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There is more to a bunch of fluffy girls coming to live with me than just saying that it’s going to happen and hoping that it goes well. Unfortunately, I think the amount of work I’m going to be doing around here has multiplied because of this.

As if I didn’t already have enough work to be doing.

It’s been a while since I’ve gone over one of my mental checklists. I should probably do that to make sure that I’m not forgetting anything.

So, let’s see.

I have to—

“Darling, what are we going to do about the food situation? Again, that is, seeing as how we now have carnivorous beasts to feed. I doubt that they will be satisfied with anything my webs catch nor vegetables from those farmers. That woman did say she would bring us food, but I am afraid she may be underestimating their appetites,” Thera says.

Damn it. I totally had the food situation taken care of just a couple of days ago, and now we’re back to that being an actual problem.

I just want to have sex.

Thinking of having sex, I have no idea how Lily and Akorya are going to react to our new guests. Well, I don’t know how anybody in the dungeon is going to react to them.

Maybe Shadow will be able to befriend them since he’s a wolf and they’re… well, most of them are like animals? No, wait, is that racist? Is it racist to assume that girls with wolf ears and tails would want to be friends with an actual wolf?

I don’t know whether it’s racist or not, but I do want to see them fuck.

“Have any ideas?” I ask Thera. “About the food problem.”

“The local balance would be destroyed if we were to allow them to hunt, and that is not to mention that there is always risk of nearby humans coming across them while they are hunting. They will not be satisfied with vegetables from that farming village, either, nor will any small critters that I may catch in my webs be enough to satisfy them,” she answers.

“Well, how about this? Hey, Lupir.”

“Hm?” Lupir answers, turning her head to face us.

“How much do you all usually eat?”

“Not much.”



“Well, I don’t mean to be offensive or anything so I apologize if I say something rude, but you’re kind of like a wolf, right?”


“So, then don’t you hunt and eat a lot?”

She looks down at her flat stomach and then back up at me to answer, “No.”

I have a feeling that I’m vastly overestimating how often wolves eat. I mean, I remember seeing online back on Earth that wolves in the wild could eat up to ten pounds of meat per day. Were they wrong? Or was I misunderstanding something? “How often do you eat?”

“Every two to four days if there is food.”

“That sounds like a wild animal’s rate of eating,” Thera says. “Does having a humanoid body not cause you to hunger for food daily? I did not have to eat for weeks before my evolution, but now I find myself hungering for sustenance on a daily basis.”

“Shouldn’t all animals be wild?”

“I am not saying that they should not. I am saying that I would have thought members of the Moon’s First would eat more than their unevolved counterparts.”

“Why should we eat more than them just because we’re different?”

I think I can see where this is going. “So,” I cut in, “all animals deserve to be treated equally, basically? Regardless of whether they’re evolved like you or normal wolves?”


“Fair enough. I can agree to that.”

“What do you mean you can agree to it?”

“What else is there to mean by it? I agree with you. All animals deserve to be treated equally. That’s why I always made sure that any animal products I bought were from companies that employed ethical practices. Though, depending on who you ask… I guess that’s still not really equal. I love meat too much to completely give it up, though.”

“I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say,” Lupir says, the ears on top of her head twitching as she tilts her head a bit to the side.

Damn, she looks like a badass, but she’s pretty cute when she acts like a dog. Even her tail is wagging a bit.

I want to pet her.

But, seeing as how she basically sees herself as a wild wolf, I’m not sure if that would be smart. I don’t need to lose my only arm left by having it turned into a chew toy.

“All I’m trying to say is that I agree with you. All animals are equal. I don’t believe that any one animal should be treated worse than others, I don’t believe that a human’s life is more valuable than an animal’s, I don’t believe that animals should be forced to be pets, so on and so on. Get what I’m trying to say?” I ask.

“And so it begins,” Thera says.


When I look up at her, she’s shaking her head and pointing over at Lupir.

Lupir is… yeah, she’s just sort of staring at me with wide eyes.

“You do not believe that humans are above us?” she asks.

