Chapter 7: Meeting and The Prince of Death (1)
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This time, I was told that I'm going to go outside for the first time after I was born in this world.

It seems I'm going to be brought to a princess's 5 years old birthday party. She seems to be the second princess of Zaranex Kingdom and was one of father's loyal supporters.

Next month is also my 5 years old birthday too, so I was a bit excited about this.

This world has 12 months and 7 days, it was the same like in earth but only the name of the month is different.

The first month name is Ragus and then followed with, Terata, Irglas, God, Devil, Apolos, Winder, Haureim, Volask, Ret, Qirio, and lastly Jothun.

I was born in the month of the Devil, and today is the month of the God, so this princess from Zaranex is a month older than me.

The date I was born is 14 of the Devil's month. Although I have become 5 years old, I still need to act like a 5 years old kid should.

Sometime I think that living like this is great too. Doing nothing but playing and sleeping is so great that my NEET soul is screaming at me saying that it was awesome.

The life of a rich and powerful is so damn comfortable that I started to feel sad.

It was like my struggle back on earth is nothing but a part of someone else problem. My life in here is so happy and comfortable that I almost forgot the memories from earth.

The pain, sadness, furry, rage and hate that I have been feeling back then have all now turned into nothing but a part of my memory…

My broken and wounded heart is now filled with bliss and happiness, I already forgot about the matter back on earth.

I have a wonderful parents in here, and I hope that my little brother will not be a bastard like my previous one. Not that i have ever met with this supposed to be little brother for a long time. Since the moment he was born, i have never even once met with him again.

I don't even know how is he or is he even all right at all....

Anyway, I am now dressed in all black and wearimg a long black coat that reached my feet. Although it was all black, there is some gold and dark purple colored decoration that looked like some kind of symbol on the back and around my chest area.

Now that I look into the mirror, my inner chunibyo is triggered and I unconsciously moved my right hand to my face and made an evil sneer.


"My~~ Prince Alex, you are really cu-cool!!"

I froze in place… I don't dare to make another move, i completely forgot that Mira is beside me!

She was about to say cute there! I heard it clearly god damn it, she was about to say cute just now! Even though my heart is bleeding due to shame right now, I still cannot show it on my face!

After all, I am indeed a kid right now! There is nothing strange, there is nothing to be ashamed about!

With a turn of my body, i hugged her with a cute expression... Well, as cute as i could made it to be...

"Hehehe~ Mira I love you~~"

"Oh my, my little prince has grown up… *sob*… *sob*… Please don't leave me okay, my little prince."

You know what, you might fool a kid but… Your expression is that of a stupid and idiotic shota-con… and that fake *sob* is just too ridiculous, you should go and practice more Mira.

But I have to admit that this elf is just too damn adorable, no matter how much she tried to act stupid, her charm is always there!

Not to mention that her boobs is huge too, I have enjoyed it for the past 5 years of my life in this world. But the regrettable thing is that, I did nothing to it except for her pushing to my face herself.

It was seriously soft, fluffy and smell good. But… I don't feel anything but a feeling of happiness!

There is no fucking lust at all! What do you expect from a fucking child!! Damn it, I feel accomplished but empty inside…

She must be wondering why I keep staring at her without saying anything. But this time, I feel tired of acting and wanted to stay silent for a while…

Seriously, I will think of something later so for now, I ignored her and walked toward the door by myself.

But I know that this is going to be troublesome, so I turned my body slowly and look at her bewildered expression with a weak smile on my face.

"Ah… Mira, I feel tired for some reason… Can you carry me to see father and mother?!"

"What!? Are you alright Alex!?"

"….Mmm… Don't know…"

I can see that Mira is frowning while looking at me, her expression is that of a worried mother. Well it would be strange if she didn't feel that way, technically she is the one who raised me all this time after all.

After knowing that she is mother's best friend I feel much more at east, but for now, I just don't want to talk much.

I feel a bit strange, just a moment ago I was full of energy, but as of right now my motivation and energy is so low that I don't want to do anything at all.

This mood swing is my old illness from back when I was still on earth…

It must be because I recalled about my past a while ago… and the lack of a very important desire...

Seeing that I was looking gloomier and down, Mira then carried me and then for the first time in my life in this world, I stepped outside from my room…

Well rather than stepped outside, it was more like being carried.... But no matter, it was the same thing, so who cares?

I have to say that the moment I look into the hall way, I was surprised at how luxurious it looked.

The red fur like carpet looked so soft and comfortable, there is also a lot of painting and cool looking decoration, the blue crystal lamp that was hung on the wall is shining with a gentle light.

All of it is screaming Fantasy like setting! Or rather, this is indeed a Fantasy like world where magic exist.

But with my current mood, I don't feel like hyped at all, so I stayed quiet while looking around.

Mira was half-running while carrying me, even though she looked slim and fragile, her body is brimming with power.

She even made me a robe that could defend against a dragon king's attack…

I don't know about the power system in this world but, a being that was called a dragon king must not be something weak right?

However no matter how hard I tried to think about something else and improve my mood, my lack of interest is just at max and refused to go down.

Even though this is the first time I got to go outside… I feel a bit regretful, just what's going on?? I should be feeling happy right now!!

Mira was unusually quiet the whole time. She must be bewildered as to why I became quiet and looked so gloomy.

When Mira was carrying me, I got to see many Fantasy like items and decorations on the way. The maids and servants in here is just too damn gorgeous and handsome too….

There is a knight wearing a silver armour, and there is also peoples that wear robe, and unlike the knight silver armor the peoples that wear robe have many color that different from each other.

It must be the different in their elements, I have read many novels and watch many anime about this kind of things. They must be the so called Mage, Sorcerer or Wizard right?!

I have been looking around for a while now, and they too are looking at me with a strange gaze… This feeling of being watched like a rare animal is a first even for me…