Chapter 41 I got me some wet wipes
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I blocked the attack from the Ligerfang its powerful jaw rending jagged cuts in my shield. My feet slid on the ground and I felt myself tilt over about to fall on my back. My Golems Body was covering my entire body but I was still not able to content with the Level Two monster.

An axe fell down into the things neck, not far enough to kill it though. The Ligerfang roared rearing up on its hindlegs, two arrows went into its open maw.

A roar and a scream echoed out from behind me, I turned to see the ranger that had just saved me being lifted by a wyvern, I let my Golems Body lapse and chanted out Stellar Sheen.

I threw glowing daggers into the monsters leg and the girl dropped down on the ground three gashed on her shoulder from the monsters claws.

Just in time as the mage I had been protecting finished her own magic and a spear of fire cut straight through it.

“Don’t turn away from the monster idiot!” a voice sounded out beside me.

The padding of feet echoed out from behind and I stopped myself from diving to the ground, the mage was in its path and would go for her instead. I braced the best I could but my stance wasn’t right and my shield was already damaged.

A swish and a fiery axe planted itself in the monsters head. The fire faded to show a natural weapon. With the final monster my side was dealing with dead I was finally able to see the frontline.

Kaguya and Ryuu were fighting one Minotaur, Kaguya was meeting it blow for blow, overpowering it even, while Ryuu circled around slicing up its back and arms. Alise and Lyra were dealing with the other one, Lyra was playing a much more supportive role by drawing its attention then dancing out of danger. Alise was just kicking the things ass. Her arms, weapon and legs were covered in red fire and I noticed the burned hand of the Minotaur. She must have taken the axe from the thing and thrown it to help me.

She punched the thing's arm as it came at her and the snapping of bone echoed out. Then with a twist of her hand she cut its head in half.

Kaguya had both her blades in the other Minotaurs hands and had pinned it to the ground then Ryuu stabbed into the base of its skull severing the spine.

I helped out the other supporters that shucked out the Magic Stones. I thought back to our fight and berraded myself for messing up.

“Heyo kiddo,” Alise said, squatting down beside me.

“Heyooo,” I said unenthusiastically, my arm halfway in a monster's corpse.

“You did good back there.”

“Really? Because we have fought a shit ton of monsters since we came down and you never came over to talk after any of those,” I said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah….” she grinned sheepishly. “Well you did do good, but you know that you made a few mistakes, that’s even better. When you’re in a party, especially one where you have a designated role you must stick to that role. You have to believe that your other teammates are covering your back and eachothers backs. Its good, amazing, that you wanted to go out to help one of your teammates, trust me everytime I hear something like that I want to jump in and help too, but you weren’t in a safe enough position to do so. Had you been completely safe then of course you can step in and help, but imagine if you had left to go help and that Ligerfang had killed Celty because of it.”

Celty that was the mage I had been protecting.

“I understand,” I said. “I’m just not… I’ll try to do better.”

She rubbed my head and smiled happily.

“That’s all we can do.”

The Middle floors were far more wild than I had thought. I had been told how unforgiving the Dungeon could be, but here it really showed. Holes that went to lower floors, monsters that spawned far more frequently, twisting tunnels far more complex than the higher floors.

It was a treasure trove of information, and it helped guide what I needed to do to prepare for when I went down here more.

We finally made it to the end of the Seventeenth floor, it had been almost a full day, we had stopped several times to rest up. They showed me how they went to mapped out rooms with one entrance to slice up the walls and stay safe as the Dungeon focused on healing the walls instead of spawning monsters. They showed me ways that the monsters ambushed and how to spot the natural weapons so I could grab one for myself in a pinch.

A huge wall dominated one side, it was called the Great Wall of Sorrows and it was where the first Monster Rex of the Dungeon spawned. It was a Level Four threat and would spawn every two weeks.

I wonder if it was two weeks from when it was defeated or two weeks from when it first spawned. I don’t think two Monster Rex’s could be there at the same time otherwise during the Ancient Times the world would be full of them, but maybe it was one after another. Like the Dungeon could prepare one for when another died.

There were no monsters there so we went on our merry way, the Monster Rex was not spawning for another week.

We went down a ramp at the end of the tunnel that led to the Eighteenth Floor.

“God damn.”

The ceiling of the level was coated in crystals, only the largest one in the center shining enough light to see, well there were a few smaller ones here and there imitating stars. It was night cycle and shadows covered the forest below them.

“Alright, we’ll set up camp outside the town and rest until morning, then girls it's bath time!” Alise said, pointing off into the distance like she was Christiphor Collumbus and was about to find a continent full of people to spread disease and the righteousness of God to.

“Yay!” some of them cheered.

“Wohoo…” I mumbled quietly.

I was led to a grove that the girls seemed to know by heart and opened up. I was tired and dirty from the hours of fighting, but I stayed up for an hour to write in a journal about the monsters and tactics the Astrea Familia used. I knew that after sleeping I would forget a large portion of it so I wanted to keep my thoughts fresh.

I woke up to the other girls rustling about getting their clothes and towels ready.

“Hmm? Ugh good morning.”

“Damn he’s up. We need to make sure that those on watch keep a look out for him too.”

“Huh?” I said trying to extract myself from my bedding.

“I don’t know Lyra Ryuu said she’d stay behind to keep an eye on him.”

“Ryuu is an idiot and would probably be tricked to let him sneak off.” Kaguya said.

“I am not! Is this how you treat someone that is giving up their bath time so you can be worry free?” Ryuu shouted at her.

“Well knowing you I’ll still be worried.”

“You crazy woman! Leave me out of your delusions.”

“Ok ok, come on, we need to get back soon so we can go into town. Kova.,” Alise said, finally turning to me. “Stay here, we are going to bathe, maybe if we’re fast enough we can have someone keep watch for you so you can go too.”

“And don’t even try to peep on us. You wouldn’t want to know what happened to the last people that tried that.”

“So many potential bloodlines gone, just like that.”

“At least they won’t have to worry about getting the prostitutes pregnant anymore.”

“Snip snip.”

What the fuck, I wasn’t even awake yet.

“Ok ok ok, two things, wait no three things. One, thank you Lyra for giving me nightmares for the next three years. Two, I’m not going to sneak around to peep on girls because thats fucking weird and creepy, like seriously is that normal? Are guys really just that fucked up here?”

“Yes,” They all said together.



“Yeah anyways, I don’t need to peep because I get bitches, and people that peep don’t. Third I brought…”

I fished in my pack for what was essentially my homemade wet wipes.

“These to clean myself, so you don’t need to worry about it, take your time.”

They seemed shocked that I wasn’t a creepy pervert like other guys, I mean I was a pervert but I had my limits. If it was say Hephy and she had finally agreed to be mine then yes I would look at her bathe every day if I could. I’d also sniff- you know what lets move on.

Alise got down on her knees in front of me.

“Kova… you’re going to make a great husband one day, never change. Don’t let them corrupt you. Especially the Gods, they’re all a bunch of perverted freaks.”

Of course it came from the Gods.

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