Ch.238 Zero
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The Grey Lord’s vision was entirely consumed by a bright silver light that seemed to have struck down from the sky. It was like a tribulation, only, it was so big that it was all anyone could see, and on top of it not disappearing a few seconds later like a regular tribulation, seemingly very content on staying, it also constantly let out a loud and shrill sound that dragged on and on.


It drowned out all other sound, and soon, the strange phenomenon was all the Grey Lord could see and hear. Endless silver light and a single sound. He felt like he was dead.


Was this what death was like? He thought it would have been a lot darker. Certainly more silent. Would he have to put up with this for as long as his consciousness still remained? Is this what he had been reduced to? How far he had fallen!


Hate for the Purgatory Vermillion bird race wiggled its way into his fragile mind, but even that had to make way for the worry he had for his own race. How many were dying by the second? How many were about to… join him? Oh how he hated.


If only-






<You have been offered a Contract by the Moon.>


<The Moon would like to make you an Apostle in exchange for eternal servitude, protection, and a copy of your memories. Do you agree?>




For a moment the Grey Lord was stunned. What was the meaning of this? Apostle? Eternal servitude? Even a copy of his memories? Moreover, what kind of protection could a dead mean Wait. Was he not… dead?


‘System!’ He called out.




<Yes, Host?>


‘What is an Apostle?’




<The Host has not met the requirement for that information.>


‘Dammit!’ He was really tired of hearing that. But at the same time he was a little excited. All hidden information was special information, if the System wasn’t willing to tell him what an Apostle was, then didn’t that mean it was at least a little impressive?


With the notion that he might not be dead spurring him on, he almost decided to agree to the so-called contract immediately. But then a sudden thought crossed his mind.


Even if an Apostle is something great, that didn’t mean it was great for him. It could be an elaborate term for a slave. The Common Language wasn’t helping him too much, he could only vaguely understand that the word ‘Apostle’ meant some kind of special follower. But that didn’t rule out the possibility of slavery. Hey, just look at the ‘Eternal Servitude’ that was being demanded from him!


‘System!’ He called out once more.




<Yes, Host?>


‘Would my wellbeing be in- wait. Am I still even alive?’




<Yes, you are alive, Host. But you are currently in the process of dying. It is recommended that you find a way to survive.>


‘Yes! Wait- as if I don’t know that! This stupid thing, do you think I want to die?’




<No, Host. It was only a recommendation.>


‘How can I survive this? Do you have a way? I still can’t feel my body!’




<It is recommended that you accept the Apostle Contract.>


‘...So it indeed does have the ability to assist me. I was wondering after thinking about the ‘protection’ requirement. How could I protect anything if I was in this state? Surely it had a way to make me capable. But this brings me back to my initial question…


Will my wellbeing be compromised if I accept the contract?’






‘What about my people? Would they come to harm because of this contract?’




<It is very unlikely, Host. As we speak, they too are being offered contracts, and many are accepting.>


‘The same contract?’ He didn’t like how his question was answered. He would prefer a definitive no. But he highly doubted he could get much more information concerning that so he had to move on.






‘Then which one?’




<The Host has not met the requirement for->


‘Alright! Alright! Tch, I get it. Fine then. If this thing can preserve my life, and even my own people are accepting contracts, then I can only accept. I need to protect my race for as long as I can.’




<Seeking confirmation. Does the Host wish to accept the Apostle Contract?>






<Congratulations. You have made a Contract with the Moon.>


<Congratulations. You have become the Apostle of the Moon.>


<Congratulations. You have gained the Heaven Grade [Moon Apostle Physique].>


<Congratulations. You have gained the Earth Grade [Sanctified Lunar Bloodline].>


<Congratulations. You have gained comprehension in the Laws of Ice and the Laws of Wind.>


<Congratulations. You had gained the title [The Moon’s Sixth Apostle].>


<Congratulations. You have been named [Zero] by the Moon.>


<Congratulations. Your Mana has been reforged by the Laws of Wind.>


<Congratulations. You have entered the 2nd Stage of the Enlightened Beast Realm.>


<Congratulations. You have entered the 3rd Stage of the Enlightened Beast Realm.>


Zero’s mind blanked out as the composition of his previously affinityless Mana became reforged by the Laws of Wind, powering him up exponentially. And then his power surged even further as his cultivation seamlessly broke through 2 stages.


It wasn’t necessarily painful, but it was very uncomfortable and felt very ethereal. He felt like something soft slithering across his brain, pushing his nerves to a hyper state of sensitivity and making him feel all kinds of things. He couldn’t feel his body but at the same time he could feel everything. It was very weird.


But when he woke up multiple moments later, his eyes opened and a completely different scene was presented before him.


For one, the previously ordinary members of his race, the ones that were still alive at least, had all become completely different. Gone were the brown, common feathers that they used to have. Now, they all had feathers of the purest white and they glowed with magic. Their beaks were sharper and harder, going by the reflective glint they were showing like precious metals, and the same went for their claws. Their eyes had also changed colour, becoming a startling silver-blue, and the size of their entire bodies had grown too.


His entire race seemed to have evolved in an instant.