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My arm is tired. I never would have thought that having to rub bellies would be as tiring as that was, but here I am with my arm feeling like it’s about to fall off.

I have to admit that it was pretty weird rubbing all the bellies of the other girls. I have maybe said a few words to them each over the past couple of days, but that’s it. I haven’t joked around with them, I haven’t flirted with them, I don’t even know their names, but… they all wanted belly rubs after seeing me give their leader one. Shadow wanted one too, of course.

So, I ended up rubbing each and every one of their bellies.

It probably would have been a really weird sight to anybody watching. By the end of it, I was surrounded by girls and a wolf on the floor, and they were all panting and blushing. Well, Shadow wasn’t blushing.

There’s something else that has happened as a result of the belly rubbing session.

Lupi… is staying even closer to me now. If “lost puppy” is a class, that class must have leveled up multiple times between me giving her oral and rubbing her belly.

Thinking of leveling up… fuck, it’s really been a long time since I’ve last looked at any of those windows behind me.

Maybe I should turn my head to get a quick look at them. I’ll just…


Never mind.

What I just saw was, by far, the largest amount of windows stacked on top of each other that I have ever seen. Shit, why did I let it get so bad? I told myself that I wasn’t going to let it become a problem like it did before, but here I am, with it being a problem again.

Damn it.

Maybe I should just start completely ignoring the windows. Then again… they do give me important information every now and then. What if I learned new skills? Or get new effects from achievements or something? There could be all sorts of information back there that I’m missing. I mean, it’s been like… what, two weeks or so since I last looked? It feels that long, anyways. It might have even been longer.

Keeping track of time is hard without clocks and calendars.

And… I probably should be paying more attention to them. Not only is all of that information important for living in this world, but it’s going to be important for saving this world – her, as well. If combat ability is tied to that information, and there’s no way I’m going to be able to cause a change without getting into fights at some point in this world, then – no. It doesn’t matter.

Those Sins could probably change how this world works at any moment if they have control over her. I could become a level nine-thousand-and-one warrior with giant axes and muscles thicker than dragon dicks, and they could probably snap their fingers and reduce my strength to that of a newborn tadpole.

Aren’t all tadpoles newborns? Saying a newborn tadpole might be redundant.

That doesn’t matter right now, Damian.

I shake the question out of my head and then open my eyes.

Coming into the dungeon is none other than a certain little sister spider. She’s not alone, either. She’s dragging behind her what appear to be three, webbed insects. She then stops, looks up at me, and waves her front two legs at me.

“Looks like somebody has been busy. You grinding out some levels?” I tease, not expecting a serious answer.

She nods her head, points back at her webbed prey, and then points at her mouth.

I… I guess that spiders can level up by hunting and eating insects? I mean, it makes sense. How else would they level up?

“Keep up the hard work,” I tell her with a thumbs-up.

She waves her legs some more before dragging her prey off.

“Hey, boss,” Al Capra says.


“More and more of those little spiders are moving into that room, right?”


“And they’re all the previous race of the keeper, right?”

“I think so.”

“Then aren’t they all going to become big like her if they evolve?”

Al Capra and I share a deep stare into each other’s eyes as we imagine the possibility of what he just said.

A dungeon… full of hot spider girls. No matter where we look, there is a spider girl there. Not only a spider girl, but an attractive spider girl like Thera. Some might not have breasts as large as Thera’s, but some might have some that are even bigger. Some might be petite, others might be thick, some might have short hair, others could have long hair – there would be a spider girl for every single preference there is.

Even Thera’s little sister might evolve and become humanoid like Thera. What would she be like? She’s already cuddly, energetic, pretty expressive, loyal, and hard working. Would she retain all of those qualities if she evolved?

What if she evolved to be even bigger than Thera is? Having a little sister who ends up being even bigger than her would be a pretty amusing sight, especially if the little sister is bigger in all sorts of departments instead of just general size.

I break eye contact with Al Capra to look over at Thera’s little sister as she drags the webbed insects away.

