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Something has been bothering me ever since introductions were done with earlier.

No matter where I go… Lupi is always there. She either barely tries to hide the fact that she’s following me, or she tries to be subtle about it without actually succeeding. Either way, like a lost and lonely puppy, she keeps on following me around. Maybe she just doesn’t know what else she should be doing? I guess it makes sense that she and the others would be bored. Well, I know that the others definitely aren’t bored.

How can I know that? Well, because I’m looking into Shadow’s room right now, and they’re all playing together now.

They were just lying around earlier being lazy, but now they’re taking turns chasing each other and being chased.

I have to admit that it’s kind of weird seeing humanoid animal girls actually behaving like animals. It’s kind of adorable at the same time, though. They all look like they’re having fun without any other care in the world. Even Shadow, my favorite edgy wolf, looks like he’s having fun. Though, as soon as he notices me watching, he stops and looks away.

Alright, Shadow. I won’t watch, so you can go back to playing. Enjoy the harem.

Lucky dog.

“Hey, Lupi,” I say, causing her ears to perk up.

“What is it?” she asks.

“Those other girls seem to be all over Shadow. What’s up with that?”

“Well… I can’t deny that he is very handsome and seems to be from a powerful bloodline.”

Handsome and from a powerful bloodline? Huh. Well, I still have no idea if Shadow just came from nothing or if he was brought here but lost all of his memories. What I do know now, though, is that he’s at least considered handsome as far as canines go.

“Aren’t the girls all stronger though? I’m not going to lie, we’re all pretty weak here.”

“They are, but his blood is purer than theirs. He is almost as pureblooded as I am.”

“How can you tell?”

“His scent and appearance, but mainly his scent.”

“You can tell how pure his blood is just from how he smells?” I ask, taking a sniff of my hand.

Yep. Smells like hand.

“Yes,” she answers. “For such a pureblooded wolf to be in this dungeon under your command… where did you find him, and how did you convince him to follow you?”

“I told him he’d get to have sex with lots of women.”

Lupi tilts her head. “Really? That’s all?”

“Yep. Never underestimate promising a man lots of sex.”

“I – I see. Well, with those girls… that promise will be kept soon.”

“You sound like you know for a fact that they’re going to be going at it.”

“They have been… especially needy lately during our travels. Every night, when the moon comes out, they have been relying on each other to sate their needs, but it hasn’t been enough.”

A bunch of animal girls playing with each other’s bodies every night under the moon? That sounds pretty hot. That also makes them sound like a bunch of hippies, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Though, when I think of a hippy animal girl, I think of a deer girl with rings of flowers around her antlers. Pure, innocent, and pretty.

I want to corrupt a deer girl now.

I wonder how Lily would look with antlers?

Hmm. Lily having antlers would make it easier to hold her and facefuck her. I just can’t really imagine her actually having antlers, though. She’s short and thick – thicc. A girl with antlers would normally be tall and lithe and probably have lighter colored hair or something. Then again, this is – well, I can’t say that it’s whatever the current year is since I have no idea what year it is with this world. Regardless, if Lily wants to become a deer girl, I’ll accept her no matter what.

Now I’m imagining everybody with antlers.

Thera, Akorya, Lupi, Goo, Frede—

Alright. I actually think I’d rather not imagine Frederick with deer antlers.

Then again, if I try to imagine him in a non-sexual way… he’d look pretty badass and like some sort of ancient sage. Long, white hair, old and twisted antlers, and he’s a healer and follower of Kindness, so that could totally work.

I look down and notice Lupi staring at me as her tail casually swishes from side to side behind her.

Thera might stare at me in my sleep, but I’ve never caught her staring so… boldly at me while I’m awake.

This girl really is like a dog.

“Also, I wanted to say this earlier, but I forgot to. Try to get along with Akorya, alright?” I say.

“I’ll try,” she replies.

“Is the reason why you two aren’t really getting along because you’re part canine and she’s part feline?”


“You’re not sure?”

“I don’t know why, but I naturally don’t like her.”

“So, it’s instinct?”

She nods her head.

“Alright. Well, tell your instinct to stop it so that you can get along.”

“We always listen to our instincts. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for listening to my instincts warning me to leave.”

“Then, in that case, I guess I’m going to have to prove to you that Akorya can be trusted as a friend and that she isn’t dangerous. Seriously, if only you knew how she acts most of the time… she’s harmless.” And pretty stupid, as much as it makes me feel bad to think that.

Then again, she is the one who abducted me to murder me, and then she also is responsible for stopping Syl in the end. I can’t say she’s completely harmless. She definitely can harm people if and when she wants to, but as long as nobody makes her want to, I doubt that she will.

