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Thank you for reading the epilogue and its surprise.

You weren't expecting it, were you?

Well, it is a slight "spoiler" of how it will be when the end of Rudel and Razel is announced.

With this SS we finally finish the harem members as their formation, now it's time to know what the future will bring.

After hearing that news.

Everyone was in shock.

The war between the empire and the republic was happening at the end of the game.

But here it was happening ahead of schedule.

Rei came out of the room.

Kurono was shouting and wanted to answer him outside the place.

"This is bad Rei!"

"The republic and the empire will kill each other!"

"This event should not exist."

"Waah, everything is off the charts!"

Rei didn't care about that.

He didn't understand how serious this was.


In the distance he heard someone calling him.

It was Oriana who came running.

"You're cruel! You left me at home all this time thinking you'd come back if it wasn't for her!"

Rei kept Kurono in his pocket so he wouldn't hear it.

Oriana hugged him, she squeezed his arms so Rei felt a little punishment.

Behind her came Sophia.

Rei asked her.

"What are you doing here?"

"I don't mind."

"It's good to see you, Reidel-kun. You see, your mother and I got to talking so much."

"You met my mother?"

"I did when I went to the duke's territory thinking you'd be home."

"She received me and we got to chatting."

"Among those talks was that I should become your woman."

"Your mother doesn't seem to have any friends and wants me to be with her. Don't you think that's funny?"

"It's not."

Replied Rei to Sophia who was teasing a little.

Rei removed Oriana and hugged Sophia.

"Sophie, I want you to be mine. I will make you happy, if you think you will suffer with me you can leave me."

Sophia kept thinking about that.

"I'm an older woman."

"I don't care."

"I lost my son and my husband."

"We will have several children and I will be your husband who loves you."

"You could be an enemy of the church by relating to me and my family."

"I don't care."

Rei looked at Sophia, she had a wet look on her face.

"I want you to be my family, I love you and I want to have you by my side, do you want to?"

She smiled through her tears.

"If you're okay with that... that's fine with me."

She smiled to show that those words made her very happy.

"And me! What about me?"

Oriana lifted her head to demand her prize tentatively.

"I want to be Master's wife too, my family will be grateful to Master for continuing our lineage."

"I have no problem, but I see you more as a pet."

"How cruel you are!"

Oriana was terrified to hear how she was treated like a pet.

He looked at the horizon and thought.

(I have to get stronger. Then I can protect them all and you too, Kuro.)

They all returned to the duchy after that.