I should… I should probably stop lewding a spider. I’ll save the lewding for after she has evolved and actually has some humanoid parts. For now, I’d rather not imagine doing anything with her while she still looks like a normal spider in reality.

Fuck. That just brought back some memories of things I’ve seen online…

I mean, those videos weren’t the worst I’ve ever seen, but they were too much even for me.

What if somebody like those people are also here? If Lust chose the most perverted people from Earth, and if I’m supposedly one of them and I count those guys and girls as way more perverted than me, then shouldn’t they also be here?

Then, back when we were all together, some of those people might have been the people who put spiders…


That thought: banished.

Actually, there is a thought that’s in my head now after banishing that thought.

There’s no way that I’m in the top list for most perverted people from Earth. There are plenty of fetishes that I wouldn’t do, and even more that just don’t arouse me in the slightest. Shouldn’t the top list be people who were into everything? I know there are some people from Earth who could find sexual gratification from almost anything. There were people into gore, scat, vomit, bugs, rape, torture, snuff – everything. As much as I might like to pride myself on being a degenerate who can only get hard as a monster with the exception of a certain plant with unparalleled sucking capabilities, I don’t think I’m so proud that I would call myself one of the most perverted humans alive. Then there is Lily. She shares all of my fetishes and I know that she even has some that I don’t since she isn’t as consent focused as me.

Then again, thinking back to it, part of the qualifications for being chosen were not regretting leaving Earth and also having the most potential to be entertaining. The people even more perverted than me might have regretted leaving Earth or just wouldn’t have proven to be entertaining at all… I guess.

I wonder if Lust is regretting choosing me. Not that I care about providing any entertainment for her, but I’ve barely been having as much sex as I thought I would be when I was brought here, and nothing has been too kinky aside from me turning into monsters.

In fact, I’ve probably done more non-Lust things than Lust-related things. I also have this dungeon I’ve barely done anything with…

Wait, no. I know what’s going on here.

I recognized the fact that all those windows are behind me and the fact that I’ve been putting them off, so now I’m feeling motivated to do everything else instead of checking them. I am well aware of this trap and how difficult it is to get out of it!

“Boss, you’re gonna share some of those spiders once they evolve, right?” Al Capra asks.

“Of course I am. You know, we could have an entire section of the dungeon dedicated to spider girls. Or insects in general. Like, giant, monstrous insects. Not little insects. Hey, are there any bug monsters? Like a giant slug with tentacles. Or a huge dick-shaped worm. I’d be willing to transform into those and could recruit some for the dungeon.”

“Sounds like a plan, boss. Can’t answer if there are any monsters like those, but knowing you, you’ll probably find some even if they don’t exist.”

“Now that’s some nice praise. You in a good mood or something?”

“Had some fun with Goo earlier. She made herself look like that lady who visited a few days ago.”


“It was very nice, boss.”

Anna might think it’s weird that Goo took her appearance to have some fun with Al Capra, but I don’t think Goo did anything wrong by doing that. Now, if this were Earth and she was making imitation porn and uploading online, which could potentially be mistaken as real and hurt Anna’s reputation, that’d be a different story. But just taking that form to have some fun with Al Capra in private? Nothing wrong with that.

“Hey, has Goo ever said anything by any chance?” I ask.

“Don’t think so, boss. Why?”

“Just curious. She’s always either somewhere out of sight or milking one of you guys. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her do anything else since coming here. She doesn’t talk, socialize, or anything else.”

“Well, boss, she’s just a slime. Aren’t slimes pretty simple like that?”

“Yeah, I guess so. She just exists for cum and sleep.”

“That doesn’t sound like a bad life—”

“What’s that, Al Capra? You just want to drink cum and sleep all day?”

“You interrupted me, you dogshit. I was saying it didn’t sound like a bad life for a slime.”

“Insulting your master again?”

His eyes widen before he bows down with one of his hands sticking out. “Sorry, boss. Please cut off one of—”

“I’m not going to cut off one of your fingers. I’m just teasing you. Relax.”

“Sorry, boss.”