“Of course not. That’s stupid. Humans are animals just like wolves are.” And being just like a wolf means that I’m justified in eating beef, chicken, and… I forget, do wolves eat pork? I think it’s bad if dogs eat pork, but what about wolves? Eh, either way, it means I’m allowed to eat meat. Eating meat is a part of nature and a part of being human. Sure, I might not want to kill the animals that give me meat myself, but I still want to eat it.

That makes me sound pretty selfish now that I’ve thought about it. Or lazy. Or cowardly.

Well, I’ll let people kill animals for me to eat while I fuck people that they don’t want to fuck. That should makes things more fair.

“What they said about you is true,” Lupir says.

“And what is it that they said about me?” I ask.

“That you are naïve, too trusting, and weird.”

“I mean… I guess they’re not really wrong about that. I’d rather be naïve and trusting than cynical and distrusting, and there’s nothing wrong with being weird.”

“I see,” she says and looks away.

“So, now that you’ve learned how naïve and trusting I am, does this mean that you’re going to look for a way to backstab me or kill me when I’m not expecting it?” I ask just to tease her, but she seems almost offended that I would even joke about that.

“I made a pledge, and I would never betray a pledge. We of the Seventeenth Litter keep our pledges… unlike him.”

I don’t know if now is a good time to try and get more information out of her since I’m still in the dark with this whole situation, but I might as well before we get back to the dungeon. I’ll try to improve everybody’s mood once we’re there.

Get the bad stuff over with now and then bring out the good stuff. Something like that.

“Since you want to use my dungeon to defeat… him, can you tell me more about him?” I ask.

“What do you want to know?” she replies with her own question.

“Anything you’re willing to tell me.”

“I don’t want to talk about him, so if there’s anything specific—”

“Alright. Just tell me who he is and what he wants then.”

“He is the alpha of my people. Armaro of the Eighteenth Litter. He is a wolf like me and my younger, but… he is strong and willing to go against everything we stand for. He doesn’t care about pride, the pack, our survival – he only cares about getting revenge.”

“Revenge against who?”


“For taking over this half of the forest?”

She nods and says, “Yes. We of the Seventeenth Litter wished to stay to ourselves and not worry about humans as long as they did not try to take more of our ancestral land, but he convinced members of the litters and packs to join his side. I… don’t know how, but he betrayed us and turned everybody else against us.”

“You’re kind of making it sound like you were in some sort of leadership position before.”

She looks away as her ears flatten against her head and her tail hangs low.

I think I hit a sore spot.

“Sorry. So, this asshole Armaro who sounds like a discount plumber too fat to fit through pipes to save the princess is basically rallying up the Moon’s First to attack humans, and he’s using a berserk dungeon to grow stronger?” I ask.


“Was it the plumber thing?”

She nods.

“Sorry. Just a stupid joke and reference to something from my old world.”

“I… see, and you were right. But, what do you mean when you say from your old world?”

I keep on forgetting that people just don’t automatically know I’m from some other world. I should probably stop assuming that they have that information when I have no reason to think otherwise.

“I’ve got a lot to tell you later. I hope you don’t mind stories,” I say.

“I enjoy listening to stories. Stories are how we spread the history of the Moon’s First. Armaro… is betraying everything that the Chosen of the Moon wished for our people, and he is even betraying our father’s... our father’s wish for peace.”

She might be trying to look and sound tough – like she’s not on the verge of tears, but I can see it in her eyes. She’s really trying her best to keep it together.

A pretty big contrast compared to earlier when she seemed ready to kill us.

“It must have been hard,” I tell her.

She nods her head and looks down at the ground. “I… we lost most of our sisters and brothers escaping. If I can’t stop him then their sacrifices for me were for nothing.”

I feel bad for thinking this… but I just can’t help but to think that this all seems serious and dramatic enough that I probably won’t be getting to work on the whole “sex dungeon” thing until this is over.

Then again, helping this girl out in her time of need is more important than a sex dungeon. She needs help now. A sex dungeon can wait until later.

“We’ll figure something out, Lupi,” I say.

“L-Lupi?” she asks, her ears twitching and no longer staying flat against her head.

