showing me that, right now, if I could have a body, we could take care of him between the two of us.

But I don't have one, even someone like him who can use my power is overwhelmed in the face of Calvin's strength.

"That thing isn't just repulsive. It's scary, really scary!"

"The way he talks, what he says, his empty eyes. Even every attack I gave it doesn't have any effect on it."

"Hey. How can we defeat that thing?"

(That's what I'd like to know, but I can't tell him.)

I have to calm Rei down so it can recover right away.

"Rei, calm down. I told you that the enemies we would face were strong, but it's true that Calvin exceeds our expectations."

"We must think of a countermeasure."

"Something we can do to take him down."

"Let's see... an undead is a being made of hatred and resentment, an exorcism should work."

"That's right!"

"Rei, let's exorcise him."

Rei looked at me in confusion.

"What is an exorcism?"

(It's true. He doesn't know.)

"Look, what you need to do is to gather a lot of light magic and make that energy─"

"I found you at last."

A voice came from behind us.

Rei turned around and there we could see Calvin coming out of a hole similar to a mouth opening.

But that wasn't all.

When he came out, Calvin grabbed Rei's hand.

I saw him do it, it was just a second when that happened.

Suddenly the skin was tearing apart showing the flesh, which was starting to rot.

The tissues, muscles, blood, everything that makes up the human body.

It was falling apart at a ridiculous speed.

As I was thinking about what was going on, Rei's arm was being engulfed in a state of putrefaction.

The clothes were the first thing to go.

Before I could say something to him, Rei materialized the red sword and slashed from armpit to sky the arm in a single slice.

It was so fast and strong, he couldn't feel the pain.

He quickly stepped back and we watched as Rei's left arm turned to bone.

Calvin saw the arm and then referred to us.

"Why did you do that?"

"You were one step closer to knowing mother love."

"Why didn't you accept it?"

The current way of talking is different from before.

It reminds me of those situations where a girl proposes to a guy, the guy rejects her and she goes into yandere mode for rejecting his love.

I'm afraid Calvin will go into yandere mode too.

A lich yandere... sounds stupid, but it's scary to think about.

Before I tell him to heal it, Rei heals himself.

"Full recovery."

From the shoulder, new tissue began to form.

Even bone.

In less than the blink of an eye Rei's arm was fully regenerated.

It was a bit dark as it was covered in black blood, but it started to dry and move afterwards.

"I can feel it already. It feels weird to have your arm cut off."

"But we've tried this in the past this."

"I remember it was with a finger you broke, you cried like never before."

"It's not time to remember the past, how the hell did he follow us?"

Rei has grown up it seems.

He is holding the pain in his arm in front of Calvin so as not to show his panic.

In the distance I saw something that caught my attention.

"Rei, we'll use this plan. If we can't beat him with this. We won't be able to beat him with anything."

I told him my plan.

He nodded.

"I understand, it's good plan."

"Let's get to it, Kuro!"

Rei high-fived his hands.

Calvin's yandere state increased with each passing second.

"... Why did you refuse mother's affection?"

"Hey... tell me."

"Why did you refuse to be saveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!"

Calvin was now acting totally like an undead.

From Rei's left hand was sent a black circle to the east.

While with his right hand he sent it to the west.

"Now we'll beat you, you damned undead."

"Receive the power of nature!"

The black circle sent far away was space-time magic.

It grew large enough to swallow an entire stadium.

It swiftly descended and devoured half of a mountain.

After devouring half of the mountain, the earth began to tremble and a great jet of lava erupted from underground to the surface.

I hope no one was nearby.

The circle that engulfed the mountain approached Calvin and from the top spat him out.

According to my physics classes.

An object launched at a high velocity can increase in speed the faster it reaches.

At the moment of engulfing the mountain.

Using an acceleration ability, the mountain could now travel 300 k/m in one second.

And that second was how long it took to hit Calvin.

The entire area where the mountain hit was obliterated leaving a large hole.

"Is it over?"

"No. Here it comes again."

In the distance I could see two red dots rising at high speed.

Calvin was heading toward us at high speed as he babbled.

"Why are you rejecting mother's love? It's too irritable for you to reject it! Accept iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"

"Rei, when I come up..."

"I know."

We calmly waited for Calvin to come straight to us.

This attack was our last chance.

Calvin was only seconds away despite being a hundred meters below.

After a brief moment, he stood in front of us.

It was terrifying to watch.

But this was what we were looking for.


"Don't worry, it's here."

Rei's hand opened and there went the other circle we sent.

Taking it, Rei shouted.

"Besides a mountain, what else can you think of that can finish you off?"

"The answer to that is..."

He slammed it into Calvin's face.

"The power of millions of liters of water hitting you!"

As Rei said, out of the circle came a huge amount of water which was directed at Calvin.

I had read a news story of a method of turning water into a weapon.

If you make water circulate at a high speed, reducing its volume, you can turn it into a natural laser.

"Take the power of millions of water lasers!"

Calvin's body in addition to getting wet from the water was quickly disintegrated.

It could not regenerate.