“Like I said, relax. You’re allowed to insult me as much as you want as long as you’re playing around about it. There’s a difference between seriously insulting somebody and just doing it while fucking around.”

“Understood, boss.”

“You’re being way too formal now. I said relax.”

“Sor—” he pauses to look up at me, “right. I’ll relax.”

“Good. By the way, how’s the carpentry going?”

He rubs the back of his head and sighs. “I wish I had some more tools and room to work with. Trying to do everything inside of the dungeon here is pretty difficult. I get that it’s risky to do it outdoors since we never know if anybody might come by and see me while I’m not looking out, but it doesn’t give me much room to work with. Can’t make anything too big.”

“Because then you wouldn’t be able to move it around in here?”


“So… how does building something too big for the tunnels outside of the dungeon help if you’d still have to bring whatever you make inside?”

Al Capra stares into my eyes and I stare into his.

I’m going to wait for him to realize it on his own.

This will be an important moment of growth for him.

“Ah,” he finally says. “Yeah. I guess that’d be a problem.”

“It’s alright. Just add it onto the list of problems we’ve already got and we’ll get around to it eventually.”

“Appreciate it, boss.”

“Speaking of things that need done, I’ve got a new project for you.”

“A new project?”

“Yeah, for after you’re done with the bedframes. Here…”

Alright. I’ve told Al Capra about what I’m going to need for Anna next time. He feels confident that he’ll be able to make what I want, so now I’ve got to get the rest of my ideas set up. This means that I need to go and visit Dulyr.

That might be a problem, though, thanks to a certain somebody who is even more inseparable than Lily and Akorya when it comes to my presence.

“Hey, Lupi. I need to go and visit the human town, so you’re going to have to stay here. Alright?” I tell her.

She looks disappointed but doesn’t say anything.

Her disappointment turns into annoyance when she sees Akorya jump onto me, wrap her arms around my neck, and sniff my face.

“Why are you sniffing me so much?” I ask.

“Because you smell like a woman, and not like one of us!” Akorya says with a pout.

Ah. Yeah. I figured I’d give myself a full bath later today, so I only washed my face off after rubbing all of those bellies.

Akorya sniffs my face a few more times and then looks at Lupi. Lupi’s crotch, to be specific. She turns her head back to look at me.

“Maaaassssttteeeerrrr, it’s not like I’m really into that or anything, but it’s not fair if you only do it to her! I want you to do it to me, too,” Akorya whines.

Lily, picking up on the clues that Akorya has been dropping, blushes and nods with Akorya’s words.

“I’ll do that for both of you after I return, alright? I should be back by night if I get going soon.”

“But I want it now,” Akorya whines some more. “I bet I taste better.”

That… was random enough that I’m struggling not to laugh, Lily is blushing and looking away while also trying not to laugh, Akorya doesn’t seem bothered at all by what she just said, and Lupi – well, Lupi doesn’t look too happy.

“What are you trying to say?” Lupi asks.

“I’m saying I bet I taste better than you!” Akorya answers. “He was licking you and tasting you, right? I’ll taste better, and I can make him feel good with my tail while he does it. Your tail isn’t as good as mine.” With a smug smile, Akorya brings up her tail and hangs it in the air between us so that Lupi can see its fleshy, bumpy interior that was designed solely for milking cocks of all their cum.

“Are you offering a taste?” Lupi replies, baring her fangs in a vicious smile that actually makes her look as deadly as humans like to say the Moon’s First are.

I should really stop this before anything—

“A-ah… heh-hehe, i-it’s okay,” Akorya says with a nervous smile as she gets off of me to instead hide behind me. “Sorry about that. I-I’m sure you taste good!”

Wait, what?

Between how Akorya was acting when she first met Lupi and now, I thought that there’d be some serious fight in her. Now… now I’m realizing that it was all bark and no bite – or, in Akorya’s case, all hissing and no biting.

As soon as Lupi finally got serious and actually tried to be threatening instead of talking back, Akorya went hiding behind me.

