Ch.227: A dip together – Part 1 [NSFW]
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Xie Yi faltered in his steps for a moment before approaching, his eyes glued to his master.

Shi Yue looked up and away again, patting the space beside him.

Xie Yi sat down and looked at the water.


“Master”, he said in a repentant tone.

“Hm? What is it?”, Shi Yue asked, a bit surprised at hearing Xie Yi speak like he was going to apologize. Indeed, his disciple had lowered his head between his shoulders.

“I should have listened to you”, Xie Yi grumbled, folding his hands on his knees as he leaned forward, grumpily staring at his feet in the water. “This truly is a bit problematic.”


In the silence, they could only hear the rustling of the wind.

Xie Yi was fighting with himself. Although he had learned all about the sexual things he had missed, his brain was only recovering slowly from what was hundreds of years of habit.

He did not display the same reactions that young men were expected to have and never woke up aroused. He did not have troublesome dreams, either. He was drawn to Shi Yue and did want physical contact, but it hadn’t ever carried more than a giddy desire and the heat of an embarrassed flush.

Now he was understanding what the problem was.

When it got to the point, some things were annoyingly impossible to control.

He was quite well aware that the fact that his body was heating up rapidly was not fully linked to the heat that the hot spring was emitting.

The most annoying thing was how he was mentally tearing himself apart.

Shi Yue was still his master and he deserved respect.

On the other hand, he really wanted to jump over and touch that beautiful body. He didn’t quite know why or what to make of it, but anyway, he really wanted to touch.

He could feel Shi Yue’s gaze on him, which did nothing to cool down the heat that was flushing from his face down to his stomach.

Xie Yi pulled a face.

“I should probably go out, but…”, he complained. He wasn’t sure if he liked the loss of control.

“But what?”

He could see a sliver of Shi Yue’s white hair from the side of his eyes, indicating that the man had leaned forward a bit. There was a slightly weird tone to the man’s voice that was tickling Xie Yi’s ear.

Xie Yi fidgeted where he sat, rubbing his left ear. The area had quite a high amount of moisture due to the water evaporating, but his lips felt dry.

From his lowered head, he threw a quick glance at the muscular, lean legs of the other. Ugh.

“It would be kind of a shame to miss the sight”, he said very honestly.

Next to him, Shi Yue was mentally screaming.

On a normal day, Xie Yi was attractive, on good days, he was seductive.

This was being beyond seductive.

This was more of an invitation.

If he didn’t have a number of things holding him back, Shi Yue would have a hard time controlling himself.

Anyway, Xie Yi was still a guy and he felt a bit awkward about the thought of sexual interactions with him. Moreover, their relationship was only at an early stage. The most important point was that Xie Yi was not completely aware of what was going on with his near nonexistent experience.

Shi Yue breathed in very slowly and finally managed to steady his mind and filter out the seductive tone from his voice.


At the same time, though, Xie Yi cracked.

He tilted his head up, glancing at Shi Yue with pursed lips before his eyes lowered, sliding all over his body.

Shi Yue felt a tremble go through him.

“Can I touch?”, Xie Yi mumbled in a low tone, shifting his weight to his left and leaning forward a bit.

Shi Yue leaned away, feeling his just-collected rationality crumble away.

“Please?”, Xie Yi drawled. They were a couple, right? Couples could touch each other, right? Actually, he did not need to hold back on doing this, right?

Since Shi Yue was his boyfriend, it wasn’t disrespectful… It was only normal…

“No good”, Shi Yue forced out in a hoarse voice, gripping the wrist of the naughty right hand that was inching towards him. “Stop doing things that will seduce me! My self-control is only that good!”

Xie Yi whined. “Isn’t it a good exchange then?”


“Well”, he complained, “You let me touch you… and in return, you can also do something. Couples compromise, don’t they? I think it’s a good idea.”

He blew up his cheeks and leaned closer.

Shi Yue felt like crying. “You don’t even understand those things! That’s not exactly an even exchange!”

Xie Yi stopped in his advance, blinked, and raised an eyebrow with a huff. From one second to the other, the adult, Demonic Sect’s leader came out fully.

He gave a low, almost amused chuckle. “Not even? I would not say so. I am not putting any constraint on my condition, am I? I doubt I will lose out with the full permission to touch you as I wish. And…”

He smirked with lowered eyes, leaning further forward.

“Why do you think that the things you will do would be a disadvantage for me? I’m quite looking forward to whatever you will do to me.”

And with that, the vicious sect leader made place for Xie Yi once again, a rather violent change between intended and unintended seduction.

“Please?” He dragged the word.

Shi Yue’s wall of self control did not even crumble. It plainly decided that there was no use in resisting and went out of the way.

“Come here then”, he said in a low voice, reaching out to drag Xie Yi over to him.

Since the other was cooperative, he landed on his lap, straddling him.

The towel held out but it was not exactly the greatest barrier between them and the heat that was transferring from Xie Yi was increasing his own body temperature even further.

Shi Yue pressed his lips together as he lifted a hand and brushed it through Xie Yi’s fringe, pushing it back.

The man grinned in satisfaction and brought a hand to Shi Yue’s chest, letting it slide over it.

The hot body shivered under the touch that was slowly moving down to his abdomen, caressing the obvious muscles and brushing over the protrusion of his hip.

Shi Yue hummed. His last sexual interaction with another person had been a while and Xie Yi’s probing touches were lighting fires wherever they went.

He allowed himself to relax and his breathing to quicken. Xie Yi was his boyfriend now and blindly devoted, it wasn’t like there was something to hide in front of someone he intended to keep by his side.

Wrapping an arm around Xie Yi’s waist, he tugged him a bit closer - but not too much. If he actually pressed Xie Yi against himself and had him sitting completely on the still rather obedient part of himself, it would be too hard to control.

He leaned forward, placing his face in the nape of Xie Yi’s neck. The other tensed abruptly and relaxed only a second later.

Shi Yue was happy at the display of trust.

Carefully, he placed a kiss on Xie Yi’s neck and wandered down to the delicate collar bones.

Xie Yi made a small sound when Shi Yue nibbled on the thin skin. He shuddered at the contact, his fingers twitching on Shi Yue’s waist.

The involuntary movements were sign enough that Xie Yi wasn’t disliking what he was doing, especially when Xie Yi’s free hand snaked up his back and into his hair as if to keep him in place.

Xie Yi’s breath hitched as the hand around his waist replicated the movement, heavily rubbing over the area just above Shi Yue’s towel. He squirmed more and Shi Yue cursed mentally.

He did not need to look down to know that he was reacting to the small sounds of the other man, the movements and the soft skin beneath his lips and fingers.

“Shi Yue”, Xie Yi called out, drawling the name a bit as if he felt hazy. The Grandmaster replied by dragging his tongue up to his throat and sucking on the bump on it.

Xie Yi groaned.

The sound was dripping unrestrained excitement. Coupled with the shudder that went through the young man and a slight arch of his back, Shi Yue could do nothing but exhale in a shaky breath.

Aah. It was surprisingly easy to fall for this seductive body, male or not.

He felt a tug at his towel and growled at Xie Yi, tightening his hold around him momentarily in warning.

Awkward screaming
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