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A couple of days have passed since the awkward roleplay with Anna. Everything that happened between then and now has been pretty standard for what has become my life in this world. I had more sex with Lily and Akorya, teased Thera and occasionally got teased back, exercised underneath Frederick’s guidance, and have even started practicing some basic fighting techniques with him.

It turned out that he can kick my ass even more easily than I figured he’d be able to.

As for our new guests, Shadow has basically acquired his own harem of animal girls. The sole catgirl, fox girls, and dog girls have been all over him and follow wherever he goes unless Lupi needs their attention. It’s… pretty strange. I mean, I’m happy for him and all, but I guess I just want to understand what’s so great about him that he’s basically gotten a harem for no reason other than for existing. If this was a book or a show, everybody would be complaining about how the girls fell in love with him for no reason.

Yet they’re basically obsessed with him.

I wonder if they’ve fucked yet.

Every time I’ve gone in to check, the only sleeping he’s done with them is lie down while they curl up next to him and occasionally drape their bodies over him. I haven’t heard any moaning or anything and it doesn’t smell like sex in his room, either, so maybe they haven’t gotten that far yet.

I wonder if I should give him some encouragement or tips.

As for Lupi – well, she’s been much more reserved ever since I got back to the cave with Anna after our roleplay session. She has still been following me around and watching me whenever I’m doing anything, aside from when I try to get some privacy for fun with Lily and Akorya, but she’s been more… quiet about it? The way that she stares at me always feels so intense, but I don’t know if that’s just because she has a naturally-intense expression or because of something else. She just tells me that she’s fine whenever I try to ask about it, and I don’t know her well enough to read her and tell whether she really is fine or not.

But, there is one thing that I do know.

The plans for my next encounter with Anna are proceeding flawlessly.

I was able to get some spare carpentry tools from the farming village in exchange for promising them an extra potion next time we trade, so Al Capra has been able to finally make use of his time by chopping down some young trees and then turning that wood into furniture. I don’t think he’s ready yet to make what I want him to, but there is good news.

We finally have chairs and tables. No more sitting around on hard floors with the occasional, large leaf under us. I can already feel my posture improving from having something with a hard back to sit against that isn’t the bumpy walls of the dungeon’s tunnels.

But seriously, Al Capra must have the blessing of the god of carpentry for how fast he seems to be improving. His first chair was uneven but functional. Every chair since then has been perfectly balanced as all things should be.

And he’s not the only one who has been making progress.

In addition to getting more healing training by Frederick, Lily has finally gotten around to practicing sewing supplies we got from the village. As for the fabric that she has been sewing with… that would be Thera’s silk.

I tried having Lily explain to me how she was able to turn the webs into threads and then those into clothing, but between the process too complicated for my sex-focused brain and her broken English, I didn’t really understand much of what she was saying. Fortunately for me, she didn’t mind me having to ask a bunch of questions and actually seemed happy to talk and show off more.

She was really cute. I will admit that there were a few times where I did understand what she was saying, but still had her repeat herself just because it was nice seeing her talk so passionately about something.

The first thing that she made with the silk were clothes for Lenna. What she was wearing before was hardly appropriate for a young girl such as herself, so Lily made her some proper clothes to fully cover her. Though… she might be covered a bit too much now since she’s always pulling up her shirt to cool down. Fortunately, Lily has been teaching her about manners and to be careful around me and other men. It’s not that Lily thinks I would do anything to Lenna, of course, but it’s to make sure that Lenna gets into the practice of never accidentally exposing herself.

Akorya makes the lessons difficult, though. Numerous times now when Lily has tried telling Lenna to be careful with exposing herself, Akorya has grabbed my attention only to pop her tits out from her top. She’s being the exact opposite of a good role model.

I think forcing Akorya to wear more conservative clothing is going to be her punishment from now on. First, though, that clothing actually needs to be made.

Not too much else has happened. I kind of feel bad for Captain Consentacles and Lephacoda since they don’t really have anything to do unlike everybody else, but Goo has been keeping them company since everybody else has been busy.

I always forget that Goo is even here until I randomly come across her draining the cum out of somebody. Lately, that somebody has been Frederick, Captain Consentacles, or Lephacoda. Al Capra used to be a good source of cum for her before he got fully absorbed into carpentry work.

He’s working on beds for us right now. I figure that once we have some bedframes, he should be good enough to make what I want him to.

I’m also going to have to explain to him what a wooden horse is, and I’m not talking about the kind that little kids ride outside of grocery stores.