Just like a cookie bitten from different sides.

Calvin's body was falling apart.

Only half of his body was left and regeneration was failing.

It means we were beating him.

Just a little more and we'll win.

That's what I thought when luck left us.

The water ran out.

Only a tiny fraction of a head of it remained.

From that tiny part it began to regenerate.

"Rei. Where are you going?"

Suddenly Rei moved.

I asked him where he was going, but he didn't say a word.

He was approaching the mountain that was draining lava.

No way!

"It's unforgivable that you don't get mother love!"

Calvin was chasing us, fast approaching.

Rei said to me as we approached the volcano.

"Kuro, this is our final card."

"Without this we won't be able to beat him."

"That's why... I'll give it my all."


He was confident in this, this move would be the final one.

Really. I wish I could help him somehow, but I have no body.

"Stop persisting in not receiving mother's love!"

"You're a persistent fucker!"

We yelled at Calvin who looked like a relentless idol stalker.

He descended to the area where the lava was not circulating.

Calvin came too.

He was slowly approaching us.

"Do you wish to die here? Sounds good to me, so you can feel the warmth one last time before you taste the cold love."


Rei laughed as Calvin spoke.

"The only love you'll ever feel..."

He quickly approached Calvin.

He committed a crazy thing as the next act.

His hands were glowing, he touched Calvin's head.

"Exorcism at full power!"

A warm light glowed from his hands.

At the same time Calvin started screaming, Rei's hands were rotting.

He was about to yell at her to let go, but Rei seemed to have already planned for it.




He said two skills, I know dodge, that skill allows you to get rid of things or the space around you.

But "change," what will that be?

I didn't have time to worry as Rei's hands were cut off by the light and in the distance, we saw how a rock was falling from Calvin's impact when he landed.

Now he was the one falling.

"I used dodge to keep my hands glued to him as I applied the exorcism."

"The lava is dangerous, isn't it?"

"It will burn while being purified."


Rei said smiling as his hands regenerated.

He stood motionless looking at the burning hole.

"Kuro, it's been several minutes, he must be dead by now right?"

"Technically he's already dead, but I understand what you're saying. No doubt."

He turned around to walk to the edge and fly off.

"It was a very tiring day."

"I want to sleep a lot, eat a lot and then repeat the same thing."

"Sounds like a good sedentary life."

"Is that bad?"

"Of course not."


We both laughed as proof that everything was going well.

"Rei, let's hurry back. Surely the others are worried to know─"

*Punch out*

Suddenly, Rei stopped as I heard a dry sound.

Blood was trickling down his lips.

I looked down searching for the cause and found it.

Rei's skeletal arm, had pierced the area where her kidney was.


When Rei was walking, a crack opened up from the ground and his arm made bones came out of it and embedded itself into his kidney.

The moment he felt it, Rei looked towards the direction of the pain.

Seeing bony fingers sticking out of his body, he lost his sanity.


"Rei, hold on!"

Rei shouted as he cried out from the pain.

He collapsed and Kurono fell to the ground.

Rei screamed in pain at the same time as the crack where the arm came from grew bigger.

"... It's useless."

Emerging covered in lava was Calvin rising to the surface.

His body was regenerating as time went by.

He had surely shed his hands surely as he melted.

Or the hands were melted in the process.

Calvin spoke to Rei, staring at him.

"I told you before and I'll tell you again."

"You can't kill what's already dead."

"Now that you're experiencing a bit of mother's love, I'll give you the final test shortly."

"Enjoy the pain more while I thank mother."

Calvin began to pray as Rei writhed on the floor.

Kurono spoke to him.

"Rei, quick! Use an ability to regenerate."

Rei's eyes were bloodshot.

Showing his teeth red from the blood, he heeded Kurono.


The arm that pierced him moved to another place.

But that made the pain increase and blood spurted out in droves.


The pain Rei felt was so great that he couldn't think clearly.

Calvin started walking towards him, Kurono was calling out to him in a desperate manner.

"Rei! React!"


"It's getting closer!"

Calvin stood over Rei.

"This ends your situation. You will be sent to mother soon, just hold on."

Calvin's hand seemed to move in slow motion.

At that moment...


Being in pain, Rei thought.

(This is a joke right?)

(I'm going to die here.)

(I don't want to. I don't want to die.)

(I can't leave Rose and Eli alone.)

(There are still more things I have to do.)

(But it hurts, it hurts so much.)

His eyes moved to the sky to see a cloud covering the sun.

(The last thing I'm going to see is my pathetic state and a cloud.)

(It can't be this horrible way to die. At least make it all clear.)

(... Huh? Clear?)

Again he looked at the sky again, the cloud was just finishing crossing.

He looked at the vast blue sky.


Noticing that word he looked to his side.

There was Kurono.

(Kuro's body is a magic stone.)

Rei remembered a detail from his childhood that he wanted to forget.

After finding Kurono.

Rei tried to play with him.

In his hand he had a big hammer.

"S-Stop. What are you going to do?"

Kurono asked scared.

Little Rei answered him.

