✅ Chapter 72 – Installing PS2 Games
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That night, in the Nekomiya Residence.

After sufficient rest, supper, and cleansing herself in the bath as usual, Rimu immediately went to the bedroom. She sat on the chair while facing Riku's PC.

And then, glancing at Riku who followed behind her, she asked.

"Riku, can I borrow your PC for a bit?"

"Hm? Sure, go ahead... But wait, dry your hair first, will you? The floor is wet from the water dripping from your hair!"

Riku reprimanded her with helplessness. As for Rimu borrowing his PC, it was not a big deal for him so he quickly agreed.

Hearing his words, Rimu looked at the water droplets on the floor while touching her hair. Sure, it was still wet. She was too hasty and did not thoroughly dry her hair with a towel.

"Oh? This...? Then, dry it for me, please?"

"Eeeh? What are you saying? We are already in 5th grade, you know? Don't you think you are too spoiled?"

Riku retorted with a frown.

However, Rimu replied to his retort jokingly with a smug.

"E~hen~! Of course, it's a little sister's privilege to be spoiled by her older brother. This is universal law!"

Without turning her sight from him, she pressed the power button and grinned.

"Right, onii~chan?"

"Haah... I understand. Stay put and don't move."

Riku could only sigh, but in the end, he still did what she asked.

It was already too bothersome to bring a towel from the bathroom so he took a clean towel from the wardrobe. Using the towel, he rubbed Rimu's head with a bit of strength.

Rimu stood silently, enjoying the sensation of the friction between the towel and her head.

"Mmpph~!! Heh, it tickles..."

"Just shut up and stay still."

As Riku continued to rub Rimu's head, the PC that had been turned on had finished booting and was ready to use. Realizing this, Rimu quickly reached the keyboard and mouse.

Looking at her, Riku became curious.

"By the way, what are you going to do with my PC?"

"Hehehe, wait a minute. Seeing it for yourself will be quicker to explain."

Without further ado, she opened a web browser and typed certain keywords into the search bar. She clicked on the first few search results and arrived at a certain tutorial blog, download the software, extract, and open.

The process was not long since the file size was small.

On the side, Riku curiously observed the monitor.

"How to boot PS2 games from a harddisk...?"

"Yes, that's right. This way, we can play the games that I saved on the harddisk without the need for its DVD again.
Pretty neat, isn't it? Wait a minute, I'll bring the harddisk first."

Rimu explained as she took out an external HDD, taken from the storeroom beforehand.

Their family, or more precisely, their father had stocked bunch of HDDs. Those HDDs were intended for preparation in case he needed to store his research data. Rimu took out one HDD, still brand new with its protective plastic.

Having confirmed that the HDD was empty, she formatted it according to the instruction. The process was quick and it finished in less than 5 minutes.

After that, she inserted a DVD PS2, one of the DVDs that she borrowed from Kouta to the disk drive.

Then, she followed the rest of the instructions, installing the contents of the DVD to the HDD.

"Click here, here, and here... Let's start."

The moment she clicked the Start button, a confirmation prompt appeared. She immediately clicked Yes.

While waiting for the installation process to finish, she recalled an episode from her past life.

The time when she was still a selfish, arrogant, and bad loli. She occupied the PS2 all by herself for a long time, not allowing Riku to even touch it.

Then, because she used Action Replay and Gameshark too much, the optic weakened to the point it became difficult to detect DVDs. The machine had to be played upside down before it eventually stopped working entirely.

This trick of installing PS2 games to an HDD was learned during her second year of high school. It was a coincidental discovery when she was browsing the internet. Unfortunately, the discovery was a bit late. Since at that time, the PS2 has become an old relic, replaced by the PS5 and PS6.

Besides, her passion for console games has long since died out.

'At that time, there was too much stress. Not to mention I already lost my angelic loli body by then.
I didn't have the mood to care about games anymore.'

Rimu closed her eyes in contemplation.

Behind her, Riku was quietly observing the monitor. His hand was still rubbing Rimu's head with the towel. He was so engrossed in watching that he didn't even notice Rimu's wet hair has already been dried by now.

Perhaps, he did notice but pretended he did not, just so he could continue to rub Rimu's head.

"I see... So, this is what you're doing."

At first, he didn't understand about what she did, but his mind eventually connected the info piece by piece, then constructed it into the final answer.

Eventually, the bar reached 100% and the installation process completed.

Noticing that, Riku reminded her.

"Rimu, the installation is finished."

"Ah... Okay..."

She took the DVD out of the Disk Drive and replaced it with another. The installation process was repeated again.

Looking at the progress bar again, Riku couldn't help but be startled. His hand stopped.

"Eh... it's not over yet?"

"Well, duh... There are still 19 DVDs left. This doesn't count the ones we have downstairs."

Including the PS2 games they had, the number easily exceeded 50. Installing all of them would take a lot of time.

"Haah... Just don't go to sleep too late. Tomorrow is Saturday. You don't have to rush."

"You don't have to worry, I am used to... Oh, never mind. You're right."

Rimu wanted to say she was fine and was used to overworking, but then she decided not to.

Initially, she planned to at least finish installing all of Kouta's DVDs to the HDD and use the weekend to install the rest. But, she recalled the situation a few days ago when her health had deteriorated because of a specific reason.

Her loli body was still too tender and could not handle overworking!

Not to mention, the exhaustion from the Karate training still remained.

'Fortunately Riku reminded me. I can't let myself become sick like a few days ago!'

Rimu sighed deeply.

Although unwilling, she decided to stop once the second installation was completed.

As for the rest, she planned to continue the next day.

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