Which is why I don’t want Lupi picking a fight with her.

I’m more worried for Akorya, honestly. If Akorya gets provoked into doing anything, Lupi might fight back, and I seriously doubt Akorya would be able to win any fight against her. She might have a chance if she can paralyze Lupi, but—

But this girl seriously just stares at me.

Her eyes always seem so focused, too. She has no shame in the fact that she’s just standing in front of me and staring at me.

Anyways, it’s about evening now, so Anna should be back with that food soon. I guess we should go out and wait for her by the road.

“Lily, Akorya, come on out with us to meet Anna by the road. We’re going to have a lot of food to carry back here, so we could use the help,” I shout over to them.

“Would you like me to come with you as well, darling?” Thera asks, causing both me and Lupi to turn around and jump a bit when we notice her standing right behind us.

“I’m starting to think you’re doing that on purpose.”

“Of course, darling. Is there such a thing as talking not on purpose?”

“You know what I mean.”

“I have no idea what else you could be talking about.”

“Uh-huh. Anyways, you can stay here. You did enough walking around earlier. Same with you, Lupi.”

“Very well, darling. I will stay and ensure that everybody continues to get along in your absence.”

“I’ll come,” Lupi says. “I still have energy left in me.”

Makes sense. I wonder how much energy she has in her each day.

Am I going to have to start taking her and the others out on walks? I mean, it’s not like there’s much to do in the dungeon here that uses up energy other than sex. And, now that I’m thinking about it… I’ve been horrible. I haven’t taken Shadow out on a single walk since I got him!

Well, at least he’ll get to tire himself out with all of his new friends. I just hope that his body can last being with a dozen women all in heat at the same time.

At least he doesn’t have to depend on mana like I do. If only I could stay in my feral forms forever instead of until I run out of mana.

Someday. Someday I’ll figure out a way to stay as a monster without ever having to turn back into a human.

While I’m thinking of monsters…

“Hey, what sort of other forms do you two think I should get?” I ask Lily and Akorya as we head toward the road.

If there’s one thing I really love about this world, it’s how perfect the weather has been so far. Warm but not hot, breezy but not windy, and the evenings are always nice and cool.

“What about an orc?” Akorya asks. “Or a pigman!”

“Both of those are here?” I ask.

“Yeah! They’re related, too, so you can always find them together.”

“What can you tell me about them?”

“Well, they’re both evolutions from goblins. Orcs are usually followers of Wrath or Gluttony, and pigmen are always followers of Lust or Gluttony. They like to attack villages together since they both want food, the pigmen leave the men for orcs to kill, and the orcs leave women for the pigmen to play with! So, they get along pretty well.”

As much as I want to become an orc or a pigman… it sounds like the monsters I would need to visit in order to become one aren’t exactly pleasant. I guess the “#NotAllOrcs” movement never took off here.

“But I think you should get those because they say, ‘once you go orc, you don’t go back!’ for a reason! All the women they take from villages don’t even care after a couple of minutes from what I’ve heard,” she continues.

“And… how often do they go around attacking villages?” I ask.

“Hmm. Not really much anymore, I guess. Diligence’s and Pride’s followers usually wipe them out wherever they’re seen, and a lot of their territory was conquered by Diligence’s followers. I only know what I know because I remember, back at the church, that they wanted to recruit more orcs and pigmen into their ranks.”

“I see. Any uh, less rape-y monsters that you think I should become?”

“Well, master, you want to become monsters that are supposed to be great at having sex, right?”


“Monsters that are awesome at sex don’t really care about consent. You’re kind of weird for being a Lust follower who cares about consent. Like, they usually just put their dicks in whatever they want without caring about what they think. Then all the perks that come with being a Lust follower makes their partners love it!”

“That’s still not consent. Come on, aren’t there any monsters who don’t have to rape?”

“Umm… does using aphrodisiacs on people count as consent?”


“Then not really. The only people who would want to have sex with monsters are Lust followers, and most monsters get bored of Lust followers since they want to be challenged and feel like they’re conquering and stuff. I can think of some plant monsters that lure people with aphrodisiacs, but you said those don’t count, so… I don’t know.”

“What about you, Lily?”

Lily might not be familiar with this world, but at least she can still suggest monsters without giving me the extra information about how they’re rapists. My imagination will at least get to enjoy the thought of turning into them.

“What about… dragons?” Lily suggests.

You’re too perfect, Lily. “That’s what I’m talking about. What kind of dragon would you prefer me to turn into?”

“H-how about… the – I don’t really know how to say it, but umm, just… the really, really big kind?”

