Chapter 15.6 : What Goes Around… Comes Around Eventually
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The sound of rattling chains could be heard as I took every step forward, that sound was made by every crooks and criminals I’ve put here. A couple of them lunged forward to their cell wall, cursing, shouting, and one even tried to spit on me.

But they’re not the ones I am visiting, they’re just petty offenders, rotting in my dungeon until they learn their lessons. The ones I am visiting is the real threat, enemies to my realm, Domnall and… Durell… damn it…


As I arrived at the bottom of the dungeon, reserved for those who dare to defy me, I stopped and observed Domnall and Durell… chained to the floor like a dog with a tight leash, looking like the piece of shits they are. They didn’t notice me yet and I could see how silent they were, I don’t know if it’s out of contemplation and guilt or just… out of pure hopelessness… especially Durell… whereas I was observing him, seeing… his face… his… damn it, damn it, GODDAMN IT!!!


* * *


“Durell… w-why… did they kill father and uncle?” I remembered… I was standing not far away from my father’s and uncle’s graves… mother, heart already broken to a million pieces, was pouring her tears like there was no tomorrow on top of their graves, while sister was comforting her…

“I… don’t know your grace… assassination perhaps? Your uncle and father were a force that not everyone wanted to accept…” Durell… I remembered how he held my shoulders… comforting me… even if he only spoke of cold speculations.

“That can’t be true!! Everyone loved uncle! Everyone admired father! They… damn it…” I remembered my tears falling as well like mother’s. “They were in front of me, Durell!! I was so helpless, I couldn’t even fight back against the one who killed them… I saw the life in their eyes fade… I…”

“Stop… it’s not your fault your grace, you survived, you, Alaxandair II Feannag of Geamradh, the Grand Duke of Tuath, you must not wallow! Look forward and not back! And be better than those before you!”


* * *


“You instilled those words… those words of courage… and… gods… I can’t believe that came from the man who took away my father and uncle…” I laughed at myself, thinking of how stupid and vulnerable I was back then…

“…” Silence… he only responded with silence…

“So, so tell me this! what else did you kept me in the dark too? How many embezzlers did you let go? How many reports did you altered?! How many people died in my streets DURELL?!! HOW MANY DURELL?! H-HOW MANY FUCKIN LIES HAVE YOU TOLD ME!!!!”

“…” Silence, silence, silence, SILENCE!!!

“O-ohh you’re playing the silent game huh?! Do you think you can just SHUT YOUR MOUTH?!!! You… y-you lying piece of shit!!”




I smacked the cell wall that was dividing me and him with my bare hands to release this pent-up rage.


“…” Again… silence was his only response.

“It’s no use cousin! He won’t tell you anything even if your shouts pierce his heart! Haha…” Domnall chimed in.

“And you!! you pain in the fuckin-”

“Ass? Yeah, I am a pain in the ass, but not as painful as what you are doing to Tuath!”

“What the fuck do you mean by that?!”

“Haha… he doesn’t even see it… uncle and your father would be ashamed of what you have done to Geamradh! All those people they invited! all those wonderful things they brought here! and you… fuckin threw it away to the sea!” I couldn’t find the words to respond… “But… fine, I don’t care, if the Lord Protector wants an old guard appeaser as his ally, then no heart feelings… it’s just vexing that he choose you because of your sister!”


“Wait he didn’t tell you?”

“He told me that he didn’t want to see something he has done gone to waste, whatever that means…”

“Gone… to waste? Huh… I don’t know fully what is going on with the Lord Protector and your sister, but… remember that he chooses you because of your sister Alax…”

“Ha… so that’s why he choose you… a bit… unexpected, but… your sister had changed a little after he arrived…” He… finally broke his silence.


I quickly turn myself to him, to Durell, looking at him with frustration, looking at him with confusion, looking at him with anger, looking at, looking at… at…


“Did you, ever… even love me as you own kin…?” I wanted to know, even though I know the answer.

“…” He was silent, I couldn’t make of what his face was thinking but… “No…”


I felt something just cracked, something feels in pieces, something…

I don’t care, I don’t want to see him anymore.


* * *


“No…” As Durell said those words, I could see Alaxandair’s eyes darkened while he froze, but it quickly dissipated as he went out without any storm, any shouts, nor any sound, passing without even noticing me.


I went inside and was quickly recognized by them both.


“Ahh… if it isn’t the other uncle… the one in the cloth!” Domnall was the first one who commented.

“What do you want Maurice?” and Durell as usual with me, always go straight to the point.

“Why did you say that?” I was genuinely curious and slightly mad at how he had broken my nephew’s heart.

“Because it’s the tr-” I cut him off.

“Truth? No, that’s a lie…” I stated calmly with confidence. “I know you loved him as your own Durell, I know for a fact that every bone you have broken and every sleepless night you have was something you feel pride in!”

“Shut up…”

“You think you are an emotionless assassin, an indiscriminate agent of chaos, but… no. I may have not visited here much, but I know that it was joyous for you whenever help them!”

“Shut up…”

“And I certainly know for a fact that regardless of how merciless you think you are, you, actually regretted killing my brother and their uncle!”

“SHUT UP! SHUT UP!! SHUT!!! UP!!!!!!”


I stood silently there, seeing him, unleashing his regret, unleashing his remorse.


“I’ve known for years that you were the one behind my brother’s and their uncle’s murder Durell and I’ve already forgiven you many years ago too, for the fact… You were with them, guiding them, being their light, even if it was disguised as a corrupted one… But answer me this, why the fuck did you go back?”

“Hahaha… well that! would be because of me!” As Domnall commented, I turned myself towards him, waiting for him to explain himself more. “It’s funny, I thought I was the only one who knew who killed your brother and my uncle, but… it’s even funnier now, to learn… the murderer was forgiven… YOU DON’T DESERVE FORGIVENESS, YOU BASTARD!” out of nowhere, Domnall shouted at Durell. “Everything… every, single, thing that my uncle and your brother have built was reduced to a pile of shit, because of their untimely death and your nephew’s backward mentality! And then knowing that he was still there in the court, advising them, taken root in them… and even had the audacity to think he is their father figure…” Domnall stopped, I don’t why, due to fatigue maybe? But my guess were thrown at the window as. “Hahaha…” he laughed maniacally. “Well… at least that sight of his broken heart was priceless and you, Durell… will bring me joy as he now will hate you… Hahaha…”


I then left that place, walking back to the surface while hearing Durell’s cry, his remorseful and regretful tears dropping to the cold hard dungeon’s floor.