"I want to see what happens when I hit you. Will anything come out? Will you break? Will I set you free? I can't wait."

His curiosity was normal for that of a child.

But for Kurono it was not.

He was frightened.

Rei lowered the hammer and Kurono screamed.


In doing so, Rei was pushed by a shockwave which came from Kurono.

This made even the toys smell far away.

The carpet and chairs too, only the blue stone remained in the center.

Rei remembers that day because it hurt too much.

But now that he remembered it, he thought the following.

(I can't defeat him with my abilities nor with the powers of nature.)

(Then... I must use it, something beyond them.)

(Something so vast that it can neither be defeated nor conquered.)

It was there that Rei used his final ace.

He grabbed Kurono and said.


"If nature can't defeat you..."

He brought him down hard and slammed into the ground.

Generating a momentary shake.

Rei smiled.

"Then there's no choice but to ask the big boss."

The earth began to shake with great intensity.

"You can defeat me or my abilities, but there is someone who can overcome death."

The ground around them was fracturing rapidly.

"And that's..."

At the time, Calvin didn't know it, but he had been labeled a unique threat.

The kind of threat that would make everyone focus on him to eliminate him.

He threatens the way of life for the planet.

Therefore, "it" would take it upon itself to eliminate him.

No one but...

Rei smiled as it was his victory.

"The power of life itself! The wrath of the planet!"

Just as Rei said, the planet had just branded Calvin as a threat to its very existence.

The ground beneath them began to rise.

The blow to Kurono that did not destroy it created a shockwave that caused the volcano to activate.

This generated an awakening that propelled the lava to flow in the direction from which the blow came.

Millions of liters of hot rock were propelled in that direction.

The underground was lifted up and Rei and Calvin were hit by gravity as the area below them rose up to propel them up there.

Heaven itself.

Rei could feel the power of gravity as they were sent by a powerful geyser of lava.

The ground beneath them was shattering.

Calvin's legs being bones were crushed and embedded in the rock.

He couldn't get up or move, even if he wanted to.

Rei looked at him and saw how his plan was working.

It was improvised and risky, but with this Calvin couldn't win.

It would send him straight into space.

"It's useless."

Calvin said as he crawled straight to Rei.

His legs were still mangled.

He just dug his fingers into the rock and crawled towards him.

"The goddess asked me to, to teach you a lesson. This can't end this way, she must not allow it."

Calvin was getting closer and closer to Rei.

At that instant, a crack formed separating the two.

One side of the lava geyser was losing strength making for a lousy balance as they were sent skyward.

Calvin's side was being propelled with more force.

Calvin couldn't believe it, he was in denial.

"You won't get away with this!"

He tried to summon his abilities, but he couldn't.

He was entering the thermosphere as Rei went lower and lower.

The lava propelling Calvin stopped, but it was too late.

Calvin was being sucked into the exosphere.

The rock he was on came apart and he tried to go down, but as if it was a miracle or a joke.

Rei's arm came flying down and embedded itself in Calvin's eyes so he couldn't see it.

It was a roundabout way of revenge.

Rei raised his hand and showed his middle finger to Calvin.

"Hahahaha, you deserve it!"

"This is your punishment for picking a fight with me."

Rei's smile that was subdued, was increasing to be a smile that the former Rei would make.

"The planet is helping me since recognizing my superiority against you!"

The smile... of a cheat lord.

"I'll see you when I die of old age! I~di~ot. Hahahahaha."

Calvin was walking off the planet as Rei laughed at his situation.

Watching him walk away, Rei collapsed on the rock that was falling at high speed against towards the ground.

"Hey, Kuro."

"He didn't come back?"

"No. He's up there still and I hope he never comes back."

Rei smiled in a childish way as she closed his eyes.

"I see. Now I really want to sleep."

It was the smile of a child who achieved a goal.

The rock fell to the ground crashing into some trees.

Victory was decided, the first villain of the first school year was defeated by Reidel the villain.


"This can't be!"

In the infinity of outer space, Calvin was struggling to return to the planet.

But he couldn't use his powers here.

In outer space, there are no corpses for him to use.

Just like there is no magic power.

Calvin couldn't go back, even if he wanted to.

His body was freezing due to the low temperatures.

Thanks to his regeneration which is a gift, he could resist ending up frozen.

But it wouldn't do him any good.

"I won't give up... I must carry mother's love..."

"That's enough, Calvin."

A voice he heard, it was Ereshkigal's.

"You have done what you had to do. That's enough."

Calvin was glad to hear it.

"Oh, I see. I'm glad to hear that."

"That means I'll be able to come to your side at last."

"No. You're wrong about that."

"I told you before, I kept you from going to hell to achieve my goal, to restore that boy's confidence."

"Now that you accomplished it, you can go to the place you deserve."

He heard a click, Calvin said.


As a last word before his body froze forever due to his soul being sent to hell.

Calvin had finally been defeated.

And at that moment.

A "celestial body" came flying down and impacted what was once a human being.

Shattering it into hundreds of pieces, the "celestial body" turned around and went back to its original direction.

No one knew what it was and no one ever will.