Ch.236: Everyone’s preparations – Part 1
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Weekly 1/2
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What followed was a lot of crying every male in the room was quite uncomfortable with. When Xie Yi and Xu Yan sat down on the side, Qiang Ren hurriedly joined them and awkwardly leaned against Xie Yi.

As soon as they had calmed down a bit, Xie Yi spoke up. “You can stay here for the next couple of days. We will lock your room most of the time and when you’re with Xiao Zai, there will always be someone nearby, but other than that I hope you will feel comfortable.”

“You should know - everything is more comfortable than being part of the Demonic Sect”, Zhi Ci said sadly. She forced a smile and caressed her little sister’s head.

Xiao Zai switched between crying and coughing. Her health was still a bit bad, but with good nutrition and a lot of care, it was getting better.

“Xiao Zai, you can talk to your older sister about everything, okay? Don’t be scared. We want to punish the bad guys who hurt you and me”, Zhi Ci softly whispered to the little girl. At the mention of punishment, the child’s eyes flashed in a vicious light.

No child could stay completely pure after what she had gone through. Xie Yi did not find it abnormal, he only hoped she would be able to forget over time contrary to him.

“Do you want to play together?”, Xu Yan offered with his usual gentle smile. “We can play house.”

“House?” The slightly raspy voice of the crying girl came as soft as a whisper, but it was loud enough. Both her and Zhi Ci looked at Xu Yan in confusion.

“I don’t think they played any of the common games. By the way, I don’t know what you’re talking about either”, Xie Yi chimed in and at his side, Qiang Ren nodded with wide eyes.

Surrounded by four people who had no idea what playing house was, Xu Yan awkwardly cleared his throat a couple of times before explaining.

Playing house with two former street rats and two victims of the Demonic Sect was a tad bit more brutal than the common play in terms of story. Xu Yan had to twist his common sense a lot to follow the absurd storyline that Xiao Zai was playing out.

Once in a while, he carefully corrected the girl’s ideas, hoping to teach her normal behaviour with the game as well.

When the children were tired, Xie Yi showed Zhi Ci where she would stay for the next time. The small house was heavily guarded and it would be all day, especially when Xiao Zai would be there. Still, Zhi Ci thanked the two cultivators profusely and did not cause any trouble.

“She sure is strong”, Xu Yan sighed on the way back. “It must be hard on her but she’s not letting it show on her face.”

“She wasn’t lying when she said everything is better than the Demonic Sect. She’s not suffering as much as you think right now”, Xie Yi corrected him. “But it’s good if she feels well. The more comfortable she feels, the easier it will be to convince Xiao Zai to talk.”

“I’m dreading the days that are to come”, Xu Yan grumbled and roughed up his hair. “Aaaaah. No need to get caught up on it, I guess… Not like I can change it. I’ll go back to my room and rest, Xiao Yi. Good night.”

“Good night”, Xie Yi echoed and watched his friend walk down the path to the lower grounds. A bit blank, he stayed like that until the wind picked up.

Then he went into the house, stared at his door for a while and changed his direction towards Shi Yue’s room.

Shi Yue did not react with more than a short wave when Xie Yi entered and closed the door. The youth squinted at the book in Shi Yue’s hands, obviously catching all of the other’s attention. 

Xie Yi crawled into Shi Yue’s bed and shoved the book out of his way. Shi Yue, quite focused on the writing, had a confused look on his face for a couple of seconds.

“It’s night”, Xie Yi declared correctly. His hands were wandering around - softly tugging away Shi Yue’s robes and rubbing over his collar bones.

Shi Yue placed the book to the side with a surprising amount of self-control. He curled an arm around Xie Yi’s neck, tugged him down and nibbled softly on his throat. The other gave a low hum and chuckle.

The nice thing about the robes Shi Yue wore to sleep, Xie Yi thought, was that they were so easy to open up. As long as you had the belt out of the way, they’d fall apart, and the pants weren’t exactly hard to tug out of the way as long as Shi Yue cooperated.

Xie Yi disliked the overly loose clothes for sleeping, which was why his were much tighter. Despite this, Shi Yue had no problem dragging Xie Yi’s shirt over his shoulders and letting it slip off the bed.