“Sorry, I just thought it’d be a cute nickname for you that just sort of came out without thinking about it.”

“Lupi… that’s what my father used to call me.”

Ah, shit. I guess that nickname is too important for me to use since I’m assuming he’s not exactly around anymore. “Sorry, I won’t call you that aga—”

“No. It’s – it’s alright if you call me that,” she says, her voice quiet and her eyes looking away as her tail wags behind her.

The best part about animal girls is how easy their emotions are to read.

“Alright, Lupi. You’re welcome to call me whatever you want to, too.”

“Like what?” she asks.

“Why not ‘master?’” Thera suggests. “My darling does seem to like when girls call him that.”

I… forgot that she was right next to me this entire time. I really need to work on my awareness and not forgetting that my favorite spider is around. Then again, it’s not completely my fault. Thera is really good at hiding her presence when in plain sight.

Though, she probably shouldn’t be suggesting that some random girl who may or may not be an important member of the Moon’s First should call me that.

I’m kind of afraid to see what Lupi’s reaction is since she hasn’t said anything.

When I look at her, I see… confusion?

“Master?” Lupi asks, sounding as if she’s trying out how it sounds. She reminds me of when Thera did something similar back when I first met her. “I don’t know.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just call me whatever you want whenever you want without thinking too much about it,” I reply.


I feel like I might have made a tiny bit of progress with her, but she’s still got her cold moments where the way that she sounds makes me think that I’ve said something wrong even though I know I haven’t.

Well, I don’t think I said anything wrong this time. I guess… she kind of gives me the same vibe as somebody who only replies with “k” after sending them a long text. Or somebody who says, “we need to talk,” without meaning anything serious.

Shit, just thinking about that phrase, “we need to talk,” gets me nervous. Anybody who uses that phrase deserves to step on blocky children’s toys with sharp edges.

… I should totally try using that phrase on Lily just to tease her.

Wow, I feel bad just for thinking about that. What kind of horrible person am I? Lily is way too pure and perfect for me to use such an evil phrase on. Even if she did somehow, and I seriously doubt that this is impossible, do something to deserve that… I don’t think I’d actually be able to force myself to say it to her.

Lily must be protected against all of the world’s, “we need to talk,” phrases.

“Is this it?” Lupi asks.

“Yep,” I answer.

The entrance to my dungeon stands before us.

“It’s just a cave?”

“Well, what do you expect a dungeon to be?”

“It looks nothing like the berserk one.”

“Mine looks better, I bet.”

“It looks like a cave.”

“A cave full of sex and fun.”

She almost tilts her head far enough that she makes me think she’s trying to cosplay as one of those girls from that anime series known for how far the characters tilt their heads. The studio is even known for their animated head tilts.

I tried it once out of curiosity.

It hurt my neck.

“We’ll go first,” two of the other doglike girls say, stepping ahead of us.

That makes sense. They probably want to make sure that it’s safe for Lupi here.

“Thera, go with them so that Al Capra doesn’t get spooked,” I say.

“Very well, darling,” Thera replies, walking forward into the dungeon with the two girls.

“So, what’s it like over in this part of the forest compared to where you’re from?” I ask Lupi.

“Very… quiet. Still. Lonely,” she answers. “What I have heard about humans scaring away life is true. I have never been over here until today, and it is… very strange to not hear and see animals everywhere.”

“There are animals everywhere even with a bunch of carnivores hanging around?”

“They must be more afraid of humans than us.”

More afraid of some humans than a bunch of carnivorous wolf and animal people? I mean, I guess that might kind of make sense. Probably not. Well, this is some sort of fantasy world that already doesn’t make sense, so I’m not going to question it too much.

Actually, I am. I am going to be thinking about it even when I know I shouldn’t be.

The two girls come out of the dungeon and call us over.

They must have decided it was safe.

Damn, that was fast.

“Show me your dungeon, Damian,” Lupi says.

“As you wish, Lupi,” I answer.

I was tempted to say something like, “Show me your tits, Lupi,” but I’m really trying hard here to be respectful.

The sexual banter can be saved for when I’m sure she won’t try tearing my only remaining arm off.