Then again, those weren’t actually wooden, and it’s not like that’s what he would think of anyways since those were made out of plastic… and the fact that there aren’t any grocery stores with those in the first place in this world.

Anyways, I’m going to need a wooden horse for my next session with Anna. I’m also going to have to get Lily to make us some proper rope to use, but I don’t have anything to attach the rope to the ceiling with. I could try putting a metal hook up there or something, but that would require me having a metal hook and I’m not sure how to install that into a rocky ceiling. If the ceiling was wooden, then…


I could have Al Capra create a sort of structure to hang Anna’s wrists from. If he makes a flat platform, two vertical beams, and then a horizontal one connecting the two vertical ones at the top, then it might work.

The problem with that is that it would probably take a long time without some sort of saw or whatever it is that carpenters use to make flat wood. What do they use for that? How do they turn wooden logs into planks? My growing interest in sewing and carpentry is dangerous. What if I start wanting to sew and play with wood all day—wood that isn’t my own—instead of fucking?

I also doubt that either of those things are going to help me save the world and all that.

Ah, damn it. Every time I’m reminded of that, I’m reminded of how little progress it feels like I’m making. Not only that, but now there is the problem of dealing with the Moon’s First.

Maybe… I know this is probably way too unrealistic and probably worthless anyways since Lust and them can just influence people down here whenever they want, but what if we could form some sort of alliance between everybody in this region? The humans of Dulyr, the fay of Elyndel, and the cute animal girls from the Moon’s First – if all three could work together, maybe we could figure something out.

If only it weren’t for them being able to influence anybody from this world.

Having an alliance where everybody can think and work together isn’t going to mean anything if it can be broken up as soon as they pose any threat, and it’s not like I could get everybody to help me out anyways. I’m still a nobody to this world. Then, even if we can somehow get things to work out well between the Moon’s First and humans, there are still the fay who I’m pretty sure hate everybody who isn’t with them at this point. I… didn’t really help out with that.

Here I am, with the literal world wanting me to save her, and I’m worrying about a wooden horse for some bondage play.

Alright. Can’t let myself get depressed over that. One day at a time, and I just have to keep on keeping on as I have been. I can’t worry about doing the impossible when I have no idea where to even begin. When the time comes, it will come. For now, all I can do is focus on what I can do.

And what I can do is worry about a wooden horse, how to suspend Anna from above on it, and… oh, yeah. I need to pay Wally a visit and see if he can make what I want him to.

Electrostimulation play is fun. I was originally thinking of having Wally make some sort of vibrator that I could use on Anna—and the others, of course—but what if I can get him to make some sort of electric wand as well? Anything more complex than that and a vibrator is probably out of the question, and… actually, a vibrator might be too complicated, too. I’ll just have to ask Wally about it and see if there is anything that he can do. I also need to figure out the extent of his magic. If he was able to use it to light those lamps in their base then it can probably be used for a wand or vibrator, but how long does it last? How strong is it?

Maybe I’ll go over today and ask him about it.

I can only imagine how he is going to react when I actually ask him about making a vibrator and wand. He will probably shake his head and sigh before letting me convince him to do it. Then I’ll call him Wally, give him a pat on the back, make him sigh again, and then familiarize myself with Dulyr a little bit more. Maybe I’ll check in on Frederick’s son to see how he’s doing so that I can report back to Frederick. Though, at the same time, Frederick wants his son to grow on his own now that he’s an adult. If I’m checking in on him for Frederick, he might not like that.

Oh, right. I still need to talk to Lupi some more about those bandits. Instead of lazing around with Shadow all day, her girls could probably go and start looking for tracks and clues. Though, it might be better to have them wait until night to do that. It would probably be harder to hunt the bandits down at night, but they’ll be able to stay hidden better from any humans in the area. Then again, they were pretty damn hidden and were only found by Anna and Thera because they wanted to be found. I think?

I guess I need to get more information from Lupi about their capabilities and all of that, too.

So, visit Wally and go over the bandit hunting plans with Lupi. Those are two newest additions to my list of things that need done.

Of course I add more to the list so soon after getting the first items on the list done. I’m never going to be able to fully complete everything that needs done. If one thing on the list gets completed, something else takes its place.

 At least I’m making some progress and have an idea of what needs to happen next. Most of our resource problems have been taken care of, we’ve got furniture, Lily is making new clothes, I’ve befriended one of the most important humans around here and am on good terms with the potential new leader of the Moon’s First if some sort of little revolution ever happens like it seems like she wants to happen, and…

Huh. I guess I’ve been making more progress than I thought. Maybe not dungeon progress, but social progress. That’s something, right?