Xie Yi bit on Shi Yue’s shoulder with increasing strength.

“Impatient, are we?”, Shi Yue gasped and held back a groan when Xie Yi’s hand slipped lower.

“Ya”, Xie Yi mumbled with a scrunched forehead. He was indeed impatient - how had he not known before how uncomfortable tight pants could be? “It’s tight.”

“That can be changed”, Shi Yue whispered hoarsely and slid a hand down Xie Yi’s waist and under his pants. The youth arched his back, moaning softly into Shi Yue’s ears.

The room felt cold for nothing more than a second. After that, it seemed to heat up rapidly.

Xie Yi had lost his clothes before he knew it, but he had a strong dislike for the fact that Shi Yue still wore so much. With a dark growl, he gripped Shi Yue’s wandering hands and dragged it up to his mouth to bite on it. 

The older cultivator hissed and frowned until he noticed what his lover was so unhappy about. His clothes joined Xie Yi’s on the floor right afterwards.

There was no awkwardness in losing all clothes before each other. After their first closer sexual encounter had already been without any clothes, neither felt any inhibitions.

Shi Yue flipped Xie Yi under him. The red, eclipsed eyes looked up at him like beautiful, blazing suns.

Shi Yue tested Xie Yi’s reaction to having his weight on him slowly, but the only reaction he got was two legs wrapped around his waist and mischievous hands running through his hair and along his spine.

The position was a bit too close to something else Shi Yue was tempted to do, so he ended up swallowing heavily. Xie Yi did not notice at all - he bit on Shi Yue’s lips until the other entangled their tongues again.

Xie Yi raised his hips off the bed, grinding softly against Shi Yue.

The room filled up with sweet moans and heavy panting, the scent of sweat slowly permeating the air.

With each passing minute, Xie Yi got more used to the feeling of skin on skin, a searing hot contact he greatly enjoyed. It took a long time before his boiling blood settled down.

Shi Yue would have loved to go wash up, or change the bloody and otherwise soiled bedsheets1No they didn't go all the way, the blood is purely from scratches and bites, or do something against the bleeding bites and scratches on his (and partially Xie Yi’s) body, or maybe put clothes on, but his lover growled and clung to him like an octopus.

So, Shi Yue had to surrender and ignore the slightly sticky feeling in favor of having a content lover, purring like a happy dragon.2A.N.: Dragons don’t purr? Well, the dragons in my stories do purr.

Anyway, it wasn’t uncomfortable to be so close to him. Xie Yi was sprawled all over his chest, comfortably rising and falling along with Shi Yue’s breathing. 

They stayed in the same position until they heard the first movements of people waking up, which was their sign for quickly cleaning themselves up before anyone could come in.

Well - Shi Yue cleaning up. Xie Yi hardly cared and had to be forced to do it.

As they went to eat breakfast, both children - Su Liang and Qiang Ren - were standing neatly behind Xue Hua at all times, always making sure the bird was between them and the constantly growling Mingtian.

With a dark face and teeth showing, Mingtian greeted Shi Yue before his face turned softer as he looked at his little brother. (Shi Yue was sorely missing the feeling of privacy.)

“So what’s the plan for today?”, Xie Yi said, biting into a bun and stuffing his cheeks in passing.

“I’d like for Xue Hua and Mingtian to prepare the area around the house a bit. We need space for another person and enough playground for the children. They won’t be allowed to run around freely much longer and might have to stay inside.” Shi Yue handed everyone the already prepared breakfast before sitting down.

“Who else is coming?”, Xue Hua asked with narrowing eyes.

Xie Yi raised his hand. “Feng Yan. The guy who took care of me as a kid.”

“Okay, a good room then”, Mingtian decided instantly. “What else?”

So I'm either having hayfever or any other allergy, because breathing is being a very annoying task these days and I wake up several times a night. (No corona - just asthma.)
Technically there's a bunch of stuff I'd have to write in preparation for a war but... Honestly I think I'm gonna cut it short. it's not only annoying for me to write, I think it would also be boring filler for you guys. I'll rather throw out extra chapters after the story with just common fluff (and nsfw) about their peaceful lives