✅ Chapter 62 – Dirty Joke
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[Thursday, 19 April 2018 - 06:30]

The morning has come.


Through the curtains of the window, the morning sun shone brightly and awakened Rimu from her sleep. Usually, from her bed, Rimu wouldn't be exposed to the sunlight. But because the bunk bed has been changed into a single bed, her sleeping position also shifted.

Feeling uncomfortable and being disturbed from her rest, Rimu slowly opened her eyes while rubbing them.


She thought that her heart would stop.

Immediately in front of her was an unprotected sleeping face, that transcended gender, at a close distance where their bangs could touch.

Semi-long eyelashes...

Glossy lips...

It was the face that was very familiar to Rimu. A very similar face to hers that she saw inside the mirror in the bathroom before. If not because of the short hair, she would have thought that she was facing a mirror. This similarity of the face was also proof that the person beside her was her twin brother, Riku.

'Ah... that's right... I had time-traveled to the past. This is not a dream...'

Just now, Rimu had dreamed that she back to her previous life. Still fat and ugly, working hard to design eroge characters at her working office. There are many of her colleagues in that company who endured the storm and rain together in the eroge industry. Some of them left and some of them joined during the process.

Even though her company could not be considered a successful company, there was a part of her that missed them. This desire unconsciously manifested into her dream.

'I wonder how they are now...? In 2018 the company still didn't exist.
Right now, they should be in elementary school like me...'

She remembered the current situation as she observed Riku's innocent sleeping face.

'Now that I look at him closely, I can understand why the girls (+the boys) including Nia would be crazy.'

Riku was undeniably blessed with a pretty face, inheriting their mother's beauty. His face alone could distort dimensions and cause the whole school to question their life. It was no wonder why Nia said that his looks were...

'Wait... What would Nia say...? Oh yeah...!'

...Cute and Rapeable!

Rimu couldn't help but giggle when she remembered those words.

'Oh well, thank goodness it was not me who got the attention... Blame your luck, Riku!'

However, it was also that luck of his that could pierce the heavens which made her envious.

Not only blessed with looks, but Riku was also full of talent, inheriting their father's genius as well. This was something Rimu did not have. She could only sigh at her misfortune.

She slowly rose from the bed and did a few body exercises. For the sake of her loli body!

But Rimu didn't realize, that as Riku's twin sister with a similar face, she had equal popularity at the school. The difference was that Rimu had Kouta, and also Nia who would guard her against any bad wolf's paw.

— Who would dare to approach Rimu when there was Nia nearby?
She was like a mother lion protecting her cub.

— Who would dare to approach Rimu when there was Kouta nearby?
His position in the school caste was not low. No one would like to actively offend him.

The R in the RRR club's name which supposedly was Riku's fan club also had Rimu in its meaning. This was the true reason why there were 'boys' on the club's member list.

— Were the boys really turned gay because of Riku's beauty?
Nah, why would they have to be gay if there was a girl who looked similar to Riku?

There was a correct gender to be adored, no need to insist, and become crooked. It's just because of her two guardians, that Rimu's faction in the RRR club didn't dare to come to light. Coincidentally, the FFF club which consisted of a bunch of weirdoes that likes to adore girls also regarded Rimu as one of the goddesses of the school.

But the person in question did not realize it.



[Kusanagi Elementary School - 07:40]

At the school.

Rimu and Riku went to the school as usual, except there was no Kouta in sight. Rimu has already predicted this from Kouta's words yesterday. She knew what exactly happened to him and could only send her condolences.

Entering the classroom, she met Nia who looked like to be contemplating something. Rimu greeted her.

"Nia, chiwa~su!"

Nia's eyes twitched.

'Oh, whatever with this stupid greeting... I don't care anymore!'

She responded to Rimu's greeting with a low voice. Unconsciously, she had started to accept the greeting like it was normal. In the end, it was just a greeting. No need to be so rigid about it.

Thinking about it that way, Nia didn't feel so repulsed anymore.

"Good morning Rimu-chan."

Nia greeted Rimu with a smile, however her mind was still in a turbulent state.

There were many things Nia wanted to ask, but she was hesitant to say it aloud.

'Did you really do enkou1Enjo Kousai or compensated dating., Rimu-chan?
Why were you skipping the class with Kouta-kun yesterday?
Where did you go? And what were you doing at that time?'

She had contemplated these questions since yesterday night. However, no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't come up with a definite answer.

'No, if Rimu-chan really did enkou, Kouta-kun should have opposed it. But, considering his feelings for her, his reaction was so bland... This is not making sense... Unless he has crooked sexual orientation? What was that called... NTR fetish?'

Although Nia already heard about those kinds of people, she doubted that Kouta was one of them. If he was, then he was not qualified to stand beside Rimu. When that happens, don't blame her for being ruthless!

But before that, she needed a confirmation first.

"Hmm? Where is Kouta-kun? You are not coming together?"

"Kouta had a problem with his lower half (stomach), he will be absent today."

Rimu replied thoughtlessly as she placed her bag on her desk.

However, she didn't realize that her words had caused a mind explosion inside Nia's brain. The stomach problem associated with the lower half was one of the dirty jokes from her former job at the eroge company in the future. Many of her colleagues, including her, used this joke often without any problem within the company.

But of course, Nia who had nothing to do with that wouldn't understand this joke.

'Wait... what... what...!? Lower half...??? What does this mean!? Kouta... that bastard?!'

Nia was stupefied by Rimu's remark. Suddenly, she forgot about what she wanted to ask. Her imagination had reached the point where it would be tough to rein it back in.

The misunderstanding continued.