“Boss,” Al Capra says, bowing his head. “These the guests?”

“Yeah,” I answer. “Thera explain what’s going on already?”

“Yeah.” He looks at Lupi. “The name’s Al Capra. As long as you’re here as an affiliate of my boss, I’ll protect you.”

I’m pretty sure that there isn’t anything Al Capra could do to actually help her given how he hasn’t had the chance to do anything in this dungeon other than get sucked off by Sophie, but—

“Thank you,” Lupi says. “My name is Lupir of the Seventeenth Litter. I hope that we get along.”

Huh. Despite her badass and tribal appearance, she can actually be pretty polite.

“Boss, that other woman – Anna, she coming back?” Al Capra asks.

“She decided to go to town to bring some food for us. She’ll be back this evening,” I explain.


“By the way, where’re Lily and Akorya? I’m surprised that they’re not out here yet.”

“The keeper said she was gonna make sure they behave while you give a tour of the place.”

Thanks, Thera.

“Alright. Are they in the living area?”


“Good. I’ll introduce them once the tour is over. Anyways, keep up the good work.”

“Will do, boss.”

He even bows to us both.

Damn, Al Capra has learned some manners. Even the way he talks has been more polite and less rough sounding than back when I first summoned him.

Now, next is the introduction that I have been looking forward to seeing.

I want to see how they react to Shadow.

The two girls who came into the dungeon seem unable to help themselves as they rush into Shadow’s room first.

“And this next room is Shadow’s. He gave himself that name, mind you,” I explain. I still don’t want anybody to think that I’m so unoriginal that I would name a black wolf “Shadow.”

The two girls are standing near the entrance of the room peeking in at Shadow as he… licks his paws. The rest of the girls except for Lupi all join the other two in peeking in.

“Yo, Shadow,” I call out.

Shadow stops licking his paws to lift his head, stretch, and then scratch behind his right ear with one of his legs.

It looks like he just got up and wasn’t distracted before.

Did these girls not even fully examine the place before coming back for Lupi? Did they just… see Shadow and then decide that it was alright or something? Going by how they’re looking at him with wagging tails and twitching ears, I’m going to assume that I’m right.

Looks like Shadow might have quite the pick of girls here.

As for Lupi… she’s not nearly as impressed. Well, she’s not acting impressed, anyways.

“You have a beautiful coat of fur,” she tells Shadow.

“I guess,” Shadow answers much like any embarrassed, edgy teen would when complimented.

Not only that, but he’s behaving like he’s… flustered? Nervous? He keeps shifting around and can’t look up at Lupi for more than a second at a time. His tail is wagging, too, but not in an energetic way.

Is he actually showing signs of submission for once? I wouldn’t even be surprised if he were to roll over onto his back.

How come he never acts like this with me?

“Relax,” Lupi says. “You are a member of another’s pack and I have no intention of competing.”

That does seem to have helped Shadow calm down a bit.

“Sure,” he says.

Well, this is awkward.

I guess we’ll just continue the tour.

Before we go meet Captain Consentacles, though, I get stopped.

“What about that hallway?” Lupi asks, pointing at the hall on the opposite side of the room.

“Ah, right. That leads to the spider sanctuary. It’s where all of Thera’s family are. Well, actually, I have no idea if they’ve moved in yet or not. But yeah, I built that room just for all of the other spiders to hang out in who haven’t evolved yet. Nice and safe and out of the way,” I explain.

“You dedicated a room in a dungeon to protecting spiders?”



She might be calling me strange, but her tail is wagging more than before.

I really want to pet her and fluff her tail.

And now I want a tailjob.

Sure, I doubt that a tailjob from her would be as easily capable of making me cum as one from Akorya, but Akorya’s tail is literally built for making dicks cum. The inside of her tail might be fleshy and bumpy and hot like a pussy, but the exterior is cool and hard like a shell. Lupi’s tail just looks bushy and soft. I want it wrapped around my dick.

I’ve never had a fluffy tail wrapped around my dick before.

Then again… the average person has probably never had that, either.