“What’s wrong?” Lupi asks. “You seemed so confident that you taste good. Why don’t you prove it?”

“Ma-maaassstteerrr… she – she’s scaring me now,” Akorya whine-whispers into my ear.

“Am I?” Lupi’s hungry smile grows even wider as she shows off her sharp canines. Those things look seriously sharp. Like, if she told me that she could bite through steel, I’d probably believe her. I’m surprised I didn’t notice sooner just how deadly those things have to be.

Then there is Lily.

While Akorya is whining and shivering behind me, Lily is watching from the side and just looks very, very aroused by the situation. She does kind of look worried for Akorya, but she’s mainly looking at those fangs and then looking at me.

I think I’m not biting Lily enough.

Then, just as Lupi starts to say something, I notice somebody else in here.

“Lenna! Hey, how are you? Has Frederick been teaching you how to read?” I ask, stepping away from Lupi and taking Akorya out from behind me.

I don’t want Lenna to see anything sexual nor violent, and I have a feeling that things were about to go both of those ways.

“Good,” Lenna answers.

I don’t know why, but the fact that she actually answers to me with some simple words makes me feel proud. From what I’ve gathered, Akorya is the closest thing she’s had to a parental figure in a long time, so I want her to have some actual parental figures. For now, that means Lily, Frederick, and me. I think Thera would make a great figure for her as well, but Thera just isn’t interested in being around a child that isn’t a spider.

“Read anything fun? Thera has lots of books to choose from,” I say.

“They’re boring,” Lenna answers.

“All of them?”


“Well, I’ll see about finding you some fun books while I’m in town. In exchange, you have to promise that you’re going to keep reading the boring stuff so that you can learn, too. Alright?”

“A fun book?” she asks, sounding like she doesn’t believe that such a thing is possible.

“Yeah. Like one about princesses and dragons.”

She looks even more confused now. I hope that this world actually has books for children. “I’ll bring something fun back for you to read.”


Now that I think about it, I have no idea where these books are actually coming from. I wouldn’t think that this world is technologically advanced enough to have a printing press and all of that. Maybe there is more advanced technology in other nations? Or is magic somehow involved? Depending on how magic is used, and seeing as how there’s a class for like everything, maybe it’s possible that there is some sort of class and magic specialized in copying books?

What isn’t there magic for in this world? Or what isn’t there a class for? I’ve actually seen very little magic, but it does seem like there is a class for everything. I mean… if I could get a class for giving massages, there has to be a class for all sorts of random things.

Wally might know more about that. I mean, I could ask Thera or Frederick, but I have a feeling that Wally would like to flex his information some more. The more things I let him explain to me so that he gets to feel smarter than me, the better that might be for me. Plus, since we’re both from Earth, maybe he’ll be able to explain things with better context for me – make them easier to understand or more relatable. Something like that.

“Lily, you want to come to town with me?” I ask.

I get my answer when I see Lily standing behind Lenna who is sitting on one of our new chairs. Just like the perfect mother that Lily would make, she’s combing Lenna’s hair before braiding it.

I guess I’ll see if Frederick wants to come along. First, I have to find him.

And find him I do. In… Lephacoda’s room.

“Ah, Damian, what brings you back here?” Frederick asks.

“Greetings, master,” Lephacoda says.

“Hey, and I’m just back here to check and see if you wanted to come with me to Dulyr,” I tell Frederick. “I’ve got to go seen one of the other chosen about something.”

“Ah, no thank you. I am having a rather interesting conversation with Lephacoda and Thera at the moment,” Frederick answers.

Wait. Thera? “Where’s Thera?”

“Here, darling,” she says, tapping me on my shoulder and causing me to jump forward enough to almost land in Lephacoda’s pit.

“She hid as soon as we heard you approaching,” Frederick says. “She was rather giddy about surprising you.”

“I was not giddy. I was simply amused at imagining his reaction. I am now disappointed that I was not able to make him jump as far as I had hoped.”

“You wanted me to land in Lephacoda?” I ask.

“It would have been amusing and a new record for how far I could make you jump in surprise, yes.”