I should probably get that Wally visit over with first. The sooner I share my ideas with him, the sooner I can figure out whether it’s possible or not and get what I want him to make.

I guess I’ll go ahead and tell the others—

Lupi is standing right in front of me, staring into my eyes with that intense expression of hers.

“Hey, what’s up?” I ask.

I can’t even be surprised anymore from suddenly finding out that I’m being stared at close by. Thera has got me desensitized to that. The only reason she’s still able to surprise me is because she somehow always manages to catch me completely off guard when I never expect it. Thera is just way too good at it.

“I’ve been thinking,” Lupi says and then doesn’t bother expanding on what she’s been thinking about.

I don’t know whether to play along with how she wants to apparently do this, or to tease her.

Eh, it’s been a few days. I guess I could try teasing her for once. Maybe I’ll be able to lighten that serious expression on her face.

“I’m glad to hear your brain is working,” I tease.

“What?” she asks with her head tilted.

I give up already. “Alright. What were you thinking about?”

“Oh. I was thinking about what you did to the girl with white hair.”



“What is it that I did to her?”

“You turned into a slime and bred her.”

Oh. I guess she saw that. Uh… I probably shouldn’t let Anna know that we were watched.

“It’s not alright to watch others have sex without their consent,” I tell Lupi.

“Does it matter? We breed in the open all the time.”

“One, I didn’t breed her. I can’t even knock anybody up while I’m transformed. Two, you’re still not supposed to watch because it’s not the right thing to do.”

“Then why weren’t you hiding if you didn’t want to be watched?”

“We were hiding.”

“Behind a bush isn’t a good hiding spot.”

I sigh and say, “You’re not wrong, but still. Why were you watching?”

“I was curious.”

“What were you curious about?”

“What you were doing.”


“I didn’t understand.”

“What didn’t you understand?”

“Any of it.”

“Then what do you want to know?”


“Why what?”

“Why all of it.”

This is going nowhere.

“What’s the point if you can’t breed? It looked like you were trying to breed,” she says, tilting her head in the other direction now.

“For fun and pleasure,” I answer. “Haven’t you ever had sex for fun?”

“I’ve never bred before.”

A virgin wolf girl…

No, no. She’s curious and asking important questions about sex right now. She needs educated, not me thinking about taking her virginity as a monster.

This is time for Damian, the Sexual Educator, not Damian, the Monster Fucker.

 “So, you’ve never had sex?” I ask.

She nods.

“And, as far as you know, the only point of sex is to have children?”

She nods more.

“There is way, way more to sex than just having children.”

“Is that why you put tentacles in weird places? What was the point of putting them in her mouth?”

“Because oral sex is great.”

“What’s that?”

“When you perform sexual activities with your mouth like sucking a dick, eating a girl out, or—”

“Eating a girl out? Is that like eating them from the inside?”


“What is it?” she asks, tilting her head in the other direction now as her tail casually wags behind her. Maybe she thinks learning is fun?

“It’s when you pleasure a woman’s pussy with your mouth. You lick it, suck on parts of it, stick your tongue inside – things like that.”

“What’s a pussy?”

“A vagina.”

She tilts her head the other way again.

Seriously, these animal girls must not get any sort of sexual education. “The thing between your legs that you use to have kids.”

“Why would you put your mouth there? What if you bite the baby?”

“That’s… that’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.”

She tilts her head down to look toward her crotch.

“It feels good to have it done to you. It’s not actually eating. That’s just what it’s nicknamed. It’s a bunch of licking, kissing, sucking – things like that. No biting unless you’re into pain, but even that is done for pleasure instead of to eat you.”

“It feels good?”

“Haven’t you ever masturbated?”

“What’s that?”

“When you pleasure yourself to make your body feel good. You know, haven’t you ever been horny and then – wait, haven’t you ever been in heat during that time of the year and then touched yourself to relax?”


“Then what did you do to deal with it?”

“Look for a worthy mate.”

“How’d that work out for you?”

She looks away. “It didn’t.”

I wonder…

Thera won’t let me do anything sexual with her even if it’s not actually mating. Even if it’s only for pleasure, the answer is no. Lupi here, however, might not be objected to sex if it’s to learn about pleasure rather than to breed.

I wonder if Thera knows about masturbation and does it. That could be why she’s in no big hurry to have sex even if sex would feel better. I mean, no matter how horny I can be and no matter how much I might want to fuck somebody, that desire goes away as soon as I cum from my own hands – well, hand now.

“Lupi, when’s the last time you washed off in the water?” I ask.

