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From now on the story will be from a third-person viewpoint or narrator viewpoint. I am planning to continue it till Intermission 2. I hope everyone can enjoy this viewpoint where we can look into other characters.  

Inside a dimly lit room which looks like an office room of some VIP person. A woman sat on the chair while looking outside through the window, she sips on some of the wine in which the color moonlight makes it shine deep red like blood. The red lips of this said woman make an expression that could say she is enjoying this moon night to her heart content. Both of her eyes say the otherwise as they are grim or one can say hollow, still, there is an untouchable beauty as it mirrors the moon on her deep blue eyes.

"Is that so?"

"Madam...YES!! MADAM!!"

A person who is roughly standing with bruise face a little distance away from this woman became fluster after being asked as he replies back to this said woman. One can argue this guy gotten fluster because of dazzling beauty as the moonlight radiant on the woman's skin but the real reason is the boss and employer relationship, no, to be more precise fear of this boss lady who is enjoying the wine.

"Now What my girl is doing?"

"Madam, Miss has gone to her room and also Miss order for her dinner to delivery inside her ro-"

"Ara~She has become so gloomy girl but I hope atleast she could have asked my advice. Now I remember that boy, What his name? Ah!! Aito, How is that boy doing?"

"Madam, We didn't collect much information about Aito-sama...All we know, Aito-sama tends to get into fighting and surrounding people are a bit scared of him."

"Oh my, Isn't he just a plain delinquent? I don't understand why my girl is so attached to him. Anyway, tomorrow's fight will be interesting one needs to check if there is any cheating from the Kiho clan side."


The man's face covered with an uneasiness expression to which the woman wore a very slight smile but it is filled with pressure which can suppress a wild beast.

"Do you have something to say?"

"Madam, We can't get into school ground to monitor the situation-" 

"I am not ordering you to do anything as I have gotten a great report from you earlier who came back here with beat-up shape because of a mere butler!! SHAME ON YOU!! Go to the branch families of Adagiri and ask those middle school kids who gave a really helpful report of tomorrow's fight. They are way better than you for keeping an eye on this match!!"


"Did I say you to stand around?!?! Get the job done right away!!!"

Immediately the man who was cowering with fear left the room to carry on the command given to him. While the woman who was drinking the wine, somehow reform her lip to the previous smile before shouting on her subordinate. This smile is not copied off the previous smile as it has some kind of coldness to it.

"Seb come here!! Right now!!"

While ringing a bell that is placed on the desk, Woman called out someone familiar to her room. Without a delay, a small door knock could be echo through the room.

"May I come in, Madam?"


The said woman lean backward on her chair and stare on the expressionless new face who arrive inside the room.

"Seb, You know, Why I called upon you?"

"I am afraid I have no clue, Madam."

In a polite manner, the person who wore a black suit like a butler denies the woman words.

"Heh...Really?!?! Anyway, you might have heard our clan spy gotten beat up by a butler of Kazuhei house."

"Yes, Madam, I heard about it."

"I called you for, more importantly, I wanted to ask about this butler?"

"Madam, I afraid I can't disclose any information regarding this butler."

"Ara~Ara~So I was right on this matter, he is same as you. It's getting interesting to know that devil sister of mine had employed someone good for a delinquent boi."


"Seb, I wanted to reconfirm something with you, Where does your loyalty stands?"

Suddenly the black suit wearing person kneels on his position and yelled with a sharp voice.

"My life is for you Madam, If you give command I will die right now."

The said woman covers up her mouth with her back of palm to stop the laughter to fill into the air, more like she doesn't want to showcase her twisted sense of laugh toward the person kneeling before her offering his life.

"Haha...It's good to hear it once in a while from a puppet who doesn't back-stab it's master. But I do hate that you don't give much information about your kinds."


"Now I remember I do have a task for you. Remember to work every fiber of your body to this task of mine."

"Yes, Madam."

Again the said woman forms a smile that is filled with enjoyment of the wine and the beautiful moon out on the sky. But her eyes still say otherwise, as they were like a beast who is waiting for a prey to feast on.