“It is alright, master,” Lephacoda says. “I would have caught you before you hit my teeth.”

“Wait, you have teeth?” I ask.

I look down into the pit as Lephacoda moves all of his tentacles out of the way to reveal a large, circular mouth at his center that is lined with sharp, jagged teeth.

This… this makes him even better. What’s better than a consensual tentacle monster? A consensual tentacle monster that looks like it would be deadly, scary, and nonconsensual. The scarier and more brutal a monster looks, the better it is when said monster is actually a softie who cares about consent and being gentle.

Hm. Now that I think about it… am I actually kind of a softie? Sure, I think large and scary monsters are hot, but that’s because I love to see them actually be gentle and caring. It’s, as some would call it, “gap moe.”

I wonder. I know that I can attribute my love for monsters back to… him and what he did to me, as fucked up as that is, but I don’t really know if that’s the same reason for why I love consensual monsters.

Oh well. I can try to analyze my mind’s workings some other time.

“So, what were you talking about anyways?” I ask them.

“Life,” Frederick answers. “Some other things, too. Ethics and laws, expectations and reality – simple matters.”

“None of that sounds too simple to me.”

“That is what makes it so entertaining. One might think of them as being simple matters. After all, life is life. You live and you die. Laws are laws. You obey them or you get punished. Reality is reality. It simply is. But, we all know that such matters are never that simple, yes? There is always more.”

“I’m not good at this sort of stuff, so I’ll leave you three to it. Let me know if you decide on anything interesting. Maybe we’ll be able to make a new school of thought after it. Or a religion. Actually, yeah. Go ahead and discuss how best to start a new religion where everybody lovingly worships tentacles with their mouths.”

“That does not sound like a bad idea, master,” Lephacoda says.

“We’re both tentacle monsters. We’ve got to stick together.”

“Forgive me, master, but I do not believe that you are a tentacle monster such as myself.”

“Listen. It’s the tentacle monster on the inside that counts. I can promise you that I am every bit as tentacular as you on the inside.”

“You have tentacles inside of your body?”

“That sounds kinky, but no. I am not currently penetrated by any tentacles.”

“Then how do you have tentacles inside—”

“It’s a figure of speech. I don’t literally have tentacles inside of me. I just mean, I mentally and or spiritually have tentacles on the inside.”

“I am not sure that I understand.”

“Thera, can you explain it to him?”

“Very well, darling. Are you going to head to Dulyr now?” Thera asks.

“Yeah. I want to be back before it’s late.”

“Will you be going alone?”


“Then, if I may make a recommendation, why not take the little one?”

“The little one? Your little sister?”

“Yes. While I would not normally wish for her to go into such a dangerous environment, I do believe that seeing more of the world may be beneficial to her.”

“Are you sure? I mean, I don’t mind keeping her tucked away in my clothes or anything, but might still be dangerous.”

“I believe in you, Damian.”

Ah, dang. Hearing that come from Thera… that makes me way too happy. I’m still not sure why she would want me to take her little sister with me, but if Thera believes in me, of course I’m going to.

 “Oh, Damian,” Frederick says. “I do have a request. Would you take those potions I have brewed and trade for the items on the list I have left next to them? You should be able to acquire everything on the list if you go and see Lena.”

“Sure… wait. Lena? Lenna… did I subconsciously name Lenna that because of Lena?”

“Did you not? I was under the assumption that you did.”

“I… I didn’t even realize. I completely forgot what Lena’s name is until now.”

Frederick shrugs and says, “No worries. It is not as if people can not share the same name.”

“Right… anyways, I’ll grab the potions, your little sister, and get going,” I tell them. “Oh. Lephacoda, you got any requests while we’re at it?”

“Please feel free to bring back the Sophie girl, master.”

“Sure – wait, Frederick, can you understand Lephacoda?”

“I cannot, but Thera has been doing a wonderful job translating for us.”

“You just get more and more useful, don’t you, Thera?”

“If only the same could be said for you, darling,” Thera answers with a sly smile.