“How big? Like, as big as a house or as big as some large store, or what?”

“Just – just big enough so that,” her cheeks turn red, she fidgets with her fingers, and she looks away, “bi-big enough so that I wouldn’t – wouldn’t be able to wrap my arms and legs around your… thing.”

“Well, penetration at that point would be impossible, but it’d be hot. If I still had working fingers or claws to some degree then I could hold you and basically just grind you against my cock. That’d be hot.”

She shyly nods her head while turning redder.

“We’re talking like a proper dragon too, right? Four legs, covered in scales, hoards gold and burns villages to the ground?”

“O-of course.”

“Hey, master, since when is burning villages to the ground allowed but rape isn’t?” Akorya asks.

“It’s not. I was just trying to make sure we were on the same page about what kind of dragon we’re thinking of,” I answer.

“I guess. Anyways! Good luck finding any dragons.”

“Do dragons even exist here?”

“Supposedly! But, like, I haven’t heard of anybody who’s seen any in the past couple hundreds of years. Some people say they used to be everywhere a long time ago but got hunted and wiped out. The only people who even say they’ve ever seen dragons are drunks who had way too much to drink.”

“My people have stories of dragons,” Lupi says. “They used to live in this crater and called the surrounding mountains home, but it is told that powerful beings hunted them until none were left. They used to be the guardians of this world and were around before all else… or so our legends tell.”

Guardians of this world hunted by powerful beings? That gives me some theories, but I’m not going to assume any truths right now when all I have to go off of are stories and legends.

“Alright! More monster suggestions, Lily,” I declare.

“A-ah, umm, other than orcs, pigmen, and dragons… y-you already have the forest imp so goblin isn’t important, umm, hmm… so-something with fleshy tentacles instead of slimy ones?” Lily suggests.

“Agreed. Slime is fun and all, but it’s not really legit. I want legit tentacles. Like, a giant fleshy mass of tentacles like Lephacoda.”


“What else could we go for?”

“If I am understanding this conversation… why not a wolf?” Lupi asks.

I use Feral Form to shift into my gnarled wolf form and then jump right back out of it.

“I already have this which is basically a wolf with tentacles, so a regular wolf would be redundant. Sort of like how I don’t really need to turn into a goblin when I can already turn into a forest imp.”

“A gnarled wolf? How did you… get that form?”

“I befriended one that I met on the other side of the wall. Sure, she tried killing me at first, but I beat her, made sure she got healed up, and then she went on her way. Offered to let her come back to the dungeon with us, but she wasn’t interested.”

“Did she have a name?”

“I don’t think so since she let me name her Cani.”

“How old was she?” she asks and then sniffs the air.

“No idea.”

Lupi seems pretty interested in Cani. I don’t know whether it’s because they’re both wolves or what, but I have a feeling it might be important somehow.

I just have no idea how.

Anyways, we’ve reached the road, and I’ve discovered a few important things while walking here.

I want to fuck a deer-Lily as a giant dragon.

And, nice and conveniently, I see a wagon approaching.

“You two might want to wait behind something,” I tell Akorya and Lupi. “There might be others with her who don’t know about us.”

“She’s alone,” Lupi says.

“Seriously? You can tell that from here?”


“Yep!” Akorya says. “She’s all alone.”

“I already said that.”

“And I’m confirming it for master!”

“Is it not enough if I say it myself?”

“Well, you’re new, and master trusts me more, so I’m helping you out!”

“Don’t you trust me?” Lupi asks me, staring right up into my eyes.

And now these two are putting me in an awkward situation.

At least I have experience with girls fighting over attention.

“Lupi, I do trust Akorya more than you because I’ve known her longer and you did consider killing me earlier, but I trusted that you were right about the wagon. Akorya, just because you were here first doesn’t mean you get to antagonize Lupi. Don’t try to start any fights. Just get along and play nice. Understand?”

Lupi nods and Akorya huffs, looking away, before saying, “Fiiinnee.”

Now then.

This wagon that Anna is bringing here seems… way too full.

The back of it is piled up taller than Anna is.

I want to know how she even got all this food, if she even left the people of Dulyr anything to eat, and how she expects us to go through all of that before it goes bad!

Then again, before Lupi told me about how they won’t actually be eating much, I would have thought that this amount of food would be necessary.

We probably should have confirmed how much food Lupi and her friends would need before Anna went back to Dulyr to get more food…

At least we’ve gone from the problem of not having enough food to having too much food.

Besides, I might be able to turn whatever we can’t go through into points and mana for the dungeon. Though, it’d be better if I told Anna to take some of this back…

Alright. For the sake of the dungeon, I’m going to be a little bit selfish this time and accept all the food. The dungeon seriously needs more mana and points, and I can’t afford to play the good Samaritan right now.

