✅ Chapter 73 – Smartphone Game
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[Saturday, 21 April 2018]

Morning on the weekend.

After breakfast, Rimu immediately sat in front of Riku's computer and turned it on. Riku himself had gone elsewhere, most likely to play with Kouta. The computer was free and Rimu could use it at will. There was no school today, so she could take it easy.

"Okay! Let’s continue from yesterday!"

There were still 18 DVDs that she had to install, which each of them taking different times to finish their installations.

Simple games such as Billiards, only required 10 to 30 minutes to finish. Meanwhile, big games that had huge data sizes, such as Final Fantasy X, took almost 2 hours. At first, she prioritized installing smaller games that did not take too long to install. But after a few completed installation, she had a second thought.

The process is just too boring and cumbersome.

'Let's take the big titles first. Waiting only 10 or so minutes is kinda tiring.'

It would have been better to do the big ones that take a few hours to complete first. At least, she did not have to stand by and it could be left alone. Meanwhile, she could focus her attention elsewhere, such as finishing her drawing.

Rimu turned on her laptop and browsed the games’ official websites.

"Where is it... Fantasy Conquest... Artwork page... Oh, here is it!"

She downloaded a few images from the artwork page. Then, she scanned the sketch from her drawing book and proceed to edit it with GIMP. She copied the rune design from the official artwork and adjusted it to her sketch.

With a few touch, her sketch quickly turned into the finalized picture.

"This should be enough... No need to be too exquisite and wasting too much time."

Satisfied with the result, Rimu opened Discord and uploaded her picture to the submission channel. Not only that, she took the initiative to send some rainbow farts into general chat.

Rym: Good morning everyone. Nice to meet you.
Hello Rym-san. Welcome to the server.
Welcome +1!
Welcome +2!
If you have any questions about the game, you can look at #rules_and_faq.
Thank you everyone.
By the way, how far did you do?
I just started recently, I'm still familiarizing myself.
Then, let's add friends. My code is 3ef433e
Me too, 3y4f4fc

Rimu stopped her hand.

Since someone gives their friend code, then the proper next action would be adding that code into the game. But, that meant Rimu had to play the game first before she could do that.

"This is quite tricky."

Rimu folded her hands as she spun her chair. As the rotating chair was spinning, Rimu took a deep breath.

Should she play the game, or not?

To be honest, Rimu didn't have any interest about the game at all. She only wanted to draw and make money from the commission. As for the game, it was just another smartphone game.

"Fantasy Conquest, a card game RPG. Sure, they have nice anime art, but..."

Its game balance was already long broken, with P2W1 (Pay to Win) players going rampant in the leaderboards. There was already a huge gap between P2W and F2P2 (Free to Play) players, and this gap was insurmountable, besides by injecting cash, cash, and more cash.

On the one hand, she had to install and play the game to mix with this circle. But on the other hand, the game was just a pit of money. To win this game, obviously money was a must, otherwise she could only be a loser.

Was there any reason to play a game only to lose? She might as well save storage space.

After a few moments of breathing, Rimu stopped her chair from spinning further and let out a sigh.

"Hmm... Then, I'll just install the game just for the sake of formality. But I'll never invest any emotion into this game."

With that said, Rimu grabbed her smartphone and opened the Google Playstore. After fiddling with the search bar, she found the game and immediately installed it. The installation process did not take long, but the additional file updates took quite some time.

Done with the installation, Rimu started the game.

After watching the fancy animated opening, the login screen appeared. But since she did not have any account, she could only chose to register a new account. There was no form to fill out, since the account was linked directly to the Playstore, except for one optional thing.

"Referral? Ah, I see... Then, let's use 3ef433e."

Many online games used referral systems that encouraged their player to promote and invite other people to play the game. In this case, when the new player entered the referral's code, both he and the referral would receive a gift.

Rimu decisively used Gururu's player code to obtain some benefit.

'Although I'm not interested in this game, there is no reason to reject free stuff, right?'

Sure enough, after Rimu entered the code, she received a gift notification.

You received the following item:
• 3 UR Ticket
• 5 SR Ticket
• 💎 500

The gems were the premium currency of the game, and could be used to exchange premium items, while the tickets could be used to obtain guaranteed SR and UR cards. It was quite a good newcomer gift.

Satisfied with the results, Rimu closed the notification window.

But suddenly, a promo window appeared, right after the previous notification window disappeared.

Limited offer! 00:04:52
Lifetime Pack!
(Can be claimed everyday)
    • 1 UR Ticket Shard (1/10)
    • 1 SR Ticket Shard (1/3)
    • 💎 10
    • 5 Exp Potion
    • 5 Red Potion
    • 30 Other items  [Details]
Purchase only once!
[ Buy ] ¥ 6666 4444

It was an advertisement of a pack which contained many premium items that can be purchased with real money.

"Eh? What is this? A lifetime pack?"

After a short glance, Rimu quickly understood what was this pack is all about. This package actually contained very few items when compared to other packages. However, the advantage was that it could be claimed every day after purchase.

Originally, Rimu wasn't interested in purchasing any premium packs. However, the word "Lifetime", "Limited Offer", and the crossed price seemed to have a mysterious charm to it. They seemed to say that if she missed this chance, then she would never get this offer again.

Reflexively, her finger had clicked on the buy button and confirmed the transaction.

Thank you for your patronage.
You have successfully purchased the
Lifetime Pack.

It was only when she received the purchase notification window that she suddenly realized something. She had spent almost ¥4500 just for a smartphone game.

"Oh no... What have I done?!"

Rimu could only facepalm herself.


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