Ch.239: Xie Yi’s feelings
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“I’m not scared even though there are only a few days left. I guess it’s more accurate to say I’m uneasy. I wonder if I’ve forgotten something.”

“This war would have happened sooner or later. Now we have an advantage - you and Xiao Zai. No matter what anyone says or thinks, you’ve done more than enough.” Shi Yue closed the map and pushed it to the side. “It’s late enough. We should rest and enjoy the peace.”

There wasn’t much time left to enjoy it so in truth, he himself did not want to waste it in their office either.

“Yeah…” Xie Yi jumped off his lap and waited for Shi Yue to pack everything away.

Shi Yue hummed to himself as he closed the door behind themselves, leaving the small office room behind. With a smile, he took Xie Yi’s hand and intertwined their fingers despite it only being a short walk to the bedroom.

The black-haired youth looked down at their intertwined fingers - two large hands, not a small one being held by a large one. They were equal.

Xie Yi watched the man walking in front of him. Although he was following with a calm face, he had troubled thoughts.

If you had to ask whether Xie Yi trusted Shi Yue, then that surely was a yes. He did love him, too.

He didn’t think that they were the twisted versions anymore, either. He thought his love was a pretty good one, just a bit too obsessed, but otherwise not bad. 

And Shi Yue, who had forgiven him, should love him a lot, too.

It would be nice to get a good night’s sleep with Shi Yue.

Not the common light sleep of a cultivator, but the deep and relaxed sleep when a cultivator is completely at ease and feeling secure. With another person around, that was basically only possible if the other person was their dedicated life-partner.

He didn’t plan to ever leave Shi Yue.

Once back in their now shared room, Shi Yue wasn’t surprised when Xie Yi climbed on top of him and clung to him like an octopus. He happily opened up and unravelled Xie Yi’s braid and let the long strands glide through his fingers.

The house was quiet - the three children shared a room farther away and the two beasts had left to spend time alone as well. The night felt serene and calm.

Xie Yi inhaled deeply, smelling the withhazel on Shi Yue. His present. A present that was close to being a love token and had now adjusted to being one, even if that hadn’t been its original intention.

Shi Yue always carried it around with himself. By now, the scent had a calming effect on Xie Yi, who immediately linked the scent to his beloved master.

One day he’d give him a love token that would actually intended to be one. Maybe rings. Rings were nice.

Xie Yi looked at Shi Yue through half closed eyes. His master’s handsome face, the gentle smile. The beautiful white hair falling over his shoulders and the shining violet eyes.

He loved every inch of him. He’d have never thought of one day being in this position and getting spoiled like this.

All the pain of his last life was worth it for the life he had now.
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“Shi Yue…” Xie Yi gave a long whine.

“What is it, Ah Yi?”

He really liked that name. It was nice and ticklish. Shi Yue called the name as if it was the thing he loved the most in this world, honey-sweet words.

The gentleness of his words and the love in his eyes did not work well with the crude words that the second person in the room spoke right after.

“I want to have sex.”

Shi Yue froze like cursed. Not just paused, he completely froze. Stopped breathing, stopped blinking, stopped moving his hand in the exact position they were in.

A whole minute passed in which Xie Yi simply listened to the still ongoing heartbeat in Shi Yue’s chest. It was good that this was there, but it was running in terms of speed. A quick, jumping heartbeat as if Shi Yue’s heart was about to leap out of his chest.

“How… How did you suddenly jump to there?” Shi Yue’s voice was hoarse.

“Well, you want to, right?” Xie Yi turned his head and rested his chin on Shi Yue’s chest. His sunset eyes were locked onto Shi Yue’s violet ones. “I can tell that you’re always stopping yourself.”

The Grandmaster’s lips pursed uncertainly. “I don’t-”

“And it’s not like I don’t want to do it either, don’t think that. I’m mostly curious, but the main thing is that I’d like to explain myself better.” The interruption came promptly, as it was clear what Shi Yue was worrying about. Xie Yi puckered his lips into a pout. “I rely on you. I want to entrust myself to you. Body and soul.”

Shi Yue exhaled very slowly and rubbed his forehead. “Are you sure that you want to do that? Before the war?”

“Especially because a war is coming. Not because I worry that either of us will die, because I will not allow that, but because I’d like this off my mind.”

“Are you even aware how it works between men?” Shi Yue’s expression turned awkward but Xie Yi nodded.

“I haven’t seen it directly because MingMing forbade me from watching people, but I’ve seen books and read explanations.”

“You’re not allowed to watch people.”

“...I know.”

Shi Yue gently stroked the back of Xie Yi’s head. “You’re sure you know how it works? It’s not disgusting for you or anything?”

“It’s a bit weird but then again, all contact is a bit weird for me.” Xie Yi smirked. “It’s okay. I’ll let you lead me.”

Shi Yue tried to force a smile and slowly asked the most uncomfortable question. “You… Are you fixated on a role?”


“Well, there are two people with different roles…” Although you could switch. But this was about their first night. And frankly speaking, Shi Yue was praying he did not have to be on the bottom. He didn't know if he could deny Xie Yi's request if the other asked to top, but he genuinely did not want to.

“Huh? What’s to decide there? I’m smaller than you, right?”

“...Excuse me?”

Xie Yi shot him an askew glance. “The smaller one is always the one who takes over the, uhm, I guess woman’s position, right? It was like that in every book. Or do you want to be? I don’t care either way, but I thought…”

“No. No, no”, Shi Yue hurried to interject. “This is good. This is perfectly fine. If you don’t mind, I’ll gladly lead you.”

“Then… I’ll be in your care.” Xie Yi laughed lightly and pressed himself up so he could lean forward to capture Shi Yue’s lips.

Kissing was familiar warmth, undressing welcome excitement. 

Sounds of coquettish complaint could be heard through the room as Shi Yue dragged out their usual plays until Xie Yi’s body was flushed and glistening with sweat.

The youth licked his lips at the sudden pause and stared at Shi Yue with unhidden expectation in his eyes.

As the one in control, the Grandmaster should have felt more dominant, but he was feeling like there was a predator ready to pounce him if he retreated. It made him laugh - his beloved had absolutely no intention of stopping today.

Sweet kisses covered Xie Yi’s face. “Tell me if you’re uncomfortable.”

Xie Yi wondered what was supposed to be uncomfortable when all he felt was pleasure at the feeling of the long fingers wandering down his waist.

Shi Yue watched him with worry - he wasn’t sure how Xie Yi would react to being touched in that kind of place.

His worry was unfounded.

“It’s ticklish”, the youth complained, squirming under him and switching between soft moans and laughs. “Don’t do that! Hurry up or I’ll push you down and do it myself!”

The thought was more than tempting but given the situation, Shi Yue refused to let Xie Yi take over.

His fingers slid easily out of Xie Yi’s body, which merely gave a small twitch.

“You’re asking for it”, Shi Yue growled playfully and pulled Xie Yi closer.

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