I’ll make it up to them somehow later on.

I also doubt that Anna would have brought so much food that the people under her protection would be at risk, even though this does look like an absurd amount of food.

So, food is more than taken care of, and sacrificing items to the dungeon is just as taken care of between all the excess food and Sophie and Wally helping me out with it.

I’m actually kind of surprised that Anna never offered to help out with the dungeon and keeping it from going berserk. I guess she has enough faith in me to figure it out myself somehow. And, to be fair, I have.

“I brought the food. This should be enough to last all of them a few days,” Anna says.

“Yeah… a few days,” I answer. “By the way, you came here by yourself with this wagon?”

“Is that surprising?”

“I mean, not really. I just didn’t… I guess I just assumed that not everybody would know how to steer a wagon since I’ve only seen a handful of people do it before. I have no idea how to, either.”

“It is not nearly as difficult as you must believe it is.”

“I guess so.”

She looks over the others and says, “It is good that you brought others, but I was hoping the rest of the Moon’s First would be here to assist us. It will still take three to four trips with only the five of us.”

“We can have them come with us on the way back. Will the wagon be safe to leave alone here?”

“With the increased reports of bandits lately… I would not feel comfortable leaving it alone while it is still loaded.”

“What if it was unloaded? Would the horses be fine by themselves?”

“Most likely.”

“Do the bandits not care about horses?”

“Seeing as how they prefer to stay hidden and sneaking around, they don’t have much use for horses aside from slaughtering them for more meat. The horses aren’t able to navigate these forests well anyways, and they would not be able to navigate the mountains at all which is where we believe the bandits are hiding.”

“So, if bandits were around here by any chance, their only use for the horses would be to hurry and kill them, butcher them, and run off before anybody notices?”

“Yes, and likely leave a trail of blood in the process, so I doubt that they would even do that unless they are prepared to specifically be transporting freshly-butchered meat. Why are you asking?”

“I’m just curious. They fucked with that farming town east of here a few days back, so I’ve had them on my mind. Can’t stand assholes like that who prey on the vulnerable.”

“I wish they were more predictable, but they are not, and having guards stand by at every potential target is not worth it given that the bandits—and villagers—are smart enough to not get into any direct conflicts. As much as I hate them, they are not worth the invested time and effort when we have the Moon’s First to worry about. Especially now that we have what information we have.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

Damn it. I wish there was a way for me to take care of those bandits somehow, but I can’t think of anything myself. Maybe… maybe if I get more monsters in my dungeon, and make sure they’re strong enough, I could send them to search for the bandits? If Akorya and me fly around to look, we might be able to discover where they are. Then again, if they’re hiding in a cave or under some rocks or anything, we wouldn’t be able to spot them from the sky.

Finding them in the mountains is probably impossible without some way to… track them.

“Lupi, when were you able to smell the wagons approaching?” I ask.

“From before we reached the road,” she answers.

“Anna, a dozen or so girls from the Moon’s First could probably handle a bunch of human bandits, right?”

“We believe the bandits to be in the fifties at least, but… unless they are more skilled and equipped than we believe they are, I doubt that they would last long against the girls. What are you thinking?” Anna asks.

“I think you know what I’m thinking. Lupi, you don’t want to be at war with the humans or anything, right?”

“I just want us to leave each other alone instead of living in fear of each other,” Lupi answers.

“So, in addition to helping us take out that bastard causing you problems, how about you help us take out the bandits that have been bothering all of the villages around here? I’m sure your pack could track them down, and it wouldn’t take any resources away from Anna. Besides, fighting bandits means you’ll get more experience and possibly items you might be able to use. You can’t grow stronger in my dungeon, but you can grow stronger off of a bunch of bandits who deserve it.”

“You want us to hunt humans?”

Bad humans. Bandits are basically the traitors of humans. In the same way that the Moon First has to deal with that guy, the people around here have got to deal with bandits. Understand?”

Lupi looks up at Anna.

“He’s right,” Anna says. “The people around here won’t be allowed to know that it was you and your group who dealt with them, because they would panic about Moon’s First being on this side of the wall, but when the time comes… if it ever does, it will surely help relations between our sides. The bandits are not lawful citizens of our lands, so what you do to them doesn’t matter to us. Either capture them and bring them to us or kill them. Any items that you may find at their hideout are yours for the taking as well.”

“Sounds like we just got offered a quest,” I say. I’m half surprised that no window has popped up giving us a chance to accept or deny the quest.

