[Vol. 2 pt. 52]
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Anna and Thera might still be as tense as they before we could see our hunters, but now that they’ve come out from hiding and have us clearly surrounded…

How am I supposed to be intimidated by a bunch of girls with fluffy ears and tails?

Sure, they’re supposedly brutal killers far stronger than humans and some of the most ferocious monsters in this region, but…

They’re fluffy.

One of the girls has short, black and white hair with heterochromatic eyes and a wagging tail. She just looks like a personified Siberian Husky wanting to play.

I wonder if she accepts bones in addition to bones.

“Really, darling? Now?” Thera asks, taking a peek down at my crotch.

Damn. This dick is way too obvious.

“Listen, I do my best negotiating when I’m fully erect,” I try to answer.

“Do you truly believe that?”

“No, it’s probably the opposite.”

“Please do not surrender yourself for some temporary pleasure.”

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t surrender and leave you two at risk.”

The girls close in around us.

One of them looks more like a cat while the rest are all either clearly doglike or foxlike. They all have thin, toned builds as well. I guess it makes sense since they’re like wild animals in a way. A dog that lives off of hunting in the forest is going to be muscular and thin.

They’re also all marked. Some of them have body paint on their exposed abdomens, others have it on their faces, and some have their entire arms covered in paint. Between the body paint and the feral clothes that they’re wearing, which look to be made out of little more than random animal hides and maybe some plants here and there.

There is one girl who stands out amongst them all, though.

With the fluffiest ears and tail out of them all, the way she’s baring her fangs at us combined with her fluff makes me think of a wolf.

Her facial features are every bit as sharp as her fangs and her light, short hair contrasts against her tanned skin. She’s wearing more clothes than the others, too, but barely. By that, I mean she has a wrap around her modest chest that leaves little to imagining just how busty she is – spoiler alert: it’s not a lot. She can’t even compete with Akorya. However, none of the girls I know here can compete with this wolf’s abs and toned arms.

More surprising than the fact that we are surrounded by a bunch of fluffy girls is that not a single one of them has any sort of weapon. All they have are their fangs and their claws.

Thera sighs and says, “There is no point in fighting. It would be impossible for us to achieve a favorable result by doing so.”

“Come on, Thera. Since when are you a quitter?” I ask. “Besides, I’ve gotten a bit better at fighting. I think.”

“I could maybe defeat a single one of them. You cannot even come close to defeating me yet.”

Anna speaks up and says, “I could take three of them on at most.”

I look up at Thera and don’t see her doubting Anna’s claims.

So, these fluffy girls are stronger than humans and Thera might only be able to handle one of them at most, yet Anna is supposedly strong enough to take down three of them?

“Seriously?” I ask.

“I am not as weak as you may think I am, Damian. I have slain these beasts before and I will do so again if I need to,” Anna answers.

Damn, this is getting serious.

Alright. I need to start taking it seriously again myself regardless of whether or not they’re fluffy girls. That shouldn’t matter right now. All that matters right now is that I have Thera and Anna to protect.

Though, it seems like Anna would be the one protecting us if anything.

“Are you the one they told us about?” the wolf girl asks, staring right at me.

“I mean, I don’t exactly know what you were told about who,” I answer.

“The one playing nice with humans and monsters – the one in charge of a dungeon?”

I’m half tempted to just go and lie seeing as how it’s not like this world will ever let me become anything other than untrustworthy again, but I don’t see what good lying would be. I doubt she’d believe me even if I did lie. “What if I am?”

“Yes or no.”

I go to speak up but get interrupted by Anna who says, “What is your plan here? If you wish to fight, I promise you that I will take three of your lives before you can take mine.”

“I think we could bring that up to five of their lives if we were to work together,” Thera adds on.

“A hunting pack losing five of its members? I doubt that these beasts would be happy about that.”

“Okay, hey,” I cut in, “how about we don’t escalate things? We don’t even know what they’re here for, so there’s no reason to get all aggressive. Let’s just try to talk things thr—”

“You’re as stupid as they said,” the wolf says. “Your followers have the right idea. I’m surprised that they follow somebody so naïve.”

“Listen, I’m trying to stop a fight here. I don’t want any of us to get into a fight if I can help it. The less bloodshed there is, the better.” Can’t I just go a single week without drama starting up? First, a psychopathic fairy. Now, fluffy girls who probably want to kill… us.


Wait, what? Seriously?

“He-hey, what are you doing?” I ask.

“This is how you humans ask for help, isn’t it?” the wolf girl asks down on her knee.

“What do you mean asking for help? Are – are you asking us for help?”

“Isn’t it obvious enough, or are you even dumber than I heard?”

“Wait, darling,” Thera says. “Beast, what is it that you want my darling’s assistance with?”

The wolf lowers her head and takes a few moments before replying. “We… I need your help.”

I can see her clenched fists shaking from here as she talks. Admitting that she needs help must be hurting her pride, so I doubt that this is a trap. There’s no reason to lie and try to trick us when they could take us all out.

“Please,” she repeats.

The other girls have all stood down and are kneeling down to join their leader.

“Now is our chance,” Anna whispers to Thera.

“No, it is not,” Thera answers.

“Why not?”

“Can you not see why? There is no stopping him now, as much as I wish there was.”

“I’m not into worship play, so don’t kneel to me,” I tell the wolf girl, extending a hand down to help her up. “So, stand up and let’s talk.”

I guess I have a bad habit of not being able to reject cute girls in need.

Now that I’ve brought up worshipping, I could totally go for Lily worshipping my dick.

With her mouth.

I just wanted to try and say something cool even if it wasn’t true. Worship play is tons of fun.