✅ Chapter 61 – Nakamura Kana
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[Wednesday - 18 April 2018 - 16:40]

[Nia's house]

A high school girl carrying two plastic bags walked toward the Nakamura Residence while humming cheerfully.

Nakamura Kana couldn't help but be happy.

Yesterday, the place where she had her part-time job, Healing Paw Cafe recruited another worker. This worker, Sakamura Kumi, was a very charming lady. Although this lady was an adult, Kana couldn't help but find Kumi very cute, especially with her shy expressions.

"No wonder why Kayoko-sama recruited her. She's too good to be left alone!"

In just a day, after was Kumi recruited, the cafe's atmosphere felt brighter, even better than the time where 4 of her senpais still worked there. Brewing tea, coffee, taking care of the cats... she was able to do everything quickly.

'Kumi-san alone could fill the absence of those 4 bitches!'

Even Kana didn't feel too suffocated working there again.

Furthermore, Kumi was very adorable, completely in line with Kana's preferences.

"Haah... too bad I am not a male. If I was, perhaps I would have proposed to her..."

Kana couldn't help but sigh.

Unfortunately, this love that was blocked, by the barrier named gender, died out before it could bloom. But, Kana didn't feel too sad. Because she knew this situation was also not too bad.

Since they are both women, Kana could mufufu her legally!

Thinking about that, Kana couldn't help but let out a creepy smile. But she quickly suppressed that wicked smile as she entered her home. It would be bad if her younger cousin saw her in that state!

"I'm home...! Oh, Katya-chaaan! I missed you very much!"

Katya: ΣΣ(゚Д゚;) ~~~ MREEEAAAAWWW!!!

It was unfortunate timing. When Kana entered the house from the front door, her eyes coincidentally captured the cat that walked out of the living room. In that instant, she jumped and caught Katya in a surprise attack.

With a swift movement, Kana cuddled Katya, not letting her escape. The cat tried her best to resist, but alas, her claws have been trimmed. No matter with how much effort Katya clawed Kana's face, it was just a harmless cat massage to her.

'Release me..! Keep your hands off, you demon!!'

Katya felt very wronged.

This girl was the main reason she went through the trouble of running away from the Nakamura family. It was then she met a handsome cat, Andrew in her journey and fell in love. Then many things happened and she became his wife. However, the happy times were not long.

Andrew moved out of the pet shop to the cafe 30 meters away. That itself was not a huge distance and could be reached quickly. But then, she met this demon again in that place. It turns out that this demon worked part-time in that cafe. She thought after become his wife, she could escape from this demon. However, fate said otherwise!

"Ah... This fluffy fur... Irresistible!"

Kana rubbed her face to Katya's fur with delight. Comfortable and warm!

On the other side, Katya couldn't help but feel giddy being touched all over. But what could she do? Without her claws, she was powerless against a human. She could only succumb to her fate of being cuddled by Kana.

Fortunately for her, the savior has come.

Nia, who came from the kitchen, greeted Kana in the hallway.

"Onee-chan? Welcome home."

"Ah, I'm home, Nia-chan." 

Satisfied after molesting the cat, Kana let Katya go from her hands. The cat quickly ran off towards the kitchen. In any case, she had to stay away from the demon!

Kana only shook her head, slightly regretting that she let the cat go.

"What a shy fellow... Oh yeah, Nia-chan... Here is a souvenir for you."

With that said, she took out a cake holder from one of the plastic bags. It was an Angel Whiff cake.

Nia accepted the gift gratefully. Then, she pointed at the other bag.

"Thank you, Onee-chan. But what is inside that other bag?"

"Ah... This is... Just some manga I purchased on the way..."

Kana acted suspiciously after Nia asked the question. She quickly hid the bag behind her back. It was as if, Kana wouldn't want Nia to see.

Looking at Kana's suspicious behavior only made Nia more curious.

"What manga is it? Let me see, please?"

"No, no, no! You're still too tender to read this. Anyway, let's eat the cake together, okay?"


Kana tried to redirect her cousin's attention to the cake.

Fortunately, this cousin of hers was obedient and didn't ask more deeply. Truly an adorable little sister.

In any case, the manga she bought was truly not suited for minors to read. Although these books were not really NSFW mangas, the stories in them were somewhat unrealistic and the characters had some questionable morals.

But because of that, many people would love to read it. Unrealistic situations that normally wouldn't happen in reality. Reading such things is one way for someone to relieve their boredom in their boring life. However, there is too much drama contained in these books that could pollute innocent minds. Kana wished that Nia would stay as her innocent little sister.

'These mangas are harmful to Nia, yet I couldn't stop myself from buying them... Haah, so conflicted.'

Kana couldn't help but sigh.

Smut, cheating, obsessive romance, casual sex...

Reading such genre of mangas was one of her guilty pleasures. She couldn't just stop even if she wanted to. This was similar to smokers, they know that smoking is bad for their health, but they can't stop smoking.

Meanwhile, Nia who was obediently eating the cake...

'Well, no need to rush. I can just borrow the manga when Kana-oneechan goes to work tomorrow.'