“Earlier. Why?” she asks back.

“Want to experience what I mean by feeling good?”

“I know what feeling good is.”


She raises one hand and sets it on top of her head.

“I mean something that feels even better than a wolf getting her head petted.”

She moves her hand from her head to her exposed, toned abdomen.

“Something even better than belly rubs, too.”

I guess that canine girls in this world like head pats and belly rubs as much as any normal dog would.

“What is it?” she asks.

I’m not really into this, but I might as well offer it. I want to see how she reacts to it.

“Being eaten out,” I answer. “I promise that you’ll feel good, and you’re not going to get pregnant.”

“How would I get pregnant if you’re using your mouth?”

“I’m just making sure that that’s clear.”

She looks down at her crotch again before looking up at my mouth.

“It doesn’t sound natural,” she says.

“We’re still using our natural body parts and it feels even better than a belly rub, so isn’t that good?”

She tilts her head from side to side.

“Okay,” she finally answers.

“You want me to show you what it means to feel pleasure, and why me and Anna were doing what we were?”

“Yeah. And why you did those things with the others.”

“You watched me with Lily and Akorya, too?”

She nods.

“You really need to learn about consent and giving people privacy,” I say and sigh. “Stay here. I’m going to go grab a chair.”

She nods and waits for me in the hot springs room as I go to grab one of the chairs from the living area. These chairs might not be meant for what I’m about to use them for, but everything in this dungeon is probably going to get used for sex at some point.

I just have to mark it or something once we’re done with it so that Lenna doesn’t accidentally use it. Actually… it might be impossible to make sure she never sits on this chair after it’s done being tainted.

I wonder if Al Capra would object to us using this chair as firewood later.

Anyways, I get back into the room, set the chair down on the ground, and point at it.

“Take your sash and any underwear off, then sit,” I tell her.

She does her usual doglike tilt of her head and then does exactly as I told her.

Though, before she sits, I run my hand over the wooden seat of the chair one more time to make sure that she won’t get any splinters or anything by sitting on it. She might be squirming around a bit on it in a couple of minutes here, after all.

An ass splinter wouldn’t be pleasant.

Now that she’s sitting down on the chair, I get onto my knees in front of her and move my hand toward her hips. She scoots back a bit at first, so I say, “I need to pull you closer to the edge. Don’t worry. Also, you’re going to have to spread your legs for me.”

Surprisingly, at the mention of her spreading her legs, she… actually blushes a little? She does spread them and let me hold her hips, though, so I bring her up to the edge of the seat while positioning myself between her legs.

“Is… it important to look so closely at it?” she asks me, that cute blush of hers growing even brighter as her fluffy ears twitch on the top of her head.

It’s nice seeing this side of her.

“It is,” I tease her before placing a kiss on the inside of her thigh while keeping my eyes on her face.

She still has the same intense expression, but she’s blushing during it at least. More importantly, I think I heard a little noise escape her when I kissed her.

Let’s see how many kisses it takes to get to the center of the… I’m not sure where I was going with that thought, but I’m disappointed in myself for not being able to finish it.

I guess I’ll just have to finish her instead.

Wait, that makes me feel like I’m a fighter in some sort of side-view fighting game.

I’m going to stop thinking and start licking.

She scoots back a tiny bit as soon as she sees my tongue approach her untouched lips, but the moment that she feels my tongue make contact with her, she arches her back and covers her mouth.

That… was a big reaction for a tiny lick.

She’s even covering her mouth now, her tail is excitedly wagging behind her, and her ears keep twitching.

“What was that?” she asks, still trying to maintain her serious composure.

I give her another lick, slowly dragging my tongue from the bottom of her lips up to her clit, to answer her.

Her back arches even more as a yelp of a moan forces itself out.

“Is this how it feels?” she asks between panting breaths.

“Only the start of it,” I answer.

I’ll save her clit for last.

For now, I place a few more kisses around her vulva and thighs, and then I let my tongue drag up and down her labia before pushing it into her virgin entrance. She clenches up and squeezes her thighs around my head.

I’ve had girls squeeze their thighs around my head before while going down on them.

None of those girls had thighs as strong as Lupi’s.

These things can fucking squeeze and I’m not even close to being done with her yet!

My head isn’t going to pop, right? I’m worried that might be a serious concern now because I think I can feel my brain getting squeezed smaller.

But I’m not a quitter.

Once I’m between somebody’s legs, I don’t stop until the job is finished.

I push my tongue as deeply as I can into her tight, hot passage.

