Chapter 01.
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I opened my eyes and I see a white place and an old man sitting in front of me in a chair. He wears a white outfit and glasses, has a very long beard, and is bald.

"Where am I and who are you?" I said.

"I am the creator, and you are in the afterlife." He said in a very calm voice.

"So I'm dead? Would you at least tell me what happened?"

"Of course young boy, you were the demon king Silsigherath Yeldiralcob Grirlgab, but you died destroying the planet you lived on, you were so powerful that you eradicated all beings. You had an imaginable power, but that power brought you to your end."

"I see. I won't complain since that life had me very bored. Everyone was afraid of me and I usually spend the whole day sitting on my throne. What will happen now? Will I go to hell I guess? Or to heaven?"


The man who was supposed to be the creator seemed to think about what to do.

"Hmm. You will reincarnate in another world."

"What are you talking about?"

In the blink of an eye, I see everything black and hear voices, the older man was no longer in front of me. I guess I'm in hell-

A light begins to appear with many people in front of me.


I don't know why, but I can't stop crying.

"Honey this is our son!"

"Yes, honey!"

What?! I'm their son?! So that damn creator sent me to another world and I'm a baby now!

{After 10 months.}

A baby on a stretcher in a room full of baby toys.

After my research, I found out that this world is very advanced in technology, but there doesn't seem to be any use of the Aspect. Damn, I'm hungry, bring me something it's time to eat.

"WOAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!", I'm starting to cry again.

A woman with black hair and yellow eyes enters, she is my mother, thanks to her I eat and sleep peacefully at night, every night she tells me stories.

"My son, don't cry, I'll bring you milk." She told me with a smile.

{After a few minutes.}

I'm already full, but it's already night.

"My handsome baby, I'll tell you a story before bed."

Let's see what story she tells me today.

"A long long time ago, there was a very powerful demon king who mistreated people. But there was a very good hero who opposed his beliefs. They fought and the demon king died. Thanks to the hero we all live in peace."

Well, if I remember correctly, all the heroes in my time were failures who challenged me for reputation and money.

"I hope you will be a noble hero in the future, my baby! Now have your kiss and go to sleep."

I will never be one of those hypocrites.

{After 4 years}

"Son, where are you?"

"I'm on my way."

Is it normal for a child my age to be so depressed and have less energy? I feel exhausted and I hate my life. Who knew that I would miss my castle and throne. I can already talk and walk as I want now.

I went to the room where my parents were. My father is an adult with blonde hair and blue eyes, I inherited his traits.

"Hello, mom, hello, dad."

"Hello, son!" They both said at the same time.

"Honey, my handsome son looks a lot like you!"

"No, no, he is very handsome thanks to you!"

"Owww, I love you so much!"

"And I love you too!"

When they start, they never finish. I guess I'll go.

"Son, wait!" Mom said.

"We have good news for you, my son," Dad said happily.

"What's happening?"

"You will start kindergarten next week!"

"And what is that?

"It is a place where you will start to learn and meet new people!"

What an annoyance.


- To be continued