[Vol. 2 pt. 49]
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A short bath later and it seems like a certain visitor is already here for her visit.

I toss my clothes back on and head out to where I hear the talking, and I see Frederick and Thera greeting Anna.

It may have only been a week ago or so since I’ve last seen Anna, but it feels way longer than that. Not only that, but… something seems different.

“Greetings, Damian,” Anna says, giving me a polite nod.


So that’s what’s different.

She’s still wearing her usual getup, but it looks like she’s not trying too hard to keep that zipper of her uniform up. Instead, her tits look ready to pop out from the tight confines of her black, form-hugging uniform.  She even looks like she might be wearing a bit of makeup.

Her hair seems a bit straighter and trimmed, too, and there’s just a completely different air about her. She looks like some young woman excited to go on a date more than she looks like the head of a local military prepared to go and walk around the forest to be shown where the hidden tunnels are.

“Hey. How’ve you been?” I ask her.

She looks disappointed.

“Also, you look great today,” I add on.

She no longer looks disappointed. Instead, she clears her throat and says, “Thank you, and I have been well.”

“So, you ready to get down to business already? I was expecting you to come later in the day, but we might as well go ahead and do it right now.”

“I – I thought that coming earlier would be better, but… a-are you sure about doing it right now? Here?” she asks as her face slowly turns red.

I think I understand what’s going on. “I mean the tunnels.”


“Yeah, you know. The tunnels that I agreed to show you so that you could seal them and all that in exchange for peace?” I can’t remember if it was actually pledged or not, but even if it wasn’t, I don’t want to risk not keeping my word in this world. I’ve already been hurt because of that before. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to lose Pledge Breaker if I keep my word and pledges all the time. I don’t like being known as untrustworthy.

“Right,” Anna says. “The tunnels.”

“Hey, Anna,” I say.


“You didn’t forget about them, right?”

“Of course not.”

“So, you’re looking good today so that we can walk around the forest for hours showing you where all of Thera’s tunnels are?”

“Y-yes. Is that so strange?”

“I see. I was just curious. I mean,” I can’t resist teasing her, “it’s almost as if you look like you came here for some… I don’t know, some of that roleplay I promised to teach you about.”

“Ah… yes, you – you did promise to teach me about that as well… it must have slipped my mind.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. It’s not like you’d come here looking like this for anything like that, right?”


“I mean, you would never want to act like a helpless victim while I’m transformed as a monster wanting to violate you and turn you into my personal little sex toy, right?”

Anna bites her lower lip and squeezes her thighs together. Even her ears are getting red at this point, and her once-pale skin now shines red to contrast against her white hair.

“Are you alright, Anna? You look like something’s wrong,” I tease, stepping closer.

She looks up at me with needy eyes, lowers them, and then… they go wide. “Your arm? It’s—”

“Ah, yeah. I had it chopped off after you left.” I keep on forgetting that there are going to be people who don’t know yet that I lost an arm. Though, the only ones who should be left not knowing now are those fay, and I don’t have any intention of seeing them anytime soon.

“You sacrificed your arm to protect all of us.”

“Eh, it was just an arm. I’ve still got all my limbs whenever I use Feral Form, so it doesn’t bother me too much.”

Just an arm. For coming from a world with little conflict, you seem more than capable of handling your own here.”

“I’m honestly not sure how I’ve been managing. I’d probably be dead by now if it wasn’t for Thera and then for Frederick.”

I look over my shoulder to give them both a—

Oh. They left.

I guess they read the mood and decided to give me and Anna some privacy while I was teasing her.

“Anyways, yeah. Lost an arm. No big deal. I figured that might happen when I let the spider bite me. If I didn’t do that, I’d probably either be dead or Syl’s slave now, and you’d be captured by them.”

“And the fay do not treat their prisoners kindly from what I have heard. Thank you, Damian. Even though I am well aware it was your plan to deceive me in the first place to protect this dungeon, I am thankful that you chose to walk the path of righteousness.”

“Hah. I uh, I wouldn’t say it was anything as dramatic as that. I just did what I thought was the right thing. Plus, I’m way too fucking stubborn to let some bitch like Syl try to screw me over. Nothing pisses me off faster than somebody like her.”

“Regardless, the proof is here that I made the right decision to cooperate with you.”

“Wouldn’t it be right to say that the proof isn’t here? I mean,” I look down at my lack of an arm, “it’s technically not here.”

Anna smiles and says, “Let me correct myself then. The proof is here.” She rests one of her hands against my chest over where my heart is.

Shit, I didn’t think that she’d be this cheesy. Talk about roleplay. Even I’m starting to feel awkward now from this, and I’ve roleplayed some pretty damn weird things before.

“I’m telling you that you’re giving me way too much praise. I’m seriously just so stubborn that I would tell the most powerful person in existence to fuck off if they bothered me.”

“Then you are not only kind, but brave.”

“I – alright, fine. I surrender. You can praise me however you want.”

“You are blushing, darling,” Thera says from the sidelines, causing us to both jump.

I look up at her, wanting to remind her of how many times I’ve told her to stop sneaking up on me like this, but she’s smiling and knows exactly what I want to tell her.

Thera is really in a good mood today.