“You know, you’re going to turn me into a masochist with all of the teasing lately. I don’t think I’d mind if you wanted to step on my with your legs.”

“You get more and more odd by the day, do you not, darling?”

“Ah, you’re great, Thera. Never change.”

With that, I leave Lephacoda’s room and notice Captain Consentacles… rubbing his tentacles together while oozing cum all over the floor.

He stops when he notices me and then starts leaking even more.

“Don’t mind me. You do you,” I tell him.

The rubbing resumes.

I really need to get him a partner who can appreciate him since Sophie clearly didn’t.

Oh, there is somebody else I can give some orders to for while I’m gone now that I think about it.

Fortunately, she’s been following me from a comfortable distance this entire time.

“Lupi,” I call out.

“Yes?” she answers, coming into plain sight.

“When the sun sets, since I probably won’t be back until after it has, I want you and the others to go scouting.”

“To find those bandits?”

“Yeah. You might be able to get some clues if you head east of here to where there is a small farming community. Make sure not to go anywhere near the actual community, but on the far east side of it, you should be able to find some ruined crops and there might be some clues left behind there like footprints or something.”

“What if we find them?”

“Don’t do anything. Just make sure you find out where they’re staying and then come back to me. We’re going to have to confirm that they’re bandits before we do anything.”

“Alright. After the sun sets?”

“Yeah. It should be easier for you to avoid being found that way.”

“No humans can find us unless we choose to be seen.”

“Hey, you never know. It’s better safe than sorry. That’s also why I want you taking the rest of your followers with you, and please stay in groups.”

“We hunt best when we work together, so that is a given.”

“Great. Be safe, alright?”

“We will be. Even if we should find ourselves attacked, there are none who may defeat us.”

“You never know. Let’s not forget that I was able to defeat you with my tongue and a belly rub.”

Her cheeks turn slightly red as she steps back and wags her tail. “Th-that was not defeating me. I allowed you to perform such acts…”

“Right.” I pet her on the top of her head between her ears, getting her to nuzzle her head up against my hand as her tail wags even faster than before. “Just be safe, stay in groups, and hunt those bastards down, but don’t do anything if you do manage to find them. Try not to stay gone for too long, either. I want to see all of you here safe and sound by tomorrow morning.”

Naturally, I continue petting her while giving her all of those conditions.

“Al-alright,” she agrees. “Will you give me another… another,” she pauses and points at her belly, “if we find them?”

“I’ll give you as many belly rubs as you want – enough to last a lifetime.”

“I see,” she says, smiling and looking down at the ground.

Damn, she’s been a lot cuter ever since I gave her that belly rub.

Now, before I can leave, I just have to find Thera’s little sister and grab those things Frederick wants me to take. The latter is easy since all of those items are together and with the rest of his belongings in the resting area, but the former ends up being a bit of a challenge.

Why? Because she isn’t the only little spider living in the spider room anymore. There are several dozen of them now, and each one looks practically indistinguishable from one another aside from their sizes.

“Little spider sis? Raise your legs so I can find you,” I tell the room of spiders.

They all turn to look at me.

This… is kind of creepy. But, they all know I’m a friend, so that means I should treat them all as friends as well.

None of the visible spiders raise their legs, though. Well, until one of them does, but it’s not to signal who they are. Instead, the spider is pointing to behind a rock in the center of the room.

I walk over to the other side of the rock, being careful not to step on any of the spiders, and see… three empty sacks surrounding a certain spider who is leaning against the rock with her back as a couple of legs idly rub the underside of her abdomen.

I’m not sure that this is how spiders are supposed to work, but I’m not going to bother questioning it.

“Hey. Want to go into the city with me? Thera wants you to come along so that you can see more of the world, or something like that,” I tell her.

She immediately perks up and salutes me with one of her legs.

Alright. Time to head to Dulyr with my little spider companion. I’ll get a bit of trading done for Frederick and then head over to Wally’s and Sophie’s.

I wonder if I’ll be able to get Sophie to cook something for me.