Chapter 141: Deep
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Chapter 141:



 As Skylar and Selena wondered if that Rhett was from the Trest family, Annie felt aggrieved that she didn't have a chance to overcome her innocent behavior. 

 She could just run and catch them, but… are they worth it? 

 Annie calmed herself, 'There will be more chances in the future, I'm sure.'

 She glanced at the barrier behind them in the distance. 

 'I wonder at what stage they are at, hehe.'


 Within the barrier.


 Emily had woken up not long ago from the pleasure she received. The feeling of his strong hands gripping her big tits while his huge cock ravished her non-stop, made her arch her body once again as she orgasmed for the 4th time in a row.

  "Ahhhh~ I'm coming… C-Coming!! Vincent~~!!" Emily heavily moaned as his cock once again entered her womb.

 Her eyes were rolled back as her hands holded the table's edges, while her trembling legs were tightly wrapped around his hips.

 Vincent looked at her with half-opened eyes before he bent down a bit and moved his hands to wrap her in his embrace. He didn't move his hips anymore and just accommodated himself inside her. His white long hair fell on her chest as he moved his face to her pointed two mountain peaks before taking them into his mouth one after another. He has yet to ejaculate inside her since he was holding back his orgasm to give her the biggest release he could give. 

 "Vincent~ I love you. Enough… please, let me suck you. I want it," said Emily under this heavenly feeling that has descended on her.


 He ignored her plea and continued to suck her tits as his big hands held her back while his big dick was inside her trembling womb.

 "Ahh~ Please, dear, I want him in my mouth… Please~," she said while inhaling the scent of his hair that raised her desire to suck him off even more.

 Vincent moved his eyes from her tits to look at her.

 "Emily… *Suck* Is the past still tormenting you? Please, tell me. *Suck* I will relieve you from it," said Vincent as he gazed into her black eyes while his mouth did its job of sucking her sweet nipples.

 Emily had her mouth open as she tried to catch a breath. She said,

 "A little, ahhh~ Just a little. I hate it. The face of that man that almost managed to rape me appears in my head, but it's happening… ahh~ very rarely. Especially after I became your wife, it almost stopped."

 "But it's still there, right? *Suck* In this case, I need to forcefully get rid of it for you."

 Vincent stopped sucking her, placed her on the table, and moved back, pulling out his big, covered in her liquid love, cock to move to another side. 

 'Oh, no. Now I want him to put his cock back inside of me…' thought Emily and she felt very empty after his big cock left her wet vagina.

 Vincent walked to the other side while his fingers gently slid on her skin as he moved. They slowly slid from her legs to her thighs, then abdomen, belly, chest, nipples, shoulder, neck, chin, and then stopped at her pink lips.

 "Open your little seductive mouth, honey. I will cleanse your mind from that filth that is haunting you," said Vincent as he stood right behind laying on the table, Emily, while his cock was just a few centimeters away from her mouth.


 Her heart skipped a beat as she witnessed his size so close.

 She inhaled his scent…

 'Oh god, this scent… His scent… Give it to me already~' her pussy began to twitch as if telling Emily that she wanted his cock in the wrong hole.

 "Yes~~ Use my mouth to purify my soul, dear. The deeper you go, the better the result would be… I'm sure of it."

 Vincent gently caressed her face and smiled.

 "You know, your sisters in the "PW" is seeing and hearing us right now."

 Emily's eyes widen.

 "Don't worry. Only they could see us since I put restrictions on others."

 Emily blinked a few times before smiling.

 "Then it's fine. I don't want anyone other than my sisters to see me like this when you hold me."

 Vincent suddenly smiled as he received a message from "PW".

 He smiled as he shook his head.

 "Dear, what's wrong? Put your cock in my mouth already. I want to properly savor your taste." said Emily as she licked her lips and his finger on them.

 Vincent looked at how she licked his big finger and said.

 "It's just that your sister, Emma, wanted to join us."

 Emma… Hehe… 

 "Emma? No. Screw her. Your mine right now, and only mine. She can wait for another time."

 Emily stopped licking his finger and looked at him with a pleading gaze.

 "Haha, okay. In that case…"

 Said Vincent and pulled her head a bit further to make it hang down from the table, so he can comfortably move.

She found herself to be below his huge, covered in her pussy's liquid cock. Her long black silky hair fell to the ground as the rest of her body was on the table. She can't wait anymore…

 'Finally~' said in her mind, Emily, and opened her mouth as her hands grabbed the table's edges. 

 As he saw her mouth open, he placed his hands on her cheeks and moved.

 The head on his big dick touched her lips as she-


 She began to slowly kiss its head with love and passion.

 Vincent gives her a bit of time to kiss and lick him as much as she wanted.

 After 15 seconds she stopped.


 She cleaned his tip from her juice.

 "Now you can enter, honey. Use my mouth and throat to your heart's content," said Emily and opened her mouth even more, as much as she could. Only this way she could accommodate his big size inside her mouth.

 Vincent smiled as he gave her the last glance.

 "As you wish, dear."

 He moved. His tip entered her slippery mouth, filling it to the brim while Emily began to lick him as he moved deeper.

 Her throat long ago was trained to take him in, so she found 0 to no problems with it.

 His almost 20 centimeters long, and 7 centimeters wide dick entered her tight throat till the end.


 Emily moaned in her dreamy voice as his huge cock finally was there, inside her throat.

 Vincent could see how her neck bulged from his size. He tightened his hold of her head and moved back until only his tip was inside her mouth.

 He held her red from lust face and thrust forward.


 His big cock penetrated her mouth and throat until his balls touched her face before repeating it again and again.


 "Mmmmm~~" Emily closed her eyes and moaned from ecstasy as her mouth was taken by her dear husband.