[Vol. 2 pt. 53]
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They might be asking for help, but that doesn’t mean that the current situation is any less tense. We are still outnumbered by a group who is stronger than us.

Hang on. If Anna easily surrendered before because she knew she couldn’t defeat Thera in a fight, but Anna is confident in being able to kill multiple of these girls while Thera said she might be able to kill one…

I don’t get the power dynamics that are going on here.

Regardless of that, we know we can’t take them all down, and they don’t want to fight in the first place.

I think.

“What’s your name?” I ask the girl who I think is their leader.

“Lupir of the Seventeenth Litter,” she answers.

I wonder if that last bit is important at all. Maybe it’s just like a family name? “It’s a uh – well, I don’t know if I can honestly call it a pleasure, but it’s nice that we’re not killing each other, Lupir. My name is Damian Fletcher of the First Tentacle.”

“Damian Fletcher of… the First Tentacle? Is that—”

“A joke. It’s just a joke. A stupid joke, I’ll admit, but… just a joke.” I probably shouldn’t be making jokes about something I don’t understand.

“Oh.” Her ears twitch and she tilts her head.

Damn. Despite how womanly and toned she looks, she’s adorable when she tilts her head like this. And when her ears twitch. And her tail is swaying a bit behind her.

She’s just like a dog and that makes her absolutely adorable.

And that makes me want to fuck her.

I could have Lily learn how to behave even more like a pet from this girl.

Wait, that might be jumping the gun a bit. First, I have no idea what’s going on, so I should figure that out.

“What do you need help?” I ask.

“Reclaiming my people,” she answers.

Huh. I have a feeling that I don’t want to know the answer to what I’m about to ask since I’m probably going to be pulled into something way bigger than me, but I already swore to save the literal world.

I don’t think that there is anything else capable of one-upping that.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“I want – I need to kill him.”


“The alpha of Moon’s First – my people.”

“I see.”

She tilts her head in the other direction as I rub my chin.

Yeah. That’s way bigger than me.

“And uh… why do you want my help for that?”

“Because you have a dungeon.”

“And how’s that supposed to help you?”

“I can get stronger with it – I can get strong enough to kill him.”

“What kind of dungeon do you think I have?”

“What do you mean? Aren’t all dungeons the same?”

“Nope. What do you think dungeons are?”

“Are you toying with me?”

“I’m seriously asking you the question.”

She tilts her head before saying, “A place of power for the strong to grow stronger while the weak are sacrificed to it.”

“I guess that’s a pretty standard definition for dungeons, but that’s not how my dungeon works.”

“Then… how does it work?”

“It’s a sex dungeon.”

“A sex dungeon?” she asks, her head tilted the most I’ve seen it tilt yet.

“Right. The kind of place where you go to have kinky sex with monsters. Consensually, of course.”

“Consensual… sex with monsters?”


Lupir looks past me to Thera and Anna who are both shrugging.

“You’re serious?” she asks, looking at me again now.

“One hundred percent serious.”

“Then… I won’t be able to grow stronger using it.”

“Not stronger how you want to get stronger, probably.”

“What if I kill you?”

“Then – wait, what? Why?”

“Dungeons go berserk when their masters are killed. We’re strong enough to kill anything it creates, and we’ll use that to grow stronger.”

“Let’s not kill me,” I say, taking a step back toward the others.

“It’s not that I want to, but if it means getting stronger, then I have to.”

“Hang on now. I think we’re getting a bit too ahead of ourselves here. We can work something out.”

“Use your dungeon to make me stronger.”

“I can’t just do that.”

“Yes you can.”

“You’re right. I can, but I won’t.”


“Because I’m not going to let you kill any of my dungeon’s inhabitants. They’re my family, so letting you hurt even a single one of them is – look at it this way: you want to kill my pack. I’m their alpha, and you want to kill my pack.”

“That makes sense.”

“So, I’m not going to let you – wait, explaining it like that worked?”


“So… you don’t want to kill me and them anymore?”

“I never wanted to, but I need to.”

Damn it. I’m not making any progress here. I—

“You said you wanted to reclaim your people and kill Moon’s First alpha,” Anna says. “Why?”

Lupir looks down, her tail hangs low, and her ears flatten against the top of her head. “Because he’ll kill them all,” she explains.

“How? Why would he do that?”

“He wants more power, and he has a berserk dungeon he’s training in.”

“How? What? I have never heard of there being a dungeon on the other side of the wall.”

“It was from somebody who arrived in our woods.”

“How long ago?” I ask.

“Two weeks?”

I think I know where the dungeon came from.

“Was it another human?” I ask.

“Yeah,” Lupir answers.

“And if the dungeon is berserk now, then the human…?”


So. From what I’ve gathered, the leader of the Moon’s First is apparently some power-hungry guy who killed one of the other chosen from Earth and now has a berserk dungeon available to him that he’s using to grow stronger in the same way that this girl wants to use mine.

I have a feeling that I won’t be able to fuck my way out of this situation.