[Vol. 2 pt. 54]
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It makes sense when I think about it. If the Moon’s First have been a problem for the humans in this region this entire time, and Anna is basically the leader of military around here, then of course she’s going to be interested in the fact that there is a berserk dungeon in enemy territory and a group of traitors who want to kill their leader.

Well, I’m assuming that these girls are all traitors if they’ve come here in search of help to grow stronger so that they can kill their leader.

“What do you think?” I ask Thera.

Anna has been talking to Lupir for the past few minutes. She decided to step in and take things from me since I had no idea what I was doing, and it seems like those two are… getting along? I mean, they’re not killing each other which I’m assuming is a good thing given their positions.

“I do not like this, darling,” Thera answers.

“What about it don’t you like?”

“All of it.”

“Fair, I guess. Care to be more specific, though?”

“Assuming that they are telling the truth, there is a beast far more powerful than all of us who is currently growing stronger by the day. I do not believe that essentially taming a berserk dungeon would be an easy task. To be actively using a berserk dungeon in order to grow stronger, one must be incredibly powerful in the first place. Now, he is growing even stronger.”

“Yeah, so we kind of have to get involved if we don’t want to end up becoming his bitches, right?”

“I believe he would have more interest in using us as food.”

“Either works.”

“I would prefer neither.”

“Same. So, we’ve got to get involved.”

“We should not.”

“Then what should we do?”


“And the dungeon?”

“I know, darling. The only reason I propose that we flee is because I know that you will reject it.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“I know how you are. Because of that, I can speak my mind and let you know my true feelings, and those feelings are that we should escape for the sake of our survival. I know that you will refuse such a plan, however, so I am speaking simply to be honest with myself and you so that I have no regrets.”

“I’m still not sure I completely understand, but you’re saying you know me well and trust me to take your feelings into consideration, right?”

“Close enough, darling.”

“Listen. I know I might be incredible with a perfect dick and all that other stuff,” I say, making sure to use a dramatic enough voice so that it’s clear I’m joking around, “but I’m still a man. That means you have to say things simply so that I can understand, alright?”

“I will keep that in mind, darling.”

“For example. Rather than me using three different sentences on how I want to fuck you, I’ll just say, ‘Hey, Thera, want to fuck?’”

“The answer is still not until you are strong enough to make me yours.”

“You’re so stubborn.”

“Says the man who refuses to kill, refuses to flee, and insists on mating with a monster despite still being surrounded by those who could kill him at any moment.”

Yeah, now that she’s brought it up, all the other girls are just sort of standing around and watching us talk.

“An audience makes it even more exciting, don’t you think? Plus, potentially dying soon means we should really hurry up and just fuck already.”

“As I previously said, darling, I know you. It was foolish of me to think that we were about to be killed earlier. You somehow manage to repeatedly get out of such situations without any harm.”

“I would say that I get out of situations without arm instead of without harm.”


I nod toward my stump of an arm and wiggle it at her.

Thera lifts a hand over her mouth, waits a few seconds, and then lowers it and sighs. “Even in such a situation, you manage to tell jokes.”

“Hey, there’re no fairy bitches around to piss me off, so why not?”

“Truly, such a strange human.”

“It’s been a while since you’ve called me that. I was starting to miss i—”

“Damian,” Anna says with Lupir standing next to her.


“I guaranteed that she was telling the truth, and she even has the Trustworthy trait. Now, I am going to need your cooperation, because this is a threat that cannot be ignored.”

And probably an opportunity that she doesn’t want to ignore, either.

Anna continues, “For now, are you willing to let them stay with you at your dungeon? You do not need to let them in, but they should at least stay around it.”

“Are you going to try killing us or attacking anybody?” I ask Lupir.

“No,” she answers.

“I already made her pledge not to,” Anna explains. “She has pledged to me that she will not harm any of us nor your dungeon’s inhabitants, and I will make sure to make similar pledges with the rest of these women.”

“You’re really good at this sort of stuff. How’d you convince her?”

“I have pledged my personal assistance and some degree of support from our side in eliminating the threat facing everybody in this region.”

“So, basically, we shelter them at the dungeon while you prepare for war?”

“I am hoping that it will not be as drastic as that, but yes, they will be staying either in or around your dungeon.”

She asked me if I was willing at first, but now she’s forcing it onto me. I can’t really complain seeing as how I did technically take over a holy landmark of hers.

“I can’t think of a better option right now, but will you at least help us out with our food problem?” I ask.

“Of course. I do not expect the forest to last if we rely on them to hunt for their own food, so I will have a wagon drop food off at the road,” Anna says.

“Great. Thanks. One last thing. Any idea how long they’re going to have to stay with us?”

“Hopefully, not for more than a few months.”

“A few months?”

“I have faraway contacts that I will need to get in touch with, and we must not move too hastily. We are safe for some time even if the alpha does continue growing stronger with the berserk dungeon. He is only one man, they have little in the way of technology and weapons, and we have fortified walls.”

“Are you sure that you’re alright with all of this?” I ask Lupir. I have no idea how Anna was able to get Lupir’s trust and make a favorable deal, but she did. I can’t help but feel like something is being hidden from me, though. It seems like the deal was made way too easily. This girl went from being willing to kill me and all my friends to – well, submitting like a dog.

“Yeah, but don’t think I won’t do what I need to do if this doesn’t work out. Every day we wait makes our chances worse and risks more of my people’s lives,” Lupir answers.


It looks like I’ve got a bunch of fluffy girls coming to live with me then.