✅ Chapter 74 – Advertising
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Rimu took a deep breath.

Since it was already spilt milk, she could only accept it.

On the bright side, the premium pack that she had purchased was a lifetime pack. This pack would always be active until the end of time; or until the day the game closed. Rimu summarized that along with the daily login bonus, she could also claim this pack everyday.

"By the looks of it, I can get 1 SR every 3 days, and 1 UR every 10 days. This is not a bad result."

After looking through the other premium packs, they could only be claimed once per purchase. Rimu felt those premium packs were shabby and there was no need to look at them anymore.

"Now, let's see what this game is about."




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Fantasy Conquest, a card game RPG.

It was a strategy game that utilized characters of attractive girls who were each represented by a card. Each card had their own stats, such as HP, ATK, DEF, SPEED, and SKILL. Those stats could be upgraded by leveling up the card through battle, or by using EXP items.

The battle system was turn based, where the cards battled each other. A maximum of 10 cards could be used per battle, but only 5 cards could be played at the same time. Players could use their fingers to drag their cards towards the enemy they wanted to attack. And when the possibility arose, the cards could be tapped to activate their SKILL(s), such as buffing, or dealing more damage.

After a card reached level 10, it could be 'awakened'. The awakened cards would get their second SKILL, and their artwork would also evolve and become more fantastic.

But, that was not all.

This game also implemented a kingdom building theme. Players got land that could be cultivated.

The land could be plowed and used to grow seeds that could be bought in the shop and turned into crops, or build facilities which would have various uses that could become of aid to the player.

Such as a Granary to store crops, a Factory to process the crops into resources and seeds, a Laboratory to create potions and awakening items from the resources, an Altar that can increase the stats of a certain type of cards, and many more.

Building a facility would require time to complete, which could be shortened by use of a premium item with the shape of an hourglass. They were available in the shop and could be bought with 💎 Gems.

During idle time, there would be many small people roaming the land. And if clicked, they would be revealed as one of the cards which the player had collected. If the player was the king, and the land the kingdom, then the cards would be the citizen.

"It is somewhat similar to Farmville, except with people."

There were 6 rarity of cards, which was Normal (N), Rare (R), Epic (E), Super Rare (SR), Ultra Rare (UR), and Legendary Rare (LR). The rarity affected their strength. The N cards were just mobs with pitiful stats, while the LRs were just simply overpowered.

However, the most important trait that an LR would have was that their art would be cuter, prettier, and lewder!

The first 5 rarities could be obtained by random summons, by use of a summoning ticket or paying with 💎 Gems. But, LRs could only be obtained by participating in the weekly event, and entering the top 100 leaderboard.

In this case, competition between max leveled LR teams would be unavoidable.

There would be no room for F2P players to enter.





Rimu shook her head.

During her interactions with other players in the Discord server, she had come to an understanding.

The players she met were mostly members of society. They mostly had jobs and generated stable income. Hence, they could afford to burn money to entertain themselves. This game just happened to be one of them.

"No wonder why so many people willingly burn their money, just to obtain these cards."

Rimu suddenly remembered her old gaming company. To vent the stress caused by the work assignments, many of her colleagues would indulge themselves with various hobbies, and one of them was playing gacha games. They did not care about the game itself. Instead, it was the gacha part which make them crazy.

This situation was similar to that time.

She also noticed after looking at the chat records. Rarely was the topic of the contents of the game were discussed. The past chat was mostly bragging about their collection, and a bit of information about their real life.

"Perhaps, what they play is not the game itself. Instead, the real game is the card collecting part. They no longer care about the gameplay anymore."

Not a few, players who would only collect the cards and spend resources to 'awaken' them, but never use them even once. They did it simply for a sense of accomplishment.

That was quite understandable. Sooner or later, the player would finish the story mode, and the game would be fully cleared. At that time, the only thing left to do was to just collect the remaining cards, especially the ones with the lewd artwork.

Rimu didn't really care about that. There were more important things to care about.

"If you want a lewd drawing, I also can give it to you!"

She hasn't forgotten her purpose of joining this circle: To advertise!

"This is a connection with working class people. Every one of them are my important prospective customers!"

With a swift move, she typed on the keyboard.

Rym By the way, I opened a drawing service and accepting commission.
  This is the sample of my work:
  If you have a need of artwork or illustration, please message me.

Done with uploading her sample work, Rimu let out a satisfied smile.

Advertise in words is enough to be done only once. Next time, she would need to advertise in this place with real artwork.

"Let's advertise in other places too. This place is too inefficient."

Initially, she'd only entered the server to enter their art contest. She merely switched tactics to advertising her drawing service after realizing the odds of winning were low.

But, in the end, this place was simply not a good place to advertise. That was because, this place could only be entered by a limited number of people. It would be more practical to post in some forums.

Unexpectedly, before Rimu could open another tab, she received a DM.

When Rimu looked at the sender, it was from Gururu. The person whose player code was used as her referral.

You can probably guess who Gururu is.