Author’s Notes (Volume 3)
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From the bottom of my heart dear readers.

I thank you for reading this novel.

The words I wanted to say I said in the notes, no doubt a great volume for what lies ahead.

I have nothing more to say except that I will see you again soon, thank you for everything and have a great year.

To close with a flourish, I leave spoiler announcement of my new novel.

The main heroines will be literally Alicia and Ellen with their same personalities, there will also be different waifus, among them Barbara.

Dear readers, greetings from Siegburn, your favorite author.

It is my pleasure to inform you of the completion of this volume.

As I always say, I thank you for reading my works.

This novel is supposed to be an eroge, an erotic game.

Unlike the previous volumes where there were intercourse scenes, here there has not been a single one.

Why is that?

Well, for starters it's because this volume focused on developing the allied characters.

Yes, it was development from my point of view.

They all had development, but I would say the best development went to Nadine.

Then came Rei, for those who haven't noticed, Rei's emotional state is a reference to when Rudel(World Ixion/SAGA) was depressed and angry with his girl friends.

The volume was the same, Rudel almost depressed throughout the volume and then recovers, here Rei ended up the same.

There are many others that didn't get the development I wanted, but that will be taken care of in the other volumes to come.

How did you like it?

What things didn't you like?

Which character is your favorite or what are you looking forward to in the future?

These are questions I'd like to know in order to improve.

Bret is the author's pet character, think of him as Erselica(World Ixion/SAGA), he will always come out to make us laugh.

Calvin was a good villain just by dying, the reason is because he is the first undead villain of such high power that I have ever made.

I was scared to do it, no doubt he is someone impossible to defeat.

I'm sure the most powerful characters in my novels like Ixion, Desmond, Amy, Seox(more to come) couldn't touch or defeat him.

No doubt the first three would be angry to see him regenerate and the protagonists scared.

But since he is undead he can be exorcised.

I had a lot of fun making this volume as the novel is to relax, the content is not heavy and I have clear ideas with no changes unlike those two monsters I have XD.

Before I finish I would like to indicate the itinerary of my works.

Next year we will resume both my otome novel and Ixion, so this year will end with a bang.

Cheat Lord volume 4 will follow now, believe me there is a totally unexpected surprise that everyone will want to see, it's something that you wouldn't even think would happen.

The second is that I already have a name and plot for my new novel.

It will be a dark fantasy, totally original, with none of the lore of my other novels.

There will be nothing to give it away and say it's from the Ixion universe.

Its name is: Rex World Domination.

The plot is about a vengeful spirit that reincarnates and wants to conquer the world for revenge.

It seems simple but so is my trap, you saw it with Ixion and my otome that the simplistic world is more complex, dark and mysterious as it is.

Without anything else to say, thank you for reading this novel and see you soon in volume 4 of...

I am the strongest Lord Cheater in the whole world! Volume 3 The end.

A happy prosperous year to all!