A witchy best friend
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First time i write a story! Wish fulfillment shit to be honest but i'll try to write regularly for my own pleasure

Ophelie nervously walks from the Nimoy's University Boy Dorm to the Girl Dorm to meet Clara for their weekly "Dumb film festival" they started that 2 month into the first term to relieve the pressure of the intense work.

As she walks towards her destination she wonders if Clara will accept her coming out, memories of growing up with her brings a weak smile on her face, she remembers fondly her childhood with Clara, and she's lesbian so that should work she thought.

Finally reaching the third floor where Clara's room is she's welcomed by a tight hug from her friend.

- "Hey !!", Said Clara, practically shooting
- "Hey..", anxiously replied Ophelie

They argued a little about what film to watch and finally agreed on a silly movie about a swamp monster being chased by the protagonists, they already seen it about a dozen times but each others presence is enough for the friends.

When Clara was about to start the movie Ophelie stopped her and grabbed her hand.

- "What?" Clara said softly, clearly intrigued by her friend's antics
- "Hey... I want to tell you something important"...
Clara just nodded but her face betrayed her anxiety
- "I... I... I'm a girl.. trans that is" her voice barely a whisper by the end of the sentence.
- "Oh. Okay. It makes a lot of sense, hum what's your name love?"
- "Ophelie and she/her for pronoun please"
- "Okay nice to meet you Ophelie! My best friend" a huge grin on Clara's face.

Clara did not wait more to embrace her new friend into a really tight hug. Ophelie felt relieved and it felt so right to hear her true name from her best friend her heart melt but little did she know she'll be even happier in a few hours.

- "Sooo i have something to tell too... You see i am a witch.. not like Harry Potter's world kind of witch that is we communicate with the universe and try to rebalance it with our art.. and i knew something was off with you because your link with the universe is... Off.. like gray clouds in a beautiful summer blue sky."

Ophelie immediately went non verbal she did not comprehend what her best friend just threw at her. Magic was a thing? And her best friend whom she knew for years can wield it? That's too good to be true?
But, she trusted her she knew she wouldn't mess with her just after her coming out that was just plain mean so Ophelie decided to keep listening to her

- "I'm telling you that because, like, I infered that the something off was about your body you're not very masculine so I thought maybe you wanted to have a better body? So I studied body magic and with that i mastered a true form spell, for you, and i can use it on you right now if that's what you want."

Ophelie was shocked the look on her face deserved to be framed ( so naturally Clara took a picture of her ) her best friend could fast track the transition and she could have her dream body just now just like that? She realized she was stunned for a couple of minutes now so she wordlessly nodded to her best friend.

As quietly as Ophelie, Clara took her best friend hand into hers and summoned the universe she exactly carefully repeated the steps she learned and asked the universe to fix Ophelie's body. She felt the little tug and the little shock that signal the approval of the universe.

- "It's done, the change will slowly happens over the next few hours so why don't we start our dumb film night?"

Ophelie only could nod.

First she felt a little sleepy and fell a little into Clara's embrace now snuggly cuddled with her. Approximately half into the movie she could feel her skin softening all over her body and she marveled at the sensation, she really really loved that and couldn't stop herself to touch herself, not that Clara could too.

A few minutes after that she felt her face slightly moving just a little lump of far here, bones slightly higher, her face now rounder and far softer without the facial hair. Her hair already mid back grew a few inches more and turned from a pale blonde to a gorgeous ginger, and went from straight to averagely waivy and curly she couldn't stop admiring her hair while Clara couldn't stop admiring her face.

Soon enough the spell worked with her neck now thiner and lacking her once Adam Apple, her vocal cords shifted and she gasped in her new soft high soprano voice.

While her whole upper body was shrinking her already narrow shoulders narrowed further until they were tiny and she felt at home, her arms followed and soon they were as thin as her shoulders

Moderate breast grew on her now thinner rib cage and while Clara was glaring at them Ophelie was far more interested in her narrowing waist, her muscle melt, her stomach now without a trace of hard muscle and just a layer of soft fat topped by hairless soft skin.

Her pelvic area shifted to the feminine form while organs were rearangering in her inner abdominal area, her hips slightly widened just enough to contrast with her now much narrower waist. Her legs followed, excess muscle melted and the fat redistributed in her body her figure now a beautiful hourglass and softness all around her body as her far bigger and stronger friend was poking her all over her body, as she already shaved her legs they were now just as she liked them long and smooth and ended with beautiful tiny feet.

She felt like she lost a foot in height but she was squeaking beyond human understanding she felt so at home within her body, now looking as her 5'11 butch best friend she felt absolutely minuscule but couldn't stop herself to grin as Clara tightened her grip on her best friend.

After what felt like a lifetime hugging Clara, Ophelie asked her best friend to help her walk to the full body mirror, as she basked into the vision of her true self and the beautiful woman behind her she guessed her size around 5'1 - her dream size - and rushed hugging Clara once more. She dressed into what she found being the skirt version of the school uniform now her size but stopped at just the undergarments, she turned around looked up to Clara and said without an hint of anxiety

- "Can i kiss you Clara?"

~The End~