Chapter 40 “Condition”
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Zhang Jue was usually a hangdog, but once he became serious. He was a dark and terrifying person, and he was very aggressive.

Zhang Shijia lowered his head. He knew Zhang Jue would not kill him, but this line was enough to show Zhang Jue's attitude. If he said anything else that Zhang Jue did not like to hear, he would definitely have dire consequences to come.

Hearing Zhang Jue finish, Yang Xue sighed. She knew that what Zhang Jue said was right. Most of the time, you can't get something done. Not because of external resistance, but because of internal reasons.

"Teacher, you want to cancel the show?" Just at that moment, a drama actress timidly probes in through the door.

For a moment, she heard only a part of their conversation. She was very timid, and Zhang Jue's just aggressive behavior scared her so much that she didn't dare to speak. But when she heard that the performance was going to be canceled. She couldn't accept it, and tears dripped from the corners of her eyes.

"Teacher, we've been preparing for this performance for over half a year. Did we not work hard enough? What should we do to improve, could you tell us? We'll do whatever it is, but please don't, don't cancel the performance...please..." said the little girl who could no longer hold back the sadness inside and burst out.

She didn't cry heartbreakingly, but those two lines of tears were the most heartbreaking thing to see. Yang Xue hugged her into her arms, although she didn't know how to comfort her.

The performance of the Hanged King's Tragedy is too dangerous to be performed. Zhang Shijia does not know what lies beneath it and their students cried miserably. There's nothing they can do about it other than do nothing.

Sigh, this is going to be such a pain in the head.

Zhang Jue sighed. "It's not impossible to get them to perform, but there's one condition."

Once they heard that Zhang Jue had a solution, Yang Xue and Zhang Shijia's mood instantly lightened up, "What's that?"

Zhang Jue looked out the window with an indescribable vicissitude on his face, "I must be involved in the performance."

After leaving Zhang Shijia's office, Zhang Jue and Yang Xue's plan was to find Lei Shan first and explain the situation to him.

Lei Shan looked at Zhang Jue with his deep eyes, "As long as Advisor Zhang is sure, there is no problem on my side. You guys just go ahead and do what you want, and if anything goes wrong, the Foundation will cover it for you." Lei Shan acted with full readiness, which Zhang Jue had not expected.

Because of that, Yang Xue felt a little bit strange, "Wait… shouldn't we need to ask headquarters for instructions first?"

Lei Shan smiled and said, "For a couple of reasons, there's no need to alarm those adults yet."

Hearing this, Zhang Jue couldn't help but give her a thumbs up. It was good to have a lot of power. If he becomes the Foundation's top brass, he will be sorry for the SCP signature if he doesn't pick up a few women with his position.

Shaking off those boring thoughts, Zhang Jue thought for a moment and said, "For safety's sake, when the play starts, the signal of the live webcast must be throttled, and the public will say it's a network problem. Then ask Brother Lei to transfer a team of MTFs to stand guard near the college. If my plan fails and there's a disturbance in the auditorium, immediately let them in to perform memory deletion on everyone. "

That's all that can be thought of, as for what else will happen on the spot, are to be adjusted again temporarily.

Seeing that Yang Xue and Lei Shan did not object. Zhang Jue tapped the table, "Then it's decided!"

Zhang Shijia was muddled and came to Vice President Zhang's office. Vice President Zhang was organizing the guests' information attending the dinner party and was distracted when he saw him coming.

"Didn't I tell you to stay well with Advisor Zhang? The show is about to start. Why did you come back by yourself, and where are they?"

"They... they went to find President Lei." Zhang Shijia stammered, probably scared by Zhang Jue, still dispirited.

"Went to find President Lei? For what?" Seeing that his nephew seemed a bit out of the ordinary, Vice President Zhang frowned and said, "What's wrong with you? what happened?"

Seeing that someone finally cared about him, Zhang Shijia could no longer hold back, and the thirty-year-old man eventually breaks down.

"Zhang Jue, Zhang Jue said he wanted to join the afternoon theatre performance or the whole show would be canceled-"

"What? Did he really say that?"

Vice President Zhang stood up. He knew that the theatre club was Zhang Shijia's passion. But he couldn't figure out why Zhang Jue, an advisor for a multinational megacompany, would want to perform a theatre play.

He hadn't attended rehearsals, so if he went on stage like this, wouldn't he mess up the performance?

Zhang Shijia cried, "Uncle, you have to do something, this is the centennial celebration of the school, you know-"

"Okay, I understand." Vice President Zhang patted his shoulder, "Wait here, I'm going to find the President."

Vice President Zhang's office was not far from President Bai's office. He stood outside the door, took a deep breath, straightened his suit, and knocked on the door.

"Please come in." President Bai's voice came from inside the room.

When Vice President Zhang entered the room, he found that Minister Qiu was also there. But the performance was about to start in a moment, so Vice President Zhang didn't feel anything out of the usual.

He briefly spoke about what he had learned from Zhang Shijia. Hearing that Zhang Jue wanted to perform a play on the stage, President Bai and Minister Qiu both looked at each other without making any comments.

President Bai looked at him, "So, Vice President Zhang, what do you want me to do?"

"We have to stop him. We can't let him do whatever he wants." Vice President Zhang said, "This Advisor Zhang is not trained and has not read the script. He will definitely make a fool of himself if he goes on the stage."

"Goodness." After hearing Vice President Zhang's words, President Bai sighed with a disappointed look in his eyes.

President Bai's expression made Vice President Zhang feel strange, and he didn't know what he had done wrong again.

Minister Qiu laughed sarcastically, "Vice President Zhang, Principal Bai, and you are colleagues. There are some difficult words that he can't say. So, I, as an outsider, will point you out something."

"Zhang Jue whatever he is up to and what he will do. Whether he makes a fool of himself or not, it is never in our consideration. You only need to know that he represents Lei Shan, represents the Sirui Group."

"Jiangzhou City is not big, not small, and has been lukewarm over the years. Why? There is no leader to develop this land, and we need the investment funds from the Sirui Group, which is our best investor. Countless investors, spectators will gather their eyes here. Then, Jiangzhou City or Jiangzhou University will reap the benefit endlessly. You and I are the makers of this era."

Vice President Zhang's thought was not as big as Minister Qiu's and President Bai's. After hearing Minister Qiu's words, he realized what Zhang Jue's person meant to them and finally knew why President Bai and Minister Qiu were trying to please Zhang Jue in every way possible.

What they wanted was not just the present but the future.

Figuring out the reasoning, Vice President Zhang subconsciously asked, "Then what should we do?"

"What should we do?" Minister Qiu snickered, "That Advisor Zhang, didn't he say he wanted to perform on the stage? Let me put it simply Vice President Zhang. Even if he takes a shit on the stage, you'll have to find someone to go up and eat it for me!"

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