[Vol. 2 pt. 48]
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I wasn’t expecting… this.

So, that plant that I couldn’t resist cumming in is… well, it’s still obviously a plant, but it’s about two times the size now and it’s gone from either taking the shape of a pussy or a dick to being both. At the base of the plant is a pussy-like entrance, and the stalk sticking up from the base looks just like a dick. Not only that, but it kind of looks like my dick. Is that because I came in it? But, why does it have a pussy? Does that pussy look like how mine would look if I had one if the dick looks like mine? I mean, it’s still a pastel pink color without any other colors mixed it, but this dick looks exactly like mine as far as the veins and shapes go. Wait, does this plant thing even have veins? Or are those just some bulging roots running up along its underside?

I don’t understand, but it’s weird either way.

So weird, in fact, that I can’t resist fucking it.

I think it’s affecting me the same way that it was before because damn do I just want to fuck this plant without caring about being a monster.

And, as soon as I pull my pants down, the plant changes shape. That stalk that used to be shaped like transforms to look more like just a really long sex toy shaped for cocks. Though, it looks more like it’s meant for a horse’s dick than a human’s going by the size.

But that’s not going to stop me from getting onto my knees, bending the “toy” over, and placing my cock into it.

It tries sucking me to orgasm just like before, but I want to enjoy this feeling for longer than a few seconds this time.

I actually think to use Orgasm Restraint this time to hold back.

Though, I can only manage to hold back for about twenty seconds before I can no longer resist the urge to unleash my seed inside of it.

The floodgates open up as soon as I stop trying to hold back.

A torrent of my seed floods into the plant and it continues sucking, and sucking, and sucking as if it’s trying to extract my soul rather than just my cum.

It only stops sucking when it literally can’t suck any more cum out of me.

“Holy fuck this plant is seriously amazing,” I can’t help but to say out loud.

“Are you finished, darling?” Thera asks, but I can’t see her.

I guess I was caught.

“Y-yeah,” I answer.

She steps out from the cave’s entrance and looks me over. “Darling, why are your pants down, and why is there a suspicious fluid on the rim of the plant?”

A tongue pokes out from the plant’s hole to lick around its rim, cleaning it of cum, before going back inside.

Wait, there was a tongue in there? And that tongue responded to being told there was still cum on the plant?

What the fuck is this plant?

“You see—”

“I changed my mind. I would rather not know,” she cuts me off.

“Right. Anyways, I thought you were making breakfast?”

“I did.”

“But that was just a couple of minutes ago.”

“It has been longer than a couple of minutes, darling. I would assume that it was closer to twenty.”

“Wait, seriously?”

“Yes. Would I joke to you about such a matter?”

“No, but… it felt like I was only out here for a minute or two.”

“Were you that lost in your plant?”

I look back at the plant. It’s already switching back to look more like a dick again. “I… I guess I was.” Did that much time seriously pass? Was I letting this plant suck me off for that long? What the fuck? How much time passed and when? Was it before I came or after? Am I missing memories or something again? No, I don’t think that’s it.

There’s just something seriously insane about this plant. That much is obvious just from the fact that it can get me to cum as a human.

Fuck, that felt good though.

“So… what’s for breakfast?” I ask.

“More vegetables from that farm. I peeled them, sliced them, and applied a few local herbs to give them more flavor,” Thera explains.

“Really? That seems like—”

No, I shouldn’t say that seems like way more than I’d expect from her. That’d be rude, and the last thing I want to do is annoy her after she just found out that I couldn’t resist fucking a plant.

“Trying to compete with Sophie?” I ask, not having any idea of what else to say.

“Not quite, darling, but we did talk quite a bit on the way to Dulyr. She told me how I could make a better use of the vegetables from the farm that we have.”

“So, you were getting advice on cooking from her?”

“Essentially, yes.”

That makes Thera even cuter. To think that she’s trying to learn how to become a better cook… seriously, she might look hot, but she’s got a pretty cute personality. “I’m looking forward to seeing how they taste.”

“Are you looking forward to them more than you were looking forward to that plant?”

“I… you’re really teasing me this morning, aren’t you?”

“As I said, I woke up in a good mood.”

And that good mood of hers ends up showing in her cooking. Well, it couldn’t really be called cooking since none of the food is cooked, but the balance of different vegetables with herbs seasoning them is perfect. If Sophie was able to turn my favorite spider into a chef this great with just a few tips of advice… I think I have to hire Sophie to give Thera some proper cooking lessons each week. How amazing could she become with those?

The others all woke up and joined us throughout breakfast, too.

Even Shadow seemed impressed by Thera’s not-cooking. I never would have thought I’d see a wolf enjoy vegetables before, but he eagerly ate all of his portion up and then looked as if he wanted more.

He either wanted more food or belly rubs. It’s hard to tell with dogs – well, with canines.

“That woman should be here soon, should she not?” Thera asks.

“Anna? Yeah,” I answer.

Both Lily and Akorya look jealous. Lenna looks up at them both, tilts her head, then goes back to eating her food.

“Then I suggest you bathe so that you may be fresh for her. She is an important person, after all, and I do believe that you humans prefer being clean for such things,” Thera suggests.

“Alright, mom,” I answer.

“Did I not warn you about calling me that if you ever wish to enact your desires upon me?”

“Oh. Right. Alright. In that case, alright, dad.”

“Please, darling.”

“Did that hit the spot?”

“If the spot you were wishing to hit was the one that makes me want to bind your mouth in my webbing so that I do not have to risk hearing you call me that again, then yes.”

“That was a really wordy way of saying you want to gag me. You’re kinky, Thera.”

Suddenly, she’s holding a long, thick rope of her webbing between her hands.

Alright. Time to go bathe since I don’t think she wants to gag me for sexual reasons.