Anyways, next is Captain Consentacles, and he ends up being disappointed since Lupi isn’t as cruel as she might look. Then there is Lephacoda who manages to match her in politeness, and now we find ourselves in the world vortex’s room.

Part of me feels like bringing her back here might not be that good of an idea. I’m still not sure without a doubt that she can be trusted, and this is the most important room of the dungeon. The other part of me knows that she could easily fight her way back here through all of my dungeon’s inhabitants, so I don’t think it matters whether she sees or not.

“This… is nothing like the other dungeon,” Lupi says.

“Did you see its vortex?” I ask.

She nods and says, “Yeah. This one is more… steady. Peaceful. Calm. When he showed me the other’s, it was… chaos. It felt like it was trying to pull us in and there were bolts flying everywhere. It seemed alive, like this one, but… sad. Angry.”

Fuck, just hearing about that makes me feel bad for the dungeon that I know nothing about.

I wonder if a dungeon being berserk is affecting her at all.

If these vortexes are connected to her, and one of them is out of control… I can’t imagine that it’s good for her.

“Then I guess I’ve got to help you and the dungeon,” I tell Lupi.

“What do you mean? Help the dungeon?”

“Yeah. If it’s sad and angry, it sounds like it needs somebody to help it.”

“How do you help a berserk dungeon?”

“No idea. I’ll have to figure something out.”

“It’s hard to believe that a human is this optimistic and… kind. You are nothing like what I was taught humans are like.”

“And you’re nothing like what the humans think you Moon’s First are like from what I’ve heard. This is why stereotypes are bad.”

She turns around before saying, “Thank you. You are being this kind to me even though I had planned violence to get my way…”

“Hey, you’re in a desperate situation and didn’t know what else to do, right? Plus, I doubt you thought I’d be willing to say I’ll help you and that dungeon. I don’t know if you know this or not, but I’m pretty strange.”

“You are.”

“Exactly. So, don’t worry about it. What matters is how we get along from here on out.”

“Yeah. It’s just… I never fully believed my father’s words about humans, but now I can see that he was right without a doubt.”

“Sounds like your father was a pretty awesome guy.”

“He was.”

“All the more reason for me to help you out.”

“Are you really willing to go so far for somebody who was threatening you no more than hours ago?”

“I don’t know if you know this or not, but I’m pretty trusting. Besides… I can’t say no when a girl sounds so sad. Or when a boy sounds so sad.”

I still can’t see her face, but she does raise one of her hands to wipe her tears away. I’m assuming that’s what she’s doing, anyways.

“I am happy that you are the first human I have met.”

I’m tempted to make a narcissistic joke and say, “It only goes downhill from here,” but she hasn’t met Lily yet.

Or Frederick.

Then it only goes downhill.

Well, maybe not. Frederick’s son and those farmers were all pretty great people.

Alright. Then it all goes downhill.

“Hey, you met Anna at the same time as me. Gotta give her some credit for being one of the two first.”

“My eyes saw you before her.”

“Eh, alright. I guess that makes me first then. She can be second. Anyways, how about we go and meet the third and fourth?”

“There are more humans in here?”

“And a lusticore. And a manticore kid.”

“A child is in here?” Lupi turns around, looking up at me with sharper eyes than before. “Even though you have said that this is a place for sex?”

“It’s – it’s not like that, I promise. I’ll explain the situation to you while we walk, alright?”

Having that girl around is seriously going to cause me some trouble at some point.

I have to make absolute sure to protect her innocence.

Anyways, I go ahead and explain all of that as we walk past the hot springs toward the living area. Lupi didn’t seem too interested in the water we walked by which is a reaction that I’m not used to, but she did jump and growl when Goo suddenly dropped down from the ceiling in front of us.

I should really stop forgetting about Goo.

Speaking of forgetting, I haven’t even realized that those other girls stopped following us. They must still be back gawking over Shadow.

At least now I know that Goo apparently likes to hide on ceilings… and that she can stick to them as well as a spider can.

Fortunately, Lupi believed everything I had to say about the situation with the kid. Then she had another one of those, “Really?” moments when I explained to her that I’m going to build a special children-only room away from all the perversion of the dungeon.

