Chapter 6
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When I open my room door, a sudden groaned leaked from my mouth. Reason for my groan is that, In my view, Ane sat on my bed and undressing her tights to which I suddenly closed the door to make sure no one from my house see this to only put me on suspicion, you know lone boy room occupied by girl and undressing to show off her white leg despite being my sister there bound to be some misunderstanding.

I who couldn't keep calm on myself ended on shouting on Ane with a pretty loud voice-

"Why the Hell are You Here, ANE!?"

"Huh!! This is Aito's Room right??"

"Yes, it's my room but-"

"What so weird me here in your room??"

"No, it's not only weird it is a very big problem."


Don't look with those upturned eyes inquiring the problem, do you not know this is a boy room, I have to make her leave before my idiot butler finds out.

"First of all why were you removing those?"

I inquired about the black tights with my finger pointing toward that direction so I don't state anything which might offend her.

"Oh you were talking about my tights, you know how warm this room feels like so I thought about undressing for now."

You know Ane, Never enter someone's room, more importantly, a boy's room without permission because there is some unknown stuff which is better left untouched but you ignore that fact and not only that, you also search and find the remote to turn on the room heater. I could have stated to her directly instead of in my mind but I couldn't because this Ane of mine has some strange mood floating around, As I know her from childhood days I can also read this mood around her, that's why I choose to keep silent to not incur her wrath.

"What are you thinking so much Aito??"


While softly patting her uniform Ane with a very soft voice which could be barely audible to me. 

"I wish I could've brought my pajamas with me-"

"Wait for a second!!"


"Don't what me Ane!! What do you mean 'brought my pajamas'? Do you want to kill me or what??"

"Do you fear Uncle and Aunt will disapprove my stay in your room? I have forgotten to greet them while sneaking...Hmm...With that being said I will greet them now and ask for permission."

So you do admit it about sneaking into my room Ane!!! Anyway, can't let her meet my parents now but more importantly-

"Okay let's go together."

"No, no, and a big no."


"You know already how the relationship between your family and my family??"

"Hmm...The happy happy relationship I guess."

"That's on the surface you idi...Ane."

"Hey, you about to call me idiot right?!?!"

Don't make those inquiring eyes who can't read the situation between two families but could hear my half changed words properly.

"I was saying you are Idol Ane."

Seriously stop that glaring eyes of yours Ane, You know I may look like fearless on the surface I do fear you.

"Anyway...So you are saying I can't stay in my dear younger brother's room."

Ane Please don't use the scape-deer on me on time of your need...Wait a minute!! Why did she want to stay inside my room? Did she have some family fight or what? If she stays inside my, that I will avoid it at any cost...but if she stays inside my house then wouldn't I be the one to incur Adagiri company wrath. I am in deep shit right now!!!


Suddenly a pain hit me which wake me from my deep worried thoughts. The source of pain is on my cheek, upon looking I see a silky white hand which emitting small warmth pinching my swelled cheek...When did she reach here??

"Seriously Aito you should apply some medicine to your injury!!"


I who got scolded by Ane with a loud voice leaked out a small sorry-

"Come here."

With slowly pulling my arm with her soft hand, Ane made me sit on my bed.

"Here we go."

Ane pulled out a small medic kit from her small carry bag which was on my bed. Carefully she applies some ointment on cotton to soak-

"Ane it's okay now and I will do it myself."

"NO!! You didn't apply medicine to your injury and went to school...Do you have any idea How much worried I was??"


"Stop with your apologies, Show me your face properly!!"

Ane gently shifted my face to make it focus to her face, the distance between my face and her face was about 5 centimeter, her delicate white face, her eyes which are deep blue are shining beautifully, her shoulder-length black silky hair which gives away nice freshness because her shampoo, As her brother I feel proud to say my Ane is a very rare gem and whoever marries my Ane in future is one luckiest guy.

"Is it painful Aito?"


With very low voice Ane ask about my state, For sure I didn't feel pain but-

"Ehh!! Aito Why are you crying?"

Suddenly drop of tear flow from my eyes, It's not the tear of pain or sadness, It is tear of happiness which I currently feeling because of, not only her but also my parents who express sad and angry expression because of my small injury, I know I have a scary face and I get into fighting still I love how I am surrounded by so many caring peoples or should I say I am blessed.

"Something fell on my eyes-"

"You...Seriously made me worry for a second."

With her handkerchief, She slowly rubs the tear away from my eyes. I know lately she has become bro-con but I don't hate it, as a matter of fact, I also have a feeling to protect her from any dangers. In the past, these two things were not at all related moreover these were opposite in the past.

"Anyway Aito, I have to go home."


"Why are you surprised?"

"You said you will stay here-"

"I only came here to apply medicine."


What the hell??? If you came here for applying medicine then don't go undressing your tights in my room. Good thing she didn't want to stay here...wait why am I not feeling relieved for this fact moreover I am feeling sad in depth of my heart-


After opening the door, Ane called out my butler name.

"What are you-"

"Yes, milady, What can I do for you now?"

"I want you to again secretly sneak me out of the house."

"Sure, milady."


"Let's go Frans-san."

"Yes, Milady."

"Hey you, Frans stop right there!!"

Ignoring my orders, Frans keep on walking while Ane follows him behind. To that Frans back I could only curse him and ask one question 'Are you working for me or Ane??'. I take back my last words about I am surrounded by caring people, I am also surrounded by these backstabbing bastards.

Thinking back, Today Ane had a depressing mood lingering around her, I do know she was worried about my bruise but I don't think her depressing mood was for me. Maybe I should've asked her about today's confrontation with Yashira Kiho-san...Anyway, I can ask her tomorrow but for now, I need a good rest after these many events which happen in one day, I can only ask God to have mercy on me.

Sorry for the slow updates guys. After seeing hearts on my work made me give you another update. I do know my writing skills are bad...worst but I will try my best to improve it. Thanks for the support it meant me a lot.