[Vol. 2 pt. 47]
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I ended up having a pretty weird dream. Inside of it, I was… shit. I already forgot.

Oh well.

It was probably just something weird and kinky like usual.

Now then, I know what these feelings on my left and right arms are.

They’re the feelings of being wrapped in tits. Lily’s and Akorya’s tits, to be more specific. And, going by how much boobage I can feel around each arm, Lily is obviously hugging my left arm while Akorya is hugging my right arm.

However, there are two more sensations that I am unfamiliar with.

I have an idea for one of them, though.

The one on my face.

I open my eyes and… yep. I can see the underside of a certain spider’s abdomen and her legs sticking out to the sides.

Honestly, if didn’t immediately know who this spider is, I probably would have panicked and tossed her off of me. But, there’s nobody this would be other than Thera’s little sister.

I have no idea who this last sensation belongs to, though.

Well, I have no idea until I lift Thera’s little sister’s body off of my face to look down at my chest.

I really wasn’t expecting this.

Right there on my chest is Lenna, curled up with one arm wrapped around her legs and her other hand being held up to her mouth for her to suck on one of her thumbs. I wonder if she’ll get a hair ball doing that.

Seeing her curled up on me like this is pretty cute. I guess that kids can be cute when they’re not awake and getting in the way of anything. Like sex. As soon as a kid is preventing sex from happening, they’re one of the worst possible things to exist.

Alright. That was a bit harsh. Kids aren’t that bad. They’re just annoying and require too much attention and you can’t do anything fun around them.

Then again, Lily and Akorya both act as if they require even more attention than kids do.

But that’s alright because they require sexual attention. I can always give people more sexual attention.

Speaking of attention, while it’s nice and early, I should go and check on that plant thing.

There’s only one problem with that.

How am I supposed to get out from underneath Lenna?

Would she wake up if I grabbed her and moved her off of me? What if somebody woke up and saw me touching her while trying to move her? Would they misunderstand?

Being a pervert is hard. Hard in more than one way.

But not that kind of hard right now.

Fortunately, I think I know how to get out of this situation by making use of my favorite spider who just walked into the room.

“Hey, can  you help me?” I ask Thera, making sure to keep my voice quiet enough to not wake up the kid.

“What is the matter, darling?” Thera asks.

“This,” I answer while pointing at Lenna. “Can you move her off of me?”

“Can you not move her yourself?”

“You’re probably more delicate than me, and there won’t be any potential misunderstandings if you touch her.”

“Ah. Is that how it is, darling?”

“Yes. So, please help me?”


“Thanks – wait, what?”

“I said no, darling.”

“But why?”

“You look so betrayed. I have never seen such a… cute expression come from you.”

“Are you getting entertainment out of this?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You know, I have nothing wrong with being teased by a sadistic spider with amazing tits, but could you please do it sexually instead?”

“Are you sure that you should be thinking of such things while you have a child lying on top of you?”

Shit, she’s right. I can’t—

“Even cuter, darling.”

“You’re cruel.”

“Perhaps I am. Now, do you truly require my assistance?”

“I do. I really, truly do.”

“Very well, darling.”

With that, Thera comes over here, uses a couple of her front legs to gently lift Lenna up, and then places the smaller girl down on top of Lily whom instinctively wraps her arms around Lenna once she feels her.

Then, as soon as I get up, Akorya rolls over until she finds somebody else to cuddle with. This results in her rolling over until she rolls right into Lily’s side, and then she wraps her arms and legs around Lily and Lenna.

I knew that Lily and Akorya were heavy sleepers, and apparently Lenna is one as well. She doesn’t even mind being sandwiched between Lily and Akorya. Of course, I don’t think anybody would. They’re either two soft, warm and cuddly pillows, or they’re two beauties with amazing bodies. They have something to offer everybody from the innocent to the perverted.

I kind of wish I didn’t get up now that I’m looking at them. I’ll just have to make sure to appreciate waking up between them even more tomorrow morning.

“Thanks for helping out, Thera. The teasing was also pretty nice,” I say.

“You are welcome, darling,” Thera replies with a rare smile.

“You in a good mood or something today?”

“I suppose you could say that.”

“Is there any reason for it?”

“Not that I am aware of. I simply woke up in a better mood than usual.”

“Either way, I’m happy to see that you’re in a good mood today. It’s always nice to see you smile.”

“Thank you, darling.”

“And thank you for the teasing service. Anyways, I’m going to go and check on that plant, and then I guess we’ll have breakfast, and then I’ve got that thing with Anna to take care of.”

“You mean showing her the locations of all of the tunnels I have dug so that you may seal them?”

“Yeah… that.”

“Then mate with her?”


“Then with the exception of closing the tunnels, I suppose that this will be a normal day for you like any other.”

“Normal days are good days. Normal is peaceful and fun.”

“I suppose that it is. Would you like me to prepare breakfast?”

“That’d be great.”

“Very well, darling. It will be ready soon.”

Alright. While she does that, I’ll go and check on the plant.