Her taste matches the appearance of her strong body, and even her inner walls feel like they’re trying to clamp down on my tongue as it swirls around and drags itself against her.

This is when some people would say to do the alphabet trick. You’re supposed to be able to make a girl climax with oral by tracing the letters of the alphabet with your tongue.

Some people claim to do that with your tongue inside. Others say to do it while focusing on the clit. A few say to do the alphabet over the entirety of the vulva.

I don’t need mass-knowledge tricks shared by people who are too lazy to figure out how to pleasure a girl on their own.

It’s all about watching her reactions and repeating whatever gets her to make them.

For example, when I curl my tongue up and drag it against the top of her passage, I can feel my eyes feeling like they’re about to be popped out of their sockets from how tightly she’s squeezing my head between her forceful thighs.

At least if I’m going to die, it’s going to be dying between a woman’s thighs.

Then something else that I wasn’t expecting to happen happens.

She grabs the hair on top of my head with one hand while pushing me even deeper into her with her other hand on the back of my head.

Having my face practically grinded against her clit only makes her feel even better which results in her, naturally, squeezing harder and pushing more.

I’m going to have to give her a serious lesson about consent and expectations later. She’s lucky that I don’t mind being choked and actually have plenty of experience both being on the giving and receiving end of it.

But this is why I’m not a big fan of oral. I don’t mind doing it, especially when the rare mood strikes me like now, but I don’t like being choked too much even if I am used to it.

That just means I have to hurry up and make her cum.

My hand slides up between her thighs. Then, with a bit of difficulty, I reposition my head enough so that her clit is centered between my lips so that I can focus my tongue entirely on it as a couple of fingers slide into her soaking entrance to finger her.

I can feel my face going red as I use the last of what breath I have to lick her clit as if it’s the last clit I’m ever going to lick, and at this rate, it very well may be.

Fortunately, going by the fact that she stops curling over me, lets go of me, and throws her head back, I’ve made it.

Not only have I made her cum, but I made her squirt. All over my face.

Now I know that she’s a squirter. I would have taken my shirt off beforehand if I knew this.

“Haah… haah… tha-that… wa-was that – was that pleasure? I-is that what the white-haired w-woman felt? The others? I-is this why you do it?” she asks, her head still hanging back as she stares up at the ceiling of the cave with hearts in her eyes.

My shirt is already dirty now, so I might as well wipe my face off onto the sleeve.

“Like it?” I ask her.

“It… was a-almost as good as a belly rub.”

Wait, seriously? That wasn’t even as good as a belly rub after all that? I felt like I almost died and my technique can’t beat a belly rub?!



Now I’ve been personally challenged.

I take my shirt off, sit down with my legs out in front of me, and point at my lap.

“What are you doing?” Lupi asks, her breathing still labored from her orgasm. At least her expression isn’t as intense anymore, but it’s slowly coming back as the blush leaves her cheeks.

“Lie down. Right here.”

“Is this something else you want to teach me?”

“You’ll see.”

She tilts her head, gets up and puts her clothes back on, and then lies down over my thighs with her back against them.

“Like this?” she asks, her serious expression now back in full force.

I raise my hand up.

Her ears twitch and her eyes widen.

She knows what’s about to happen and I can feel her tail already trying to wag at full force underneath her.

My hand assaults her belly and starts rubbing as fast and as roughly as it can.

She covers up her face with her hands and wildly kicks her legs around I give her the best damn belly rubbing that any dog has ever gotten in all of existence across multiple universes.

If this is what her body requires of my skilled fingers, then this is what she’s going to get, damn it!

I do this for a solid thirty seconds before stopping and taking a breather. It’s actually kind of tiring to give such a hardcore belly rubbing.

“There. How was that?” I ask.

She keeps her face covered up while she nods.

“Want more?”

She nods.

I have discovered how to tame even the monsters feared by humans for being violent, brutal, and insanely powerful.

Belly rubs.

Whether the dog is a domesticated chihuahua, a fearless wolf, or an otherwise-human girl with a wolf tail and ears, there is no canine that can resist the power of a belly rub.

Mid-belly-rub, I lift my head and look at the noise that I heard come from behind me.

Shadow is there standing at the entrance of the room with the most betrayed, dead expression that I have ever seen come from a dog. His harem is standing with him, all looking at us with wide eyes at their furiously-blushing leader sprawled out over my legs.

I wonder if they’ll all forget about what they’re seeing, and if Shadow will forgive me, if they all get belly rubs.

I have a feeling that my arm is going to be ready to fall off before I even do my exercise with Frederick for the day.