✅ Chapter 63 – Nia’s Wild Imagination
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Just right after Rimu sit on her seat that she noticed something was wrong.

There was no laughter or any other response after she said that joke. Rimu looked at Nia's awkward expression as she fell into deep contemplation. It was then, Rimu realized that she had made a blunder.

'Ah crap...! I said that dirty joke out of habit... I forgot I am no longer in my eroge company.'

Rimu couldn't help but facepalm. It seems she was dazed and still affected by her dreams this morning. To think that she said a dirty joke to an elementary schooler...

She shrugged nonchalantly.

'Oh well, I hope Nia doesn't mind that much.'

The spoken word cannot be taken back. But explaining the joke will only make things even more awkward.

However, even though Rimu blurted out a dirty joke, the other side was just a normal elementary schooler. In other words, still an innocent(?) child. Looking at her age, Nia shouldn't be able to comprehend the meaning of that joke, at least yet...

In that case, this was not really an important problem. Just forget and life goes on!

The problem was, it might be hard for Nia to forget.



In the Art class, the teacher gave a task to the children.

"Okay, everyone... Today you will draw your friend, lets see... Egino Kaori-san, come here."

"Eh... me?"

Egino Kaori was a girl with a slight curly hairstyle. She was just another ordinary girl in their class. Her presence was so thin that she rarely noticed by her classmates.

But for some reason, she had been pointed by the art teacher today.

"Yes, you are the model today."

The teacher appointed one of the girls, Egino Kaori as the model. The girl, although she was slightly surprised, calmly moved to the chair in the center. The task given by the teacher was that everyone drew her face in their drawing book.

However, Nia wasn't able to concentrate. Her hands kept messing up and ruined her drawing.

She couldn't help thinking about what Rimu said.

'As I thought... Rimu-chan has already climbed the stairs of adulthood!'

She recalled her cousin's smut manga books that she secretly read. In those books, there were many scenes of the heroine doing *nyan nyan* things to her potential love interest. She did like these manga books even though the plot was straight and predictable since the contents mainly focused on the girl's fantasy.

Girls mature faster than boys, especially in the 5th-6th grade. While most of the boys still fuss over toys and games, the girls are already aware of the opposite sex, surprisingly much earlier than the boys.

For so long, Nia had dreamed to do those things, climbing the stairs of adulthood together with her beloved Riku. But unexpectedly, Rimu and Kouta already surpassed her in that aspect.

'She said that Kouta has a problem with his lower half... Is this what they call... what is it... 'Ei Di'...?1Erectile Dysfunction

In Nia's mind, Kouta was already branded with that disgraceful trait.

(× If Kouta knew what was in Nia's mind: Hey, who are you calling ED?! This is slander! My magnum is innocent! ) ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽   

Having read so much smut, Nia's knowledge of those things was not small. It was so much that her imagination couldn't help but bloom with pink flowers!

She then looked at Rimu again.

'Rimu-chan... With that petite body, did she really do something like in Kana-oneechan's books...?'

Nia shook her head. It was unbelievable, but not completely impossible.

Unaware of what was inside Nia's mind, Rimu was still fixed in her drawing. Looking at Rimu's serious expression, Nia couldn't help but take a peek. However, she was astonished by what she saw.

Rimu's drawing was very beautiful. Exceedingly beautiful, even more than the original. In her drawing book, Kaori's childish face was portrayed with a mature feeling, making her look like a noble lady.

But although the drawing was greatly beautified, the fact that it was a great drawing didn't change. Compared to her, Nia's drawing can only be considered clumsy scribbles!

Nia complimented Rimu.

"That's amazing, Rimu-chan! You are really good at drawing!"

"Hehe... Of course! Who do you think I am!?" *smug*

Having been complimented, Rimu let out a smug face. Her naughty expression couldn't help but make anyone want to kidnap and then cuddle her, especially Nia!

'Ugh! Why are you so cute, Rimu-chan...!
Grrrrr...!! If this was not in the middle of class, I would have...*slurp*'

Nia could only endure her desire.

Their interaction instantly attracted the attention of the other children nearby. Before long, many of their curious classmates, including the girl who had become the model swarmed around Rimu's seat.

Girl A: "Wait, let me look... Ah, it was true. Rimu-chan's drawing is good."

Girl K: "This is me...?"

Kaori herself also couldn't believe that it was her in the drawing. The face was too beautiful to be true.

Boy A: "Awesome. Kaori-chan looked like an adult."

The fuss lasted for a while until the teacher reprimanded them.

"Okay, okay... that's enough. Back to your seat, the class is still not over!"

" " "Yes, teacher!" " "

With the teacher's interference, the students went back to their seats and the class resumed again.

Nia sighed.

Thinking about it, Rimu was so cute and undeniably popular within the boys. Not only that, but she also had distinguished talent. By the law of shoujo manga (in Nia's view), Rimu was undoubtedly the heroine. And the heroine, sooner or later, will have done the deed!

Nia did not intend to restrict Rimu's life. It was her freedom to choose her life. However, it was still infuriating.

'It is infuriating that Kouta let Rimu-chan do shameful things like enkou2She overheard their conversation only halfway in Chapter 39...
But it might be related to that bastard being an Ei Di.
There was such things in Kana-oneechan's manga, so I won't be surprised anymore!'  

No matter what happened, her image of Kouta already struck deep.

'When he comes to school, I need to have a "nice" talk with him! 💢💢💢'

She decided to teach Kouta a lesson to correct his crooked views.

But no matter the reason, Kouta has succeeded first and paired up with Rimu, while Nia's relationship with Riku was stagnant. Since Kouta and Rimu had already succeeded and became adults, now it was her and Riku's turn!

"I mustn't lose..."

Nia felt that her advance was not enough, so she decided to be more aggressive from now on.

"O... owh?! Good luck, Nia."

Meanwhile, Rimu couldn't understand why Nia became so fired up. She could only reply dumbly.

'It's just a drawing. Is there a need to be so competitive?'

She shook her head and decided not to care too much.

Precocious perverted oppai loli~

Her mind has been polluted by improper books.