A witchy lover
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A bit of fluff because i wanted to write a bit of fluff, this story is now truly ended, even if it was always meant as a one shot here's a bonus chap.

And Ophelie is really a useless lesbian.

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Love, Charlotte.

Epilogue: A witchy lover

Ophelie’s POV

- “Ophelie! Faster you incompetent lesbian! We must be at Violet’s in half an hour!” Clara yelled through the door

It’s been almost year since that day, and every one of them was a blessing, I love my body sure, and dysphoria mostly disappeared, it was a blessing in itself I was finally able to do well in class and in life. I had more friends now – Violet was one of them – and I was valedectorian of the engineering class of Nimoy’s University.

Well I have to get moving or Clara will magically open this door..

I opened the door to see Clara mostly patiently waiting beside it, we moved into this apartment at the end of our semester, so we moved together. She, and I, living together in an apartment and some non-school days were like heaven.

This apartment have a distinct property that Clara specially searched when she found the apartment on the online website,

There was only one bedroom.

- “How do I look” I weakly said, trying to calm my anxiety and the torrent of feeling I was experiencing

- “Oh my god Ophelie this dress is so cute on you” said Clara, her face lited up like a christmas tree when she saw me

She moved toward me, leveled up my chin before gently kissing me and hugging me as the same time, I hugged her back tightening the embrace as an effort to close the small but terrible gap between our bodies, I completely melted in her hug and marveled as the feeling of this hug and kiss, I could never get enough hugs hers were so good.

- “We have to go baby” she said grinning at my inability to talk or even move as I felt the last remnant of her warmth on my body, she took my hand and we began walking towards the campus.


- “Ophelie! Clara! Always so beautiful you two” Violet grinned as we entered into her dorm room for our weekly film meetup. Jim and his partner were on a date so this was only the three of us.

- “Hello Violet” we both said, hugging her, Violet was another trans girl in my class, she also benefited for the help of my girlfriend, to be more honest, I begged Clara to help her and she finally agreed, not without kissing me and doubling her cuddling amount as paiement, not that I was complaining I loved cuddling to her.

- “Hey, I see you two “only housemate” are closer now huh-uh” she said with a knowing grin, we were not officially dating, that is we were not out in the university, and were more of a private item but my friendship with Violet started when she connected the dot between who I was and who I am, she also figured out my relationship with Clara a few weeks into our friendship. The housemate thing was an inside lesbian joke apparently, I was not really into internet but Clara and Violet were.

Jim and his partner were originally Clara’s friend from high school but they attend another close university and live not so far away, she also “helped” Jim’s partner Alex.

In and all we were a knit-close group of friends bonded by mondane university and less-mondane magic.

We chose a film and settled down on the couch, I, the smallest individual of this group, was in the middle while Clara was cuddled at my right and Violet was cuddled at my left, cuddling is nice so I said nothing as I basked into the feeling of friends, of my girlfriend, cuddles, snacks and watching a silly comedy film from a few years ago. I think its name was “The Super-revenge of the jedi-mummies versus the mighty gender-bent avengers in the new matrix” apparently it was intended to be a big film consisting of a crossover between four huge licences of the time.

But it had failed and was now considered a useless comical film for nights like these.


A few days later I was at University thinking what I could buy for Clara for Valentine day, when I also remembered that Valentine day would be the first anniversary of this body, and the first anniversary of our relationship, I decided to buy a nice necklace, I could wait next year for the proposal.”


But apparently Clara thought otherwise,

- “Ophelie, I love you and the past year have been a blessing” I nodded but she motionned that she hadn’t finish yet “and I want to spend the remainder of my life on this planet with you, I can’t imagine a world where we’re not together, what I’m trying to say is Ophelie, will you marry me?”

My heart stopped and I began crying, Clara wanted to marry me??

- “Of course Clara I love and ever will love you you’re my life my sun my..” but Clara stopped me by kissing me.

I was in heaven, I am officially Clara’s fiancée ? And she is my fiancée ? I never thought it would be possible !


The wedding was small but it was on purpose, our families were there, looking proud of us, our friends, Violet and her boyfriend, Jim and his now married partner, Valentina and her polycule (a boyfriend, two girlfriend and one enby-friend as they called themselves) and of course my sister were all there too looking proud of us. My sister was my witness while Clara’s brother was her man of honor, it’s funny considering our usual roles but what’s a better time than our wedding to annoy normativity?

The day has been exhausting but here we were, as newly married wives, cuddled in our bed waiting for sleep to take us.

Just before I fell asleep though, one thought came to me, do Clara love me ?

~~The End~~