Speaking of windows…

I did that thing again where I just keep on shoving them all behind me, and now I’m afraid of pulling them up in front.

I’m just going to let them stay back there for now.

“So, take out the bandits, grow stronger, earn favors – sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?” I ask Lupi.

She looks like she’s thinking it over, but the wagging of her tail makes me think that she’s going to accept the offer.

“If we find them and are confident that we can hunt them without any losses… we will deal with your bandits,” Lupi says.

Anna looks like a mountain of stress has been lifted off of her shoulders, and I’m happy that Lupi accepted as well.

“I’ll help out. Might bring some of the guys from the dungeon, too, so that they can get experience and ensure that we’re all safe,” I say. “Besides, the bandits might cause us issues too someday if they’re not dealt with, so it’d only be fair as we live over here to help you out with them.”

Part of me regrets those words as soon as they leave my mouth since they mean purposely getting myself involved in a fight. I still don’t really know how to fight and, as far as I know, I’m weak compared to everybody else. But I’m not going to let these girls from the other side of the wall do all the work for us.

“Alright,” Lupi says, looking up at me. “We’ll hunt together.”

Well, things have changed. I refused to go hunting with my dad when I was a kid because I didn’t want to hurt animals, and now I’m offering to help somebody hunt humans.

Yeah. Actually looking at it that way makes me feel kind of sick to my stomach. Now I’m lightheaded and just… but they’re bad. I saw them preying on the villagers myself. If they were to get their hands on Lily – on any woman who can’t fight back, I doubt that they’d just kill her and be done with her. They’re probably every bit as bad as those orcs and pigmen that Akorya was talking about if not worse than them.

They might be humans, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be monsters worthy of actually being called that.

Relax, Damian. This is a world where you won’t be able to go around and live happily ever after with everybody. Thera might be different now, but I doubt there is a way to convince over fifty lawbreaking humans to rejoin society as productive members. It’s not like there isn’t any work available for them. They just want to take the easy way out and don’t care about any damage they cause.

If anybody deserves to be killed in a world like this, it’s them.

“Are you alright?” Anna asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I answer. She doesn’t look like she’s buying it, but she goes along anyways.

“Alright. Then, would you four like to head back with the supplies while I stay here on guard?”

“Sounds like a good plan to me.”

“I doubt that there are any bandits around at the moment, but it is better to be safe than sorry.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Don’t worry, we’ll be quick and bring back some help so that you’re not out here waiting by yourself for too long. I still have to teach you about roleplay, remember?”

Anna suddenly turns bright red and raises a finger in front of her mouth to shush me.

“Roleplay?” Lupi asks.

I look back at Anna and see her waving her arms in front of her while shaking her head from side to side.

Seeing her so frantic is adorable.

Fortunately for her, I’m good and keep fetishes secret unless I’m told not to.

Though, I probably should have been more subtle about the whole roleplay thing in the first place.

“It’s part of a deal we have. Come on, let’s get started on all this food,” I tell Lupi. “You two are helping,” I tell Lily and Akorya.

Lily nods and walks up to the wagon but Akorya pouts and sighs. “Fiiinnneee. I better get a reward for this later, master,” she says.

“We’ll see. The better you do, the – wait, instead of slowing down with the food, just fly back to the dungeon and… never mind, those girls might not listen to you because of the whole cat thing. Then, just pick up some food and I’ll reward you better the better you do.”

I wanted her to just go ahead and fly back to tell those other girls to run over here and help out, but Akorya probably isn’t the right person for the job.

“Do you want me to run back and tell them to help?” Lupi asks me.

“You can just tell them once we walk back,” I answer.

“I can get there fast if I run.”

“Well, sure then if you think it’ll be easier.”

Lupi nods, hands the food over that she had picked up, and… fuck me does she take off running.

Yeah. Wolf girl in a forest. This shouldn’t surprise me but seeing somebody with a human’s body running so fast in the forest still surprises me.

Then, not even halfway back to the dungeon, Lupi comes running along with the rest of her pack.

Damn, they’re fast.

At least Anna shouldn’t have to wait with the wagon now. Between her and those girls, all the food should be brought back with this one trip.

Then it will be time for us to have some fun. Though, I’m betting that Anna is going to want to bathe again before we do anything. After walking back to Dulyr, coming back with a bunch of food and horses, and then carrying some into the dungeon… I mean, I doubt she’s dirty enough for me to care, but I’ve never met a girl who wouldn’t care after something like that.

I wonder if those other girls smell like wet dog after taking baths. If they do, the dungeon might end up getting a wet dog smell between all of them.

I love dogs but really don’t want the place to smell like wet dog all the time.

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