✅ Chapter 70 – Preparing for the Contest
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Rimu spent her time at school as usual. During that time, her concentration was not in the lessons.

In her past life, she already passed compulsory education and entered a university. Although her university was just a third-rate one, it was still a proper university and her enrollment was valid, without any tricks or backdoors.

'This is my second time in this lesson... Oh well. The me from that time was hopeless,
But later on, in junior high, this subject will be reviewed countless times...'

No matter how rotten her academic records were, with her current knowledge, 5th-grade elementary lessons were no longer a problem.

Instead of concentrating on the lesson, she was secretly sketching a picture. A drawing of a cute anime-styled character of a smartphone-based online game.

A female knight with long, silky hair, stood with a heroic pose on a top of a cliff, looking down at ancient ruins below the mountain. In her hands, she held a sword with exquisite design with two parallel blades with fancy sword grip. Currently, the parallel blades were empty, but later on, they will be filled with runes, downloaded from the official website.

Fortunately, her seat was far in the back, so her act went unnoticed by the teacher.

Rimu looked at her sketch with a smile.

'Ok, all that left is the finishing touch!'

By "finishing touch", she refers to image processing software, such as Photoshop or GIMP. In this case, she used the latter.

For people who study and pursue the art of drawing, they need a lot of money. Especially to buy drawing tools, such as paper, colored ink, etc. But Rimu couldn't do that. Because in her last life she was very poor, in this life she was very thrifty.

Each time she draws something, she needs paper, ink, tone, and other stuff. This will continue further and further, as long as she draws.  As a 5th grader elementary schooler, though, her pocket money was not that much.

She can't bear to spend money like water!

But if she uses GIMP, she does not have to use ink. And the sketch can be easily erased, recycling the paper for future use again and again. The drawing will be digital and no money will be spent!

Rimu planned to use her sketch after the "finishing touch" to enter the Art contest of a Discord server (chapter 41). Though, winning was not on her mind any longer.

The selection criteria for this contest is using a voting system for the entire server. This means that the contest is most likely won by people who have a lot of connections and friends on that server, of which Rimu doesn't have any.

But at least, she can advertise her "Catnip Drawing Service" to a larger audience!

'Three out of 4 authors that I sent the e-mail have become my customers. One ignored my mail but that's not a problem.

It's just that 3 customers are too low and I haven't received any commissions from them again...'

Rimu didn't expect anything from this contest as she planned to slowly amass fame first. She thought she should post one or two artworks per week, and spread her name in certain circles.

Each of the artworks will be watermarked with her Line and Discord ID, so anyone who wants to make a commission can contact her. This way of advertisement was better than sending mail one-by-one to her potential customers.

Thinking about that, Rimu closed her drawing book.


In her seat, Nia secretly glanced at Rimu who has finished her sketch.

"Such a pretty sketch... It seems Kouta-kun was not lying."

Nia recalled what Kouta had said about Rimu selling her drawings on the internet. Just a glance and Nia could see Rimu was very skilled at it. She knew that Rimu always got an A or a B in art class.

She saw her drawing during 4th-grade, a few months before this. But her drawing at that time was not as exquisite as now. And then, there was also art class yesterday.

It's a wonder how much her skill has grown over just a few months.

But that's no longer important.

With that level of skill, Rimu selling her drawing to make money is not unreasonable.

'I can't believe I doubted Rimu-chan... I wronged her!'

Nia could only facepalm herself.

Thinking what about she had said to Kouta earlier, she couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

'What prostitution? Rimu-chan doesn't need that at all to get money...'

Rimu was innocent!

Instead, it was Nia herself who had dirty thoughts.

With these kinds of thoughts, she didn't know how to look Rimu in the eye.



[Lunch Break]

Rimu couldn't help but notice something was wrong.

'Somehow, Nia is acting weird...'

Not only there was no greeting in the morning, even during lunch break, but her attention was also elsewhere. Not only that, Nia seemed to avoid Rimu's eyes during conversation. This was as if she was guilty of something.

When Rimu asked her about it, she only said that nothing was wrong and did not give a satisfactory answer.

"Nothing, nothing at all! More importantly, this pudding is delicious, don't you think?"

"Hamuph~" *nom nom*

So Nia says as she forcefully feeds Rimu a spoonful of pudding. With the pudding already inside her mouth, she had no choice but to accept it and swallow.

Yeah, it's delicious...

Rimu nodded speechlessly. Looking at Rimu's small mouth silently eating the pudding like a small animal makes Nia's expression bloom with a smile. She couldn't help but want to feed her another spoonful again.

"Right? That's good for you, Rimu-chan... Here, take another bite."

"Hnmph~" *nom nom*

It seems that Nia was determined to make Rimu eat her share of pudding. Rimu couldn't understand what Nia wanted to do. Does Nia want to fatten her up?

Rimu suddenly turned pale.

Oh NO!

This loli body must be protected at all costs!

It seems she had to exercise more to burn this share of fat!