Now, it is finally time to introduce Lupi to the rest of my dungeon’s cast.

“You took your time, darling,” Thera says.

“We were talking about things,” I answer.

“Maaaassssttteeeerrrr!” Akorya shouts, flying toward me. “I’ve been smelling dog this entire time!”

Right. Akorya, cat. Lupi, dog.

“Wait! Who’s this?!” Akorya asks, grabbing onto my arm and yanking me away from Lupi’s side.

I look up at Thera just in time for her to say, “I figured it would be more amusing to let you explain the situation to them.”

“You’re really out for me today, aren’t you?” I ask.

“Enjoy it while it lasts. I will likely return to my regular self tomorrow.”


“Master!” Akorya whines as she sniffs all over me. “You don’t smell like me anymore!”

“Have… you been marking me?” I ask.

“Of course! You’re my master!”

“So that was why you smelled,” Lupi says.

“M-mon maître?” Lily asks, walking up to my other side now. “What’s – what’s going on?”

It’s only been a few hours, but I’ve missed how cute Lily’s voice is.

I’ve also missed Akorya pushing her tits around my arm.

Meanwhile, Lenna is sitting over on Frederick’s knee and he looks like he’s trying to teach her how to read one of Thera’s books. Neither of them seems interested in the current situation at all.

“This is Lupi. She’s a friend who’s going to be staying with us for a while now with the rest of her family,” I explain.

“Master! Stop seducing women or else it’s less time for  us!” Akorya pouts. “Me and Lily are going to leave you for somebody else who gives us the attention we need!”

She seems really jealous this time. Is it because she’s part feline and Lupi is part canine? That will be my theory for now.

“I – I would never leave mon maître!” Lily says.

“Shh! Lily! Play along or else he’ll forget about us!” Akorya whispers not-so-quietly to Lily.

Lily knows I heard the whole thing, so she just cutely giggles when I look down at her to see if she’ll play along or not.

“This is Lily,” I say, wiggling my nub toward Lily, “and this is Akorya,” I say and wiggle my arm around within Akorya’s clinging hug.

Lupi nods at Lily and says, “I am Lupir of the Seventeenth Litter.”

She completely ignores Akorya and Akorya notices.

Oh boy.

I think there might be a new rivalry forming here between dog and cat.

“Anyways, that’s uh – over there is Frederick and Lenna,” I say, nodding my head toward them.

The two finally give us some attention. Lenna goes to hide behind Frederick and Frederick bows his head. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Lupir,” he says.

Lupi looks confused again. It takes her a few moments of looking around before asking, “Neither of you are afraid of me?”

I guess the confusion might be understandable. Even Thera and Anna were afraid of Lupi when we first saw them all.

“W-why would I be?” Lily asks, grabbing Lupi’s attention in the form of twitching ears and a wagging tail. “You are – you are cute! I… I have always wanted ears and a – a tail because of how cute they are.”

Damn it, Lily, you somehow got even more perfect.

I need to get a tail plug and some headband ears for Lily now. That, combined with the leash and collar, will let us have some really fun petplay.

As for Frederick…

“I have faith in the master of this dungeon’s judgement. If he trusts you, I shall trust you,” he says, being as awesome as ever.

Then again, there is a problem with this.

We all kind of got fucked over by Syl. Whether that was because the “gods” were manipulating her or not, aren’t we at the same risk this time?

No, I can’t let myself get too absorbed in that line of thinking. If they really want to kill me then they can supposedly turn everybody in here against me at any time. They are literally impossible for me to defend against for now, so any time spent worrying about that is time not spent worrying about something more important.

Then again, I’m not going to figure out how to make the impossible more possible if I don’t worry about it.

Ah, shit.

Just one thing at a time, Damian. One thing at a time.

“Thank you,” Lupi says. “On the honor of the Seventeenth Litter and… on the honor of my father, I will not betray your faith in me.”

Damn it, Lupi, being such a good girl is really making it hard for me to resist petting you.

At least everybody is getting along.

Well, except for Akorya and Lupi.

I’m kind of worried about these two.