✅ Chapter 69 – Resolving the Misunderstanding
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Behind the school building, Nia was dragging Kouta with a stern expression on her face.

Kouta, who was being dragged by Nia could only follow her obediently. He didn't have any clue at all, much less understand the reason, why Nia was so angry with him.

Did he unknowingly do something wrong that offended Nia? Who knows?

Rather than speculating by himself, it will be faster to hear it directly from her mouth.

So, when they arrived at the place and confirmed that no one else was nearby besides them, Kouta fended off Nia's hand. In that instant, both of them stopped walking. Kouta quickly questioned her.

His tone was not kind.

"Nia-chan, what's wrong with you? You suddenly attacked me without any reason... What a brutal woman!"

"Brutal? No reason? Heh... "

Against Kouta's accusation, Nia only let out a sneer. Then, a few moments later, that sneer gradually changed to a loathing expression as she continued her words.

Her expression showed undisguised hatred as if Kouta had killed a member of her family.

"There is no need to be gentle to scum like you! A sinner such as yourself should burn in hell!"

"What?! What does that even mean? Did I do something wrong?"

Kouta couldn't help but be taken aback by Nia's unexpected reaction.

'What the heck!? Sinner? What sin?!'

Such an exaggerated word! Has he really done something unforgivable to her?

He worked his brain, trying to recall any of his wrongful deeds up until now.

"Ah, is that it...? Did you get angry at me because I spilled juice on your gym uniform? If that's so, I'm sorry."

Kouta apologized, but it somehow made Nia's expression turn darker.

That was when they were in the 3rd grade… One day, when she was about to change clothes for the PE class, there was a yellow stain on her gym uniform. The stain was still wet, indicating that it was not that long since her uniform was in contact with a yellow liquid.

The PE teacher at that time was scary, and Nia didn't dare to be absent. Except for health reasons, or unforeseen circumstances, every absent student would receive severe punishment. Because of that, she reluctantly attended the PE class in that stained uniform.

She still remembered the humiliation of that time.

Even though everyone seemed to understand that the stain was from juice, it was so yellow that the boys couldn't help but ridicule her. Kouta himself was also among the boys who mocked her.

To think that the cause of that incident was him...

Noticing something was wrong, Kouta immediately corrected his words.

"Not that? Ah... Perhaps you got angry because I draw nipples on your photo? If that is so, I'm really sorry."

Nia's expression became even darker.

Fourth grade... The commemorative photo of the culture festival that was posted at the school wall magazine...

For some reason, her photo about her competing in the 100-meter race has been scribbled in by someone. Her chest area which has just started to grow had been doodled obscenely.

Though it was not only her photo that became the victim, almost all the photos on the wall magazine got vandalized.

"Wrong? Ah... Was it because I glued Chouji's seat and you coincidentally sat on it? But, it was your fault though..."

"Eh, not that? What about..."

Kouta unconsciously blabbered a lot of stuff, which made Nia's expression uglier and uglier. Now that Kouta spoke about every mischief of his against her, Nia recalled her suffering at those times.

To think there are so many times she was wronged by this scum...

"Kouta...! YOU BASTARD!!!"


( ̄ε(# ̄)☆╰╮o( ̄車 ̄///)



A few minutes later.

"It hurts..."

Kouta rubbed his cheeks with grief. Although he knew that he was in the wrong, Nia's hits still hurt a lot. On other the side, Nia only looked at him with disgust.

"Serves you right! You caused so much of my suffering back then!
...Not only that, you even dared to influence Rimu-chan t-to... to.."

"Huh? Rimu-chan? What about her?"

Nia stuttered as if the next word was something taboo. Perhaps, if she could, she wanted to avoid speaking that word with her mouth. Kouta didn't have a clue about what Nia was going to say, but his ears could grasp the "Rimu-chan" part.

Stabilizing her breath, Nia gritted her teeth and decided to say it all at once.

"YOU! Dared to influence Rimu-chan to pro... prostitution! Do you have anything to say for yourself?!"

"Wha!? What the 🦆  is this about? Even if it's you, I will be angry if you slander me and Rimu-chan!"

Kouta couldn't help but raise his voice in anger. Although he knew that he and Rimu were not good children, rebellious and mischievous, but they would never steep so low.

Prostitution? Rimu-chan? Ridiculous!

"Don't lie! I heard your conversation with Rimu-chan at the infirmary! You were talking about selling bodies or whatever..."

"Huh? Infirmary?"

Kouta thought for a moment. Then he recalled a certain conversation with Rimu when she was sick at the infirmary. True, there were such moments a few days ago.

But, what is this about selling her body?

From his recollection, they were talking about the reason why Rimu was sick. She was staying up late to draw pictures and sell them to make money...

"Hmm... Ah?! That?"

Kouta couldn't help but facepalm.

It could be summarized as Nia somehow was about to visit the infirmary, but unfortunately, she misheard what Rimu had said before she fell asleep.

"That was not selling bodies, you idiot! Rimu-chan was talking about selling her drawings!"


It took Kouta great effort to straighten the misunderstandings.




Rimu, who arrived home, quickly put the plastic bag into her room, then immediately ran to school.

Despite her exhaustion, she managed to get to school before the gates were closed.

She walked slowly as she recovered her breath. Since Riku carried her school bag into her classroom beforehand, as long as she entered the school gate safely, there was no need to rush.

Even if the teacher came, she could pretend that she was on the toilet.

Thinking of the many games in that plastic bag, Rimu's mood was bright.

"Haah, haah ...! Today will be another busy day!"

Fortunately, the first lessons haven't started yet.

When Rimu walked to her seat, she saw Nia and Kouta sitting quietly in their seats. The other students were noisily chatting with their friends, but somehow only the two of them gave off an awkward atmosphere.

No greetings or anything.

'What happened to them?